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Monday, April 14, 2014

Sexual Repercussions by Chemistry, Virtual Book Tour & ♥GIVEAWAY♥ (Erotic Romance)

Author: Chemistry
Title: Sexual Repercussions
Genre: Erotic Romance
"Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer."
The doors of retribution have been open, and payback is in the air.
"What if your enemy turned out to be your best friend?"
Porsche and Simone had been like two peas in a pod since grade school,
and their bond of friendship unbreakable; until one crosses the line.
Their years of friendship would be put to the test because of a man;
Antoine Weathers, captain of the football team, and he belonged to
Porsche Lattimore. Simone had always been envious and jealous
underneath, but this betrayal would take a life of its own, and one
would pay dearly.
“Trust, love and respect had left this home a long time ago,”
Porsche thought to herself Being burned will teach you a lot, to never put all your trust and heart into another individual; But as you live life, you will see the true colors of another.
Simone called to tell Porsche about her promotion at Shuster’s marketing firm: she was now a partner. The girls had both gone to Spellman College and graduated at the top of their class.
Porsche was co-owner of Sasha’s Production Company. They had achieved their goals and felt very proud of their success what would have taken someone else years to do, they done in just under two years.
“Was it their ambition?”
Alternatively their beauty shined from afar.
Everyone speculated, but they could not deny the sistahs were good at what they did.
They decided to go out and celebrate Simone’s promotion Simone quickly got promoted in less than a year of working at Shuster’s marketing firm.
Her boss and his wife divorced a year later. Everyone on that floor knew Simone and her boss were sleeping together, but no one dared speak of it.
One thing that could not be denied was the girl was educated, smart attractive and intelligent.
Soon after graduating from college Simone’s father died of cancer, never telling his wife and child he was ill.
But he made sure they would be taken care of.
The girls decided to meet at Angeline’s, a little jazz spot and have a few drinks.
Simone stood about five four; Porsche was about five six, and they both weighed about one hundred and forty-five pounds.
Porsche hair was a golden bronze that lay fully on her shoulders.
Simone’s black hair with blonde streaks went beautifully with those hazel colored eyes.
They met up at Angeline's ptomptly at seven thirty promptly. Simone was so happy she had worked hard to get this promotion.
“Let us toast to friendship and success,” Simone said.
They raised their glasses to the occasion and in the back of Porsche’s mind, all she could think about was this would make her revenge even sweeter.
“I have something for you.”
Porsche pulled out a beautifully packaged gold box.
“What is it?” Simone asked.
“Open it.” Tearing the bow off the box, it contained a picture of the girls at their high school graduation.
“Girl can you believe it has been six years since we set out to find our way?"
"And God has blessed us.”
“Yeah those were the good old days. That is when I was head over heels in love with Antoine.” said Porsche.
“Why did you two break up?” Simone asked.
As if she really did not know.
“I just grew bored of him.”
“Well, to memories and friendship.” Simone toasted.
"This bitch had to be kidding as if she knew what friendship really meant." Thought Porsche.
Going back into time, Porsche remembered that dreadful night, just as if it was yesterday.
Confided to the bed with the flu on the night of their high school championship football game, Porsche listened to the radio announcer as he gave a play by play recount of Antoine’s smooth moves on the football field.
When he announced that Tuscan High school had won, she was ecstatic Porsche just had to congratulate her man on winning the game.
She eased out of her bed, drove over to Antoine’s house snuck around his backyard and did what they had always done, their secret tap on the window.
When Porsche made it around to Antoine’s window she heard some talking and when she peeked in, her eyes were horrified, Her best friend Simone was naked and laying in the arms of her boyfriend.
Porsche felt sick and threw up outside the window.
Sick, hurt and most of all filled with anger, she made her way to her car and drove away, never even making her presence known.
Chemistry is a self-published author from Alabama, and a single parent raising two teenage daughters.  

Chemistry has been writing for ten years now. She has had her writing published in Venus Divas Magazine, a popular online women magazine. Story Titled "The Daily Life Of The Other Woman". She has also recently had her story "The Big Boned Mistress" featured in "The Spirit of Big Boned Women" By Yolanda Zellous.

Along with her writing she also is the Founder of Go Getta's Magazine; online. She has a a book blog Called Books & Chocolate where she host tours and tour stop for authors and bloggers.

 Chemistry hopes to be able to tour and talk to others about being in an abusive relationships and overcoming that situation. How writing became her way of escape. And raising kids in a single family home.

 Chemistry released her novella "No One Cared" released in September 2013. And her now release of "Sexual Repercussions, published in March 2014.
Author Chemistry is giving away a $20 money card and a print copy of No One Cared. Open to USA residents, 18 and over. Enter through Rafflecopter for your chance to win!


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