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Monday, June 9, 2014

Make Me Wet by Nara Malone ♥ Book Tour & GIVEAWAY ♥ (Paranormal Erotic Romance)

Author: Nara Malone
Title: Make Me Wet
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Seven tears cast upon the water summon the selkie, summon seal across the ocean, summon man from beast—liquid keys to break the curse. Freed one night every seven years, Ronin is doomed to repeat that cycle into eternity. Unless he can find a woman powerful enough to resist a selkie’s irresistible pheromones and sex magick.

Maille believes she lost reality between Maine and New Mexico. Between where she is now and where she should be. She believes in facts, not magick. But facts can’t explain how she wound up naked on a beach with the sexiest man she’s ever laid eyes on. Or how she knows in her bones that losing herself in the passion Ronin offers is a path to disaster.

It’s going to be a long, hot, wet night. Caught between sex magick and a sexy selkie, disaster is inevitable for Maille. To break the enchantment she has to rely on the oldest magick of all—the power of love-drenched hearts.
Make Me Wet could have been called Make Me Crazy. It was one of those stories with a mind of its own. To start, I didn't know how it would end. Normally I start a story with an idea of how to solve the character's biggest problem and I know it may take an unexpected turn somewhere down the page, but I have the confidence there is a solution. For Make Me Wet, I just couldn't see a happy ending for Maille and Ronin, but I trusted that it would turn up as I got to know the characters better.
I was right about that. I didn't realize I was missing more than a happy ending. I was missing some of the characters. About halfway thru the story Trey walked into a scene. I didn't know why he was there but I have learned characters show up for a reason. A camping trip I took to Chincoteague Island inspired Trey’s character. Standing in the moonlight watching a wild stallion gallop across the sands, hoof beats blending with surf beat, I knew I would write wild island horses into my story. I didn't know there would be a kelpie (water horse) shifter or how important he would be or that when I was done with this book Trey wouldn't be ready to leave me alone.
And finally, I never envisioned a scene involving the Goddess Mere, or what a strong personality she'd bring to my tale. Trey and Mere aren't the sort to settle for a bit part in a novella. They want more. Whether it will be more together or each in separate novels is something I expect I'll discover as I write the next tale.

Copyright © NARA MALONE, 2013

Ronin continued holding his breath. He’d hold it into eternity to bring her closer. The scent of her was a blend of wild and feminine that ignited desire like whiskey poured on a banked fire. There was no holding back the surge of blood and heat thickening his cock. But his shy little sandpiper found her courage. He nearly swallowed his tongue when her lips closed over his to steal a kiss.

It was so easy. Too easy?

Slick, sexy curves surfed his skin. Soft female sounds—more seductive than a mermaid’s song—quivered in her throat. His hands found her ass and squeezed, turning up the volume on her love music. Trailing one hand up her back to cup her head, he deepened the kiss.

She tasted fragile, an aura of the earlier tears lingered.

He tried to slow her down, ask her name, but his tongue tangled with her hers and it came out like a sea lion grunting.

The initial stage of getting acquainted couldn’t be rushed. His last intended had zapped him with a Taser when he’d tried to join her via her bedroom window. She dialed the police while he twitched like a beached cod on her bedroom floor. Mercifully, the Goddess Mere intervened. If the word mercy could be applied to anything she did. Before the call had gone through, her spell cast him back to the bottom of the ocean.

Her intervention canceled his shore leave before it had gotten started, sentencing him to fourteen years without a woman rather than the customary seven. He wanted inside this woman with a desperation that wasn’t good for either of them.

The last mistake had harmed no one but Ronin. This time a mistake could break his intended. There’d been too many broken women in his worthless life.

Ronin needed to get control.

Of the sex.

And the magick.

While this is a shifter-romance, it is about a "breed" of shifter I had never even heard of before; the selkie. That, in and of itself, made me eager to read through this book (I finished it on one sitting!) I thoroughly enjoyed learning about not only the selkie and the lore surrounding it, but the way Nara gave me a glimpse of a special type of magick as well.

Mallie was so fun to read! She had a feeling that something else existed in the universe, something that science could not explain, and yet, like so many of us, she tried to ignore what she FELT was real because it didn't jive with what SHOULD be real. And it didn't help that the man she found on the beach was someone who shouldn't exist, according to science!

Nara did an amazing job of making me FEEL the struggle the characters were going through, both Mallie and her quest for normalcy via facts, and Ronin with his internal conflict of doing what was right for HIM vs. what was best for another.

Above everything else, the story was SO well-written, not only technically, but Nara kept dangling juuuuuust enough mystery and promise to solve said mystery that kept me eagerly turning the pages. I would read ANY book written by Nara Malone!

***I was provided with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***

Whether it's a shifter romance exploring the primal power of the wild feminine, or BDSM romance where love digs into a character's shadows, Nara believes romance should open the door and push lovers into a new dimension: sexually, emotionally, and sometimes physically.

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