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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Melting Steel by C.M. Seabrook ❤️ New Release Spotlight, Review & GIVEAWAY ❤️ (Contemporary Romance)


I know his type. Stuck up. Arrogant. The kind of guy who hasn’t had to work for a damn thing his entire life. Even his name, Henry Caldwell III, reeks of privilege.

And me? Well, let’s just say I come with more baggage than a 747 and enough bullsh*t to fuel it.

The problem is I want him. Crave him. It’s the kind of pure, all-consuming, panty-soaking lust that can make a girl forget why she swore off men to begin with.

He thinks I need saving. But this isn’t a Cinderella story, and he’s no Prince Charming. At least not mine. I learned long ago that trusting any man with my heart isn’t just dangerous – it can be deadly.


Emotionally crippled, smart-mouthed, and sexy as sin, the woman is nothing I need and everything I want.

Despite her hard edges, tattoos, and reckless spirit, I know she craves more. More from life, more from love, more from me.

She thinks I’m just a trust fund brat and maybe she’s right. But I’ve got secrets of my own. I know what darkness is. I’ve lived it – faced the pit of hell and barely survived.

The question is, am I strong enough to face it again? Because if I’m ever going to break through the steel wall she’s placed around her heart, it’ll mean facing demons we both thought were long dead and buried.

Heroes do exist!

This whole book was balanced perfectly; each character and each scenario was clearly comprised of good and bad and one side contrasted beautifully with the other, adding light to the darkness and vice versa.

Henry was quite the hero! He was the kind of guy who would run head-first into danger to save the woman he loves. And he did. But I'm not spoiling anything for you! Let's just say that he's the perfect book-boyfriend if you like your damsels saved by their heroes. Which I do :)

Keeley was no pushover, though. The cards were stacked against her, but she kept on, trying to do the right thing and make the best of it. She had some major trust issues, but hey, who wouldn't in her situation.

I loved how Keeley and Henry had sort of a history together, and they were unknowingly so influential in each others' lives.

The suspense in this one was really something....I did NOT see the final showdown coming, and it made for quite an ending!

All in all, another great book by C.M., and I am ABSOLUTELY ecstatic to read what she writes next!

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***

♥ The logical part of my brain reminds me that I barely know her, that she isn't my responsibility.  But the Neanderthal part beats its chest, ready to threaten anyone who dares threaten her.  (Henry)

♥ Twenty years ago I gave her something I've never given another woman - my vow.  It may have been spoken with a child's voice, but it's the man's heart that will honor it now.  (Henry)

♥ "Your future is here."  He takes my hand and places it over his heart...  (Keeley)

♥ Only 99¢ ♥

♥ Only 99¢ ♥

Mackenzie Brooks is everything I've ever wanted.

Three years ago, she walked out of my life. No explanation. Just gone.

With the biggest fight of my career only weeks away, she walked back in.

I'll do anything to protect her. Destroy anyone who tries to hurt her. When it comes to Mac, there isn't a line I won't cross.

I've loved her my entire life, and now that's she's back I won't let her go.

She refuses to speak about the past, or the secrets I know she's hiding.

I know she's planning on running again. But when you love someone, you stay and fight. Even if you're fighting blind.

Sexy. Suspenseful. Emotional. Phenomenal!!!

This book had the smoldering tension of a contemporary romance yet the angst of a romantic suspense, both balanced perfectly to make a great story.

I loved how Mackenzie and Theo had a backstory; best friends for years and years. The growing feelings they had for each other over those years was so endearing, and while the culmination of said feelings on that one fateful night wasn't the ideal expression of feelings, the result bound them together in a way that could not have been more perfect. (I'm being vague, I know. No spoilers!!!)

The story flowed smoothly, and I really was rooting for Mac. She wasn't dealt a fair hand, and I was eager to see how that got resolved. And, boy, was I NOT expecting that! All in all, this was a fantastic read that I couldn't put down, and I will ABSOLUTELY read more books by C.M.!

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***

C.M. Seabrook is the author of the Amazon bestselling fantasy romance Cara's Twelve, as well as the Therian Agents paranormal romance series, and co-author of the Mated by Magic series.

When she isn't reading or writing sexy stories, she's most likely spending time with her family, cooking, singing, or racing between soccer, hockey and karate practices. She's living her own happily ever after with her husband of fifteen years and their two daughters.

She loves creating new exciting characters - from sexy, bad boy alphas, to the passionate, fiery women who love them.

Canadian born and bred, she started life in Edmonton, Alberta, and now resides in London, Ontario. She attended Western University where she graduated with an Honors degree in Anthropology.

Her guilty pleasures include red wine, pasta, binge watching Starz originals, and hanging out with her rescue pup, Jaxx.

She loves to hear from her readers and can be reached at


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