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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Burned Gasoline by Isabell Lawless ♥ Spotlight & GIVEAWAY ♥ (Contemporary Romance)

It cannot be a coincidence that Jefferson and Raylyn’s smutty saga collide with Valentine’s month of February.

Let’s turn up the heat and welcome Jefferson into 
your bookcase.
Newly single mom Raylyn leaves her luxury life in New York after a cheating scandal and purchases her dream farm in a small town in the Midwest with the help of her mother’s inheritance. There she meets and eventually falls in love with Jeff, a stunning but grumpy, divorced, middle aged mechanic, caring for his Alzheimer struck older mother after his dad passed away from a heart attack a few years back. Having no way to pay the full medical bills for a hospice nurse he has had to move back into his parents house, which is something he doesn’t want Raylyn to know about. After continuous rejections of her staying the night, she surprises him and finds his harboring secret. He’s been afraid he will once again miss out on love because of his living conditions that ran his ex-wife out. Now he’s terrified Raylyn will do the same.

A neighboring farm outside of town shelters mentally ill Sarah, desperate for a baby in the belief she will become less of a social outcast raising a baby and finding a man to share her dream with. For many years things have disappeared or been misplaced between farms and neighbors without the knowledge of Sarah’s existence or her mental problems. When Sarah hears the news that a single mom with a small baby has moved into a farm not too far from hers, she believes it to be an omen she’s destined to follow. That baby must be hers.

When the snow falls around the small town and covers most of the Midwest, things around Raylyn’s farm are starting to vanish and footprints can be found around her property, until the night she finds she’s not alone in the house anymore.
Get to know Jefferson Daily, the hero of Burned Gasoline

First of all, welcome, I’m some glad you could make it
No, problem. No, worries.

So, tell me a little bit about yourself?
Um, not much to say really. I’m 38, going on 39. I own a mechanic shop outside of our little town, where I work. Probably more hours than I should, but I do enjoy it. It used to belong to my dad, and after he passed I took over. I repair anything from old T-Fords to today’s Honda’s.

Sounds interesting. What do you do when you’re not working?
Um, I’m currently seeing someone that I met recently. It’s very new, but I try to see her as often as I can. She’d busy with things as well, she a single mom, that should give you a clue to why she’s very preoccupied.

So you don’t mind that though, that she’s a single mom?
Nah, it doesn’t really matter. I wouldn’t have mattered if she didn’t have any kids at all, or if she already had five. Might have just been a little more difficult to get time together I’m guessing. But if you really want something, you make it work.

So what about her caught your eye?
Um, well, the first time I ever saw her she was… this might not be appropriate for all ears, but she wore really high heeled shoes, with nicely shaped, muscular legs. I think that’s what caught my eye first, because no one around here dresses like that. There’s no reason to wear heels like that when there’s not much more than manure, grassy fields, or cracked cemented parking lots to walk on, you see. Then, well… I almost can’t remember what she said to me that day, I know she was a little bit feisty, but then her hand came up and she grabbed her tits. Things almost went blank after that. They were some fabulous looking tits though. Today I know for sure.

That’s hilarious!
I guess so. The further up her body I looked, and finally reaching her eyes, that burned into mine, while her mouth was japing about something…. Well, she was amazing. Nothing like the women I’ve ever met around here.

So, have you guys been together for a while now, or?
Well, yeah, a few months already. Things are going well…

Sounds nice. So how is her personality compared to yours? Are you compatible?
Might be unfair to talk about her since she’s not here to defend herself, but what can I say… she softer, and sweeter than I am. She doesn’t like to make a fuss about things, and seems to apologize for most things, often things that don’t mean anything. Like… oh, never mind.

What? Go on. You started this, please go on.
Well, like I’m much more straight forward than she is, in almost all aspects. If I want something I go get it, kinda personality. So, sometimes when she wants a kiss or a hug, or something more, it’s almost as if she’s ‘asking but not asking’ - kinda thing, if you can understand what I mean. Like, excusing herself for wanting it, for wanting me. I’m more like, hey, this is what I want, and this is how we’re doing this. Lie down and follow my directions, and I make sure you’ll ask for more, kind of guy.

So, you’re pretty different then, am I right?
I guess so, but perhaps that’s why it works well between us. When she stalls, I push on the gas pedal, kind of deal. Unless she’s had a few drinks, than there is no stalling. At. All. It’s like she’s jumping out of her shell, asking for exactly what she wants. Perhaps, I should bring some wine over there later tonight? Talking about this makes it sound like the best of ideas right now.

