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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bound by Love by Stephie Walls ♥ Review, Blog Tour & GIVEAWAY ♥ (Erotic Romance)

Bound by Love
When young college student and working phenom, Annie Teasman, shows up again at the distribution center to pitch a consulting proposal to management in hopes of sealing the deal, she never suspects when their eyes lock that the gorgeous, blue-eyed, ripped Gray Dearsley will change her life forever.

Will the bright, funny, and unassuming coed from an upper class background be able to bind her heart to that of the cocky, carefree Southern playboy? As she tries to manage an impossible school load while working full-time, will her drug use jeopardize their relationship?
While Gray wrestles with his desire to lead a carefree and uncommitted lifestyle, Annie must grow up as she struggles to meet her goals and decide for herself what she needs from a relationship to be happy. Will she choose a relationship where she is bound by passionate love, or will she choose the gentle love and security of a man whose background more closely matches her own?

Set in a Southern town where the cultural divide is wide and the generation gap is even more pronounced, the book is contemporary in its approach to the issue of drugs at colleges where the demands on time for success-oriented students frequently surpass their physical capabilities.

Passionate, sensual, and erotic, Bound by Love explores some of life’s most difficult questions about love & happiness. This is not a fairytale romance; it’s the story of two people desperate to love each other through drugs, infidelity, and painful truths. Not all love is guaranteed a happy ending.
Having her legs wrapped around my waist, hands on my chest, breathing in my ear while whispering dirty thoughts; suddenly, I can’t get up the stairs fast enough. Barging through our front door, I beeline straight for the bed where I whip her around causing her to fly off my back, landing with a little bounce. Quickly removing her clothes, she’s giggling while I work.

“Gray, what’s the hurry, baby?”

Fumbling with her jeans that are so damn tight, I can’t seem to get them down her hips. “What the fuck, Annie. Did you paint these on?” Grabbing the top of her pants, she shimmies her ass as she pushes them down, a seductive little performance she’s not even aware she’s giving. I’m elated when I remember she’s bare under them. Yanking them to the floor, she leans up, taking her top off; then undoes the clasp of her bra. Her breasts are beautiful. Standing between her thighs, I lean over and take them both in my hands.

I shift my knees against her legs, pushing them further apart. Her scent fills my nostrils when I capture her rosy nipple in my mouth. Gently squeezing her mounds while I suck on her, her back bows. My lips work across her chest to her other nipple, lavishing them both with attention. Her fingers dig into my shoulders, raking down my back. Breaking away from her, I tug off my shirt while she works my pants to the floor. I kick them away as her arms lace around my neck pulling me down against her.

“Gray, I want you inside me,” she pants. Ignoring her, I continue to peruse her body with my hands and mouth. “Gray. NOW!”

I hear the desperation in her voice, but keep playing with her. “Be patient, Bird Dog.” Her hand is on my cock instantly while she shifts to try to merge our bodies together, but I pull back just far enough to stay out of her grasp. Huffing, her body relaxes, completely admitting defeat. Trailing kisses down her tummy, working my way toward her inner thighs, I sink two fingers into her warmth. She gasps, rolling her head back, pushing her tits into the air. God, she’s fucking gorgeous. I love seeing her bare like this. All of her inhibitions are totally stripped away, her soul completely exposed, her blind faith in me completely revealed in these moments.

Still moving my fingers slowly in her sex, I bury my face in her folds, licking her lips, lightly sucking her clit, and inhaling her musk. Her hips are meeting my thrusts. When I feel her walls start to tighten, I pull my fingers out, kissing her most intimate spots. Her fists are clutching at the blankets on the bed like she’s about to explode. I’m hoping it’s not anger that’s going to cause this eruption. I smile thinking about how much I love driving her crazy. Taking my dick in my hand, I pose the tip at her entrance. Tilting down, I whisper in her ear, “Is this what you want?”

Her eyes cemented to mine, she simply nods her head. Her eyes are wild. Instead of entering her, I continue the tease, rubbing the head of my cock leisurely up and down her slit with a slow circle at her clit. Her pussy is swollen and bright red. Hooking an arm beneath her left knee, I haul her as close to the edge of the bed as possible before plunging into her. Gradually, I pull back out so just the head is still inside her and push back in. It’s agonizing. I want to pummel her, but I know the unhurried drive deep within, before slowly drawing out, sends her the furthest into ecstasy.

With my arm still curved under her knee, I lean down on my elbow for greater penetration. Her hands clutch my biceps, digging her nails into my skin, while I drive into her a little faster. The sweat from our bodies makes her skin glisten. She looks like an angel when she glows from sex. Her hands move to my sides, grazing my rib cage down to my ass. Cupping both cheeks, she pulls me hard into her, releases, repeats, matching my thrusts. Everywhere her hands go, her nails leave retraceable marks. Her eyes are hypnotic like she’s pilgrimaging my soul; they start to glaze over. I can tell by the tip of her head and the tightening of her pussy that she’s about to come.

“Come for me, baby,” I whisper in her ear.
This is a romance novel that is unlike anything I have ever read before.

First of all, let me say that Stephie is clearly a VERY talented writer. She conveys thoughts, feelings and emotions very well with the written word. I would be interested to read her books outside of this series.

The love scenes were SMOKING HOT, and I found myself experiencing a wide range of emotions while reading the story as a whole.

That being said:

Annie is a girl with lots of qualities; driven, confident, physically attractive. And a drug addict.

Gray, similarly, has lots of qualities; a user, liar, cheater, manipulator. And a physically attractive alpha.

Next, let me say that is is a cliffhanger.

Reaching the end and finding it to be said cliffhanger, I understand more why the author drew out certain parts of the story as she did, seeing now that they didn't need to be wrapped up before the end of the book.

I have to admit that, while the book is well-written for the most part, it was not my cup of tea. I found myself getting angry at the characters and the story line, and thinking (out loud, at times), "This is not a romance novel. Where is the happiness in this story?!"

While I am curious to learn what happens with Annie and Gray, I don't think I would read the next book. Personally, I read romance novels to escape. If I wanted to spend my free time drowning in harsh realities such as those depicted in Bound by Love, I would shut off my Kindle and watch the news.

Hopefully the story will continue on an upswing in the next book, Freed, and Annie and Gray can get their "happily ever after."

Again, Stephie is clearly very talented, but this just wasn't my kind of book!

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***
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I'm a thirty-six year old wife to my sweet husband Jason, and mother of one to the most adorable seven-year-old girl to ever walk, Maggie.  I live with my little family on the outskirts of Greenville, South Carolina where we house two cats (Star Anise aka Annie and Asparagus aka Gus) and a dog, Jack. (the largest Yorkie ever!). 

I have a serious addiction to anything Coach and would live on Starbucks if I could get away with it. I'm slightly enamored with Charlie Hunnam and Sons of Anarchy and am a self-proclaimed foodie.  I'm an avid reader averaging around 300 novels a year and wish I had time to read more.

I currently work full-time in the Greenville area and fill my "extra" time (haha) with reading anything I can get my hands on and writing contemporary romance novels with a hint of erotica.  This has been a dream of mine for years and I couldn't have done it without the support of my husband and BFF Tracy who both pushed me to keep going when I didn't have the confidence or the patience.
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