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Sunday, October 2, 2016

πŸŽƒ Kiki Wellington's Freaky Freebies & Gift Card GIVEAWAY πŸŽƒ (Paranormal Erotica)

What was that sound?!
An animal?
The wind?
A sexy ghost?

Snag these freaky freebies and get in the mood for the spooky season!


When Jeannie and her husband buy a house in the country, they can’t wait to fulfill their lifelong dream of opening a bed and breakfast. But as she prepares to launch her new business, she finds herself seduced by a paranormal entity dedicated to delivering sexual pleasures beyond her wildest fantasies. Confused and somewhat afraid, Jeannie is torn between wanting the entity out of her home and craving more orgasmic encounters with her ghost lover.

Warning: Supernatural Seductions (13,000 words) contains seductions from a hot and horny ghost soldier, a paranormal mΓ©nage Γ  trois, anal sex in the shower, a thwarted paranormal investigation, and a brief art history lesson.

I was half asleep, and I felt a little tickle on my toes. I was lying on my back, and I opened one of my eyes to see if I could get a glimpse of whether or not this thing was real. But there wasn't anything there, and yet I felt fingers playing in between each of my toes.

I closed my eyes and smiled. I just wanted to enjoy the moment, and not worry so much about what was there. I felt my legs being caressed gently. Fingers danced up and down both of my legs at the same time. I was at peace and my whole body tingled. I wanted more of this—a whole lot more.

And boy oh boy, did I get it that night.

I felt my legs gently being pried apart and sensations dancing up and down my inner thighs. I moaned. That's when I heard it again. It was that voice—as plain as day and as surely as I'm talking to you right now—and it said "I want you. I really want you." It was a low, male voice. I shook my head a little bit in disbelief. I could explain away the feelings, just brush them off as my imagination. But hearing this voice again? I couldn't explain that.

The voice slowly repeated its demands: "I. Want. You."

I guess I should've been scared out of my mind at that point, but in that moment, nothing else mattered but the warm feelings I had. I arched my back and looked at my nipples as they perked up, longing to have someone pinch them, suck them, knead them between horny fingertips. That was my way of saying yes. Whoever you are or whatever you are, I don't care right now. I just want you to take me. I just want you to do to me what you want to do to me.

I sighed and enjoyed the imaginary fingers that slowly caressed my inner thighs. I tilted my head back against my pillow and moaned softly. Then I felt the fingers opening up my pussy lips, exposing me to the still and nippy air in the room. I felt like a Georgia O'Keeffe flower blooming, opening, blossoming in the ecstasy of that exquisite touch. I was wide open for a finger circling the tip of my clit, slowly rubbing me clockwise, and then counterclockwise. I gulped. I couldn't believe what was happening. This was like masturbation on steroids. My vibrators and dildos could do a lot, but they couldn't arouse me quite like this.


Sutter Avenue Paranormal Society (SAPS) are called in to investigate a haunted bed and breakfast as a favor to a friend. Hope believes the tales of a horny entity pleasuring guests are just a clever publicity stunt, but finds herself pleasantly surprised by the paranormal evidence she well as a chance encounter with a handsome television producer.

Warning: The Sexorcist (6,800 words) seance seductions, erotic nighttime visitations, and paranormal pickup lines.

I thought I heard footsteps coming toward me. I sprung up in the bed, and it was him. The muscular stranger that had wandered into my room earlier.

"Hi," I said a little nervously, still half asleep. "I think you have the wrong room again."

He didn't say anything; instead he sat on the bed next to me.

"Is everything all right?"

I admired how his face looked perfect in the moonlight. Up close and personal, he looked divine. And his muscles were out of this world! If it wasn't for his big, strong arms—definitely a weakness of mine—I probably would have screamed or thrown him out of the room or something. But all I could do was stare and smile. I felt almost paralyzed in his presence. It was weird; I never froze like that in front of a man before no matter how attractive I thought he was. I was under his spell, and when he smiled, the influence got even stronger.

I didn't even think about it. I just went for it. I wiggled my body out from under the covers and moved in to kiss him. It happened so fast, I didn't have the chance to talk myself out of it or acknowledge how crazy it was under the circumstances. I just went right in. He didn't resist me. In fact, he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me closer to him, shoving his tongue in my mouth. In that moment, I thought I was going to lose my mind. I knew it had been ages since I'd felt the touch of a man, but this was ridiculous. Dry spells never made me act like that before.


Sutter Avenue Paranormal Society (SAPS) are lost in the middle of nowhere until Andrew feels an uncontrollable urge to canoodle with a strange, naked woman in a pond. The encounter leads the group to a new client who needs their help breaking a spell that has left her lonely and sexless for years.

Warning: The Bare Witch Project (6,600 words) contains closet coitus, navigation interruptus, and bewitching revenge.

Whatever I felt, he felt it too. He wasted no time pushing me up against the wall, unbuttoning my jeans and sliding his hand inside. He rested his fingers on my panties, and started massaging my already hot clit. I could feel his heart pounding out of his chest in unison with mine. As he worked on me downstairs, I pushed my lips firmly against his, desperately kissing him, mining for his tongue and pressing his chest as close to mine as I could get it.
He slid my panties down and put two fingers inside of me, diligently searching for my G-spot. He found it, in a big way, and by the time I started to feel my pussy practically explode, he replaced his fingers with his hard shaft, and started pumping me wildly against the wall. All the while, we continued devouring each other's lips, as if we were somehow making up for skipping breakfast that day.

Where does good sex begin?

Between the ears, of course!

That's why I work hard to write erotica that stimulates the largest sex organ we have--the mind--because when we're titillated upstairs, the nether region is sure to follow.

Want to get hot and horny upstairs and downstairs? Check out my erotic stories.

Kiki Wellington. Literary Flesh Peddler. Intelligent Freak.

Hot off the press:

-On the Other Side of Lust
When a lonely minister’s wife moves into an old haunted house, paranormal pleasures ensue.

Fall into lust with sales this autumn!

-Fifty Shades of Green: Doing It for the Money
Get seven sex and money stories for the price of one.

-Fifty Shades of Green II: Paying for It
Five more tales of sex and money for the price of one.

-Sensing Lust (The Complete Series)
Sense the lust with five hot stories on sale for the price of one.

-Running Hot and Cold
-Running Cold and Hot
Get two icy hot stories of workplace lust for .99 each.


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