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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Redcliffe Series by Catherine Green ❤️ Freebie Offer & Vampire Tarot Reading ❤️ (Paranormal Romance)

Sally Frost is a mild-mannered NHS hospital nurse by day (and night). When she is not at her human job, she follows a rather more exotic path as lieutenant for the Redcliffe werewolf pack. Her alpha, Danny Mason, battles to hold his pack together, and he calls upon his lovelorn, reliable right-hand woman to get the job done.

This short story compliments the Redcliffe Novels series that is widely available in bookshops and online.
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    The Cornish town of Redcliffe is a beautiful seaside resort. It has wild sea, rambling forests, mysterious cliffs, and a local powerful werewolf pack. Jessica Stone is blissfully happy running a bookshop with her best friend and business partner, Elizabeth Gormond.
    When Detective Jack Mason sweeps Jessica off her feet, she cannot understand the hostility towards him from her gay best friend Simon Bunce. Eventually Jessica realises that there is more to Jack Mason than meets the eye, and then she meets his identical twin brother, Danny. She is drawn into their dangerous lives by their enemy, a powerful werewolf determined to overthrow the pack leader.
    Jessica’s world is turned upside down as she discovers that all is not as it seems in this picturesque resort, and there are many painful lessons to be learnt about falling in love…

    The pretty seaside resort of Redcliffe in Cornwall is a lot more dangerous than you might think. Especially if you fall in love with a vampire and become entangled with his twin brother’s werewolf pack.

    Bookshop owner Jessica Stone did just that, against her better judgement, and while recovering from a horrific werewolf attack she is haunted by the creator of the vampire she loves. Jack Mason’s vengeful master does not share easily, and Emily Rose will return to kill her rival and reclaim her consort.

    Jessica has her own secrets, however, and they are about to be revealed as she discovers her true heritage as a witch. She soon finds out exactly how powerful she could become, and what lengths she is willing to reach to save the vampire she loves.

    Publisher Comments: A wonderful series, full of passion, excitement, magic and mystery.

    Life has changed forever in Redcliffe, Cornwall. Jessica Stone used to be a normal, happy human. Now she is an angry, conflicted and confused witch. It all happened when she met Detective Jack Mason and his identical twin brother Danny. Jessica almost died twice, fell into a love triangle, and she became a murderer. Now she faces the ultimate challenge as she continues the fight to save the man she loves, while simultaneously struggling with her lust for his werewolf brother and their vampire friend. Can she survive, or will love finally end her life completely?

    Contemporary Gothic adventures on the English Riviera

    The pretty seaside town of Redcliffe in Cornwall is a popular location for holidaymakers during the summer season. It has good waves for surfing, good pubs for socialising, and a vibrant tourist industry. It is also home to a hidden werewolf pack, and several vampires and witches, who all live within human society, pretending to be just like the rest of us.

    Bookshop owner Jessica Stone used to be one of those humans. Then she met Detective Jack Mason and his twin brother, Danny. They took her on a wild adventure that shows no sign of slowing down. Now she is deeply embedded with the vampires and werewolves, and learning the power of their lust, and a magnetic attraction that is just too hard to ignore. She is also learning about her own true heritage, and how to feed her desires and satisfy her powerful animal familiar that resides within.

    This anthology contains adult themes, and scenes of a sexual nature.

    With his blonde hair, ice blue eyes, and sculpted physique, Marcus Scott immediately turns the heads of everyone he encounters upon his arrival in London at Christmas time. Unbeknownst to all the women and men who fall under his spell with just once glance, Marcus is a vampire with a desperate need to feed from the young and the beautiful. When he unexpectedly encounters the Lady Amelia Richmond, the vampire instrumental in his own transition, the two begin to plan a holiday feast to satisfy their deep hunger.

    Author of British paranormal romance series The Redcliffe Novels, Catherine Green was raised on books from a young age, and has happy memories of Saturday mornings spent in her small local library, devouring the contents of the shelves. Catherine has always been fascinated by the supernatural world, and it feels natural for her to write about vampires, werewolves, witches and other mystical creatures in her contemporary stories.

    If you sign up to Catherine’s newsletter, she will send you a free copy of her Redcliffe short story, It’s Complicated, to introduce you to her fictional supernatural seaside town in Cornwall, England.

    More recently, Catherine released her contemporary English Gothic novel, The Vampire of Blackpool. These novels will show you the darker side of our favourite British seaside resorts! 


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