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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Jasmine Flower Editing & Proofreading ♥ GIVEAWAY ♥

Jasmine Flower Editing & Proofreading was founded in December of 2013, the same month Jasmine Fuller graduated from The Evergreen State College with her Bachelor of Arts degree.  In addition to working as a successful freelance editor/proofreader, Jasmine works full time as a litigation paralegal at a prestigious law firm in Washington State.

Jasmine scored a perfect 800 on the writing section of her SATs and placed in the 98th percentile of the nation in the verbal/reading section.  When she was still a junior in high school, these scores, along with her stellar GPA, led to an offer from a reputable university that she could not pass up.  Without requiring that she graduate high school, Jasmine transferred from being a junior in high school to a junior in university, including the highest monetary scholarship the school offered.  A couple years later, Jasmine graduated with her B.A., and now hopes to pursue graduate studies at the University of Hawaii's Futures Studies Department to become a futurist and influence our future positively in the field of artificial intelligence.

He says that Jasmine is "the talent," but the input of Jeff Cannon, Jasmine Flower Editing's business manager, should not be overlooked!  We are a dynamic duo, and without each other neither one would succeed.

We have never had a dissatisfied customer, and you will not find an editor of Jasmine's caliber with Jasmine Flower Editing's affordable rates anywhere you look.  Your manuscript deserves to be perfected, not just improved, and if perfection is what you seek, you have come to the right people.

Most fictional manuscripts edits will be $3.00 a page, and proofreads $1.50 per page.  It is up to our discretion whether your manuscript needs an edit or a proofread.  We are a high-caliber editing service, and you get the excellent quality that you pay for -- and it will be reflected in your reviews, your readership, and your reputation.

If you simply cannot afford the listed rates, please do not hesitate to let us know, and we will do our utmost to accommodate you!  Many authors are prevented from publication or widespread recognition simply because they do not have access to a high-caliber editor, and we do not want you to be one of them.

Nonfictional manuscript w/ research assistance: $16/hour
Nonfictional manuscript w/o research assistance: please see fictional manuscript pricing

Résumé (without application): $50
Application (from drafting to submission): $100

~ Please note that applicants to colleges/graduate schools will need to write a very, very rough draft of their essay/statement and...THAT'S IT!  I will handle EVERYTHING else!! ~

Ghostwriting: $16/hour

Copywriting (blog, website, and marketing materials copy): $50 per 1000 words, $100 per 5,000 words.

Essays and other school assignments, which comprise a substantial amount of my workload, are priced individually.

RUSH JOB RATES (Great for students!  Other editors don't offer this!):
24 - 48 hours for a small project: 25% increase in price
Less than 24 hours for a small project: 50% increase in price
24 - 48 hours for a large project: 50% increase in price
Less than 24 hours for a large project: Double the price

It is my utmost priority to ensure that you receive the most top-notch editing services at a price you can stomach!  If you need help with ANYTHING written, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I am available 24/7 via facebook, email, and phone.  If you would like to know about my references, experience, education, or qualifications, please do not hesitate to inquire -- I have amassed more professional experience before I turn 23 than most people do in a lifetime.

Please note that I will always give you a price quote that you agree to before I begin work!  I prefer to be paid in installments and also deliver your manuscript back to you in installments (although arrangements are subject to authors' preferences).  It is easier for my clients, who do not have to raise a large chunk of change all at once in order to retain my services.
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