Alright, I’m not going to hold you any longer.
No worries, just need to drop of a few things at my place, where I actually also have my mother living. Or to be correct, I happen to live with her. See why I’m single? Who wants to date a guy who breaks the ice with “and, I live at home with my mother,” Yeah, it’s not going to happen.

How come you don’t have your own place? Have you always lived at home?
Oh, God no! I was married once, which I thought was going to last until death do us part, you know, like we promised in front of God and our families, but as a surprise down the road she wanted other things. Other things that didn’t include me. Like, going to parties, getting photographed in bathing suits by random male photographers, a modeling career, a life in the big city. I didn’t want any of it. And, suddenly my mother became ill and my last solution was to move in, and that’s where we are today. Somehow, I hope it works out in the end. Luckily Raylyn doesn’t seem too bothered by it. I’m not sure what I would do if she got fed up and left because of it… so far it hasn’t happened.

Seems like you like her a lot?
I do.

That’s a pretty short answer.
Well, as I said before, if I want something or know something for sure there’s no reason to eat around the bush. I like her. A lot. I do. The end.

Okay, let’s play a little game. If I say a thing about you, I would like you to respond in the mindset of Raylyn. What she would have responded to this word if I asked her the same thing regarding you. Got it?
Yeah, I think so.

Okay, here we go. First word: food?
Frozen dinners from Harold’s.

Ha ha ha, okay, this is great. You got it. Let’s keep on going. Next one: home?
Where your loved ones are.

Wife and children.

Something necessary that needs to be done to get the household to run.


Aww, that was so sweet. Alright, next one. Kiss?
Deep and warm. Tongue.

Oh, I like it. Let’s follow down that path.

Um, you’re tricking me in the direction you want it to go here…

Maybe, but again. Bed?
Alright. Naked.


Soft and smooth.


Still keeping your hopes up on that, are you?
Sure am.

Okay, just two more, then I’ll let you go. Toys?

Oh, goodness, um… I think I’m blushing now.
Ha, perhaps we turned this conversation around?

Maybe. Alright, last one. Raylyn?
All of my answers combined.

Ah, you just melted me on the spot with that answer…. Thanks for your time. It was great having you.

My pleasure, you take care.
Chapter One

“It’s best to treat people the same way you want to be treated. That also goes to say, if you’re treated poorly, they should know what to expect.”
- Dad

Chapter One

“Can I help you with something?” She startled him where he was standing, bent over to look inside the driver’s seat of her car in the parking lot.
“Oh, shit! Sorry, you scared me. Hi… uhm… no. I’m just into old cars and this one I’ve never seen around this town. I’m sorry, I just had to sneak a quick look of what it might look like inside. It’s been a dream of mine to own one of these.”
“Aha, so you just walk around and look into people’s cars?”
“Uhm… no. I’m sorry, once again. I really didn’t mean anything about it. Seriously. I’m Jeff by the way.” He said, apologetically and held out his strong hand to meet hers.
“Aha. If I were you and wanted to keep that hand still attached to my arm I’d know to back the fuck off.”
She stunned him, and to his surprise she didn’t back away or stayed quiet for that matter. No one had ever talked to him that way, especially not a woman. Who was this person?
“Seriously, I’m so sorry. I can have Ian, the store clerk, vouche for my identity. I’m really only admiring your car, nothing else. I promise. I really do.”
“I’m sure Ian is a striking employee but unless you move away from this car, I’ll go apeshit on your ass, and I can promise you, you don’t want that.”
With a firm shove she moved him aside to make way for her hand to put the shiny key into the lock of the car door, balancing an apple pie in the other hand, while wearing high-heeled shoes and a skirt reaching just above her knees. Respectable enough for a woman in her early thirties.
“Oh, you like pie? That apple pie is really very good. Had it a few weekends ago at a friend’s place.”
“I’m sure you did.” She said, without looking back, and leaned over the consol in the front to place the pet in the passenger seat.
“You sure look fit though, doesn’t seem like a piece or two of pie would affect you at all.” As soon as the words had rolled off his tongue he regretting it. What did he just say to her? That she looked amazing or that that she looked chubby but that it suited her?
Slowly she moved her bent over body out from the car and stood straight as a statue on her tall blue heels, facing him. He didn’t know what to expect, but he knew he had crossed the line, way too far. Expecting a face slap or a complete curse fest from her mouth, she pulled her hands up to cup her breasts firmly, making his eyes zoom right in on her movement, and then she said.
“Carrots and salads didn’t make these boobs, pie did.”
And as simple as that she sat her bottom down on the driver’s seat before she swung her long legs in with the rest of her body, and shut the door hard with a bang, but before she drove off she rolled down the window. “Thanks for the advice on the pie flavor. I’m sure to enjoy it with my bottle of wine. Good bye.”
With not as much as a wave, he saw the car speed across the parking lot, and away down the highway, until he didn’t see anything else but shiny tail lights disappearing at the horizon.
“Who the hell was that?” He though. Stunned at her courageous move, and witty mouth. “Definitely not from this area, for sure.” He told himself, before he slowly turned around to walk into the store for what he came for. “Oh crap.” He cursed himself. “I totally forgot what I came here to pick up.” The way her hands had moved over her breasts had erased everything else from his mind. It was a blank canvas, except for two hands with fingernails ending with pink nail polished covering two very nice looking tits under a tight shirt. “Fuck, I’m so screwed.”

