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Friday, December 19, 2014

Cocktail Cruises: The Collection by Allie Boniface ♥Fun Facts, Book Tour & GIVEAWAY ♥ (Contemporary Romance)

3 stories...1 ship...lose yourself on the waves...
Enjoy all three of the Cocktail Cruise stories in one volume, along with cocktail recipes and excerpts from some of your favorite USA Today and Amazon best-selling authors – available only in this collection!

A brawny construction worker and a plus-sized beauty…

A millionaire playboy and an elementary school teacher turned sex advice columnist…

A single mom and a sexy South American dance instructor…

Tequila Sunrise, Sex on the Beach, and Between the Sheets are the three stand-alone novellas of the Cocktail Cruise series, but read together, these sexy heroes and feisty heroines will take you through one hot year on board the Spirit of the Seas, from the cruise ship to the Florida coast and beyond.

EXCLUSIVE to this set: Spirits for All Seasons features yummy cocktail recipes (alcoholic and not) from some of your favorite USA Today and Amazon best-selling authors. Get ready for Santa, spice up your summer party, or prep for football season with these original drink recipes along with romantic sneak peeks and excerpts!
5 Fun Facts About the Cocktail Cruise Series:

1. I originally had no intention of writing more than one novella, Tequila Sunrise. Then I realized that romance readers love series, and more than one beta reader wanted to know if best friend Cass was going to have her own story, so the second in the series was born.
2. It was trickier than you might think to find 3 cocktails that had names I considered sexy but not X-rated. Don’t believe me? Google “sexy drink names” and see what you find. Yikes!
3. The third story in the series, Between the Sheets, is based heavily on people I know, from the hero to all the supporting characters. I took a Latin Dance class years ago that inspired the character of Sebastian, the sexy South American hero -- I’m still good friends with him and yes, he writes his own poetry 
4. The 12 authors who contributed drink recipes to this set come from varied romance genres. You’ll find everything from non-alcoholic Amish wedding punch to martinis to party punch to straight-up shots, all of which are reflected in the books they write and the excerpts they shared with me!
5. The prequel to this series is coming out as part of the Passionate Kisses 2 boxed set in February 2015 and is called Setting Sail. Want to meet the heroes of the first two books in the Cocktail Cruise series before they grew up and became, well, heroes? Check it out – you can preorder the set now for only $0.99!

Tequila Sunrise (Cocktail Cruise, #1)
Recently dumped by her long-time boyfriend because she wasn’t thin enough, Louise Jamison wants to let loose and find love (or at least great sex) on board a romantic singles’ cruise. When she meets the man of her dreams at a speed dating event, Lou believes she’s struck gold.

Toby DeMarco is too busy building his new construction business to get involved in a serious relationship. He only goes on the four-day cruise because his best friend’s family owns the line and his sister works on it, so he got a great deal. He plans to relax, rejuvenate and maybe find a woman to pass the time with. But when he meets the luscious Louise, his heart's a goner and all bets are off.

A few days of romance are jeopardized when Louise learns that the cruise line’s matchmaking service assigns partners based on looks and weight. Mortified by this unethical business practice, she takes to social media and makes national headlines. But the publicity is hurting Toby’s family and friends – and family means everything to Toby.

Will Toby be able to convince Lou that true love exists beyond numbers, before it’s too late?
“I saw the paint outside,” Toby said. “The words on the driveway.”
Lou paled and dropped his hand. “Yeah.”
“Have other things happened?”
She shrugged. “Not really.”
“Is that the truth?” He didn’t believe her, not the way she was avoiding his direct gaze.
“Let’s not talk about it.” She locked the door behind him. “Are you hungry?”
He dropped his duffel and took her in his arms again. “For you? Yes.” His hands slipped down her bare arms, and she shivered under his touch. He didn’t say another word. Her breath turned ragged, and he hoped she wanted this as much as he did. He’d dreamt about it, turning her wet with desire. Making love to her and then waking up in her arms. While in another time, with another woman, his certainty might have scared the hell out of him, now it only felt right, like he’d been waiting for her forever.
“Toby,” she said against his neck. “God, I…” Her eyes half-closed, and her hands moved to his zipper, where he knew she could feel how much he wanted her. So hard. So needing to be inside her.
Two buttons on her shirt popped in his struggle to free them. She pulled it over her head and dropped it to the floor. Her breathing deepened as his mouth moved from her neck to her collarbone and down to the fabric of her bra. Impatient, he pulled it aside, needing to capture her bare breast in his mouth, needing to make her shiver and moan beneath him. With one hand he reached around and unfastened the clasp. She dragged her hands beneath his shirt and tugged it up and off, and then it was skin against skin, his hands everywhere and wanting more, still more, always more.
“Is this okay?” he asked. He placed both hands on her face, thumbs stroking her cheekbones. God, she was so beautiful.
She didn’t answer. Instead she led him to her bedroom, a tiny room at the back of the apartment with a bed and a dresser and not much else. Streaks of sunset came through the filmy curtains, but she left the lights off, and their shadows moved across the wall as they fell onto the bed.
He lay beside her and ran one hand down her bare torso. “I’m crazy about you, Lou. I want you to know that. I haven’t stopped thinking about you.” He wanted her more than anything, but it was more than sex. If she said no to that, he almost wouldn’t care. He’d take her in his arms and fall asleep next to her, and that would be enough.
Sex on the Beach (Cocktail Cruise, #2)
Two people who’ve always played at love discover the stakes are higher when they let down their guard and open their hearts…

Cassidy Arnez is an elementary school teacher with an enormous secret: a sexually adventurous online life that she leads under a foolproof alias. Her motto has always been to enjoy sex and the single life as much as possible. With a deadbeat dad and a brother who died in combat, she knows she can’t rely on any man to stick around.

Bryce Anderson enjoys his bachelor life as the CFO of a major cruise line, a position that gets him all the sun, sand, and women he could want. But he meets his match in Cass, who’s even less interested in commitment than he is, and her casual, confident sexuality turns him on more than anyone he’s ever met.

When a financial crisis at Cass’s school places her, and her coveted secret identity, at the center of a small town firestorm, she must decide whether she’ll let Bryce become the first man she’ll trust with both her secrets and her heart.
Between the Sheets (Cocktail Cruise, #3)
An affair with an exotic cruise line dance instructor might be just the escape this single mother needs…

Andrea is determined to merge career and motherhood, which she’s (barely) managing as a cruise line marketing manager and a single mom to six-year-old Drew. That life leaves zero time for sex or love, so when she has a chance for a no-strings fling with a sexy cruise ship dancer, she decides to go for it.

Sebastian is enjoying a low-key life as a dance instructor on a singles’ cruise ship, a welcome change from his previous life in Argentina as the star of a hugely popular dance show. Tired of women who only wanted him for his moves on and off the dance floor, he’s content to teach basic waltz and foxtrot and keep to himself. But when the lonely, enigmatic Andrea sweeps into his life, everything changes.

Can he come to terms with his past? Can she find room in her life and her heart for another man? And is the possibility of new love strong enough to make them both want to?
Allie Boniface
Allie was born and raised in a tiny community in upstate New York, which probably explains her fascination with the magic of small town life. She holds a B.A and M.A. in English Literature and is a full-time high school English teacher in the northern NYC suburbs, where she currently resides. When she isn’t teaching or writing, she and her husband love to travel both in the United States and abroad. She is the author of seven novels and three novellas and writes sensual contemporary romance because she loves exploring the emotions that connect us all!
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