* * *

“Hello Jeff, how are you doin’? How’s your mom?” Truly, the main clerk at Harold’s Groceries started scanning each of his items rolling down the check stand belt in front of her, while eyeing the regular customer she’d known for years.
“Hi Truly. Oh, she’s doin’ just fine. Picking up some of this for her. She doesn’t have a chance to move around that much anymore, unless she has a good day and accepts me to put her in the car to go for a little spin around the old neighborhoods, you know.”
“Oh, that’s so sweet of you, love. We all think of her, you know. Especially now that your dad is gone… I’m sorry I brought it up. Don’t know why. Just wanted to let you know what a sweetheart you are.”
“Oh, that’s alright, Truly. Feels good to know there’s support around us if she would ever get any worse. At least she knew who I was this morning. Not so much in the afternoon though. It’s always something, I guess.” He glanced away and fumbled with the wallet in his back pocket, while looking out the store window.
“Hey, did you see that car standing outside earlier, man?!” Ian had made it up to their check stand and stood ready to bag the groceries coming down his way.
“Oh, yeah, and the woman was a beauty too. Such a stunner. Beautiful to the bones.” Truly interrupted, and kept on scanning the last few items.
“Oh, you met her?” Jeff barked in. Curious to know more about the stranger he’d found so sharp earlier.
“Oh yeah,” Truly responded cheerfully.”She didn’t say much though. Noticed she wasn’t from here when she didn’t have the rewards card for the store, and didn’t know which way the hardware store was.”
“And those legs…”
“Ian, cut it out! Be respectful to the lady, she might come back to visit us again.”
Jeff smiled slightly under his baseball cap, and took out a few bills from his wallet before grabbing the bags Ian had stuffed to the brim.
“Anyway, I think she bought McDormant’s house down in the valley. She mentioned something about a wood shop in a large garage, and a tractor she found interesting. Don’t know any other wood shops in the area worth mentioning. Am I right?” Truly said, returning the change.
“You sure are.” Jeff said, reassuring Truly’s guess was probably as correct as any, and walked out to his polished 69 Camaro, parked far away from everyone else to avoid the chance of getting bumped into.
Placing a few of the grocery bags on the ground he dove into his front pocket for the car key and placed in the door. “But with high heels, and a short skirt, what the hell was she doing out here in the middle of nowhere?” He thought.
If the real estate purchase was true, and the rumor was correct, why did someone who dressed so much like a city girl do out of touch with farm life chose to live in the Midwest; where three miles was seen as a short distance to your neighbor, and mud mixed with manure was the only thing those heels would ever step into? It sure as hell made him wonder. Who was she, where did she come from, and why the hell did she buy the McDormant’s rundown house and barn, fitted with both a workshop and tractor for the small land lot behind it?
His mind was running, cranking hard, making up some sort of plan to somehow bump into her again. A drive by at the road running by the house, stalk outside Harold’s until she came back for more groceries, or simply wait her old car out to see if she’d take it in for service. At least then, he knew for sure she was on his turf, being the only mechanic for miles around. A pretty damn good one too.
It all had to wait. Mom came first. And in her condition anything else had to wait. Fun had to wait, free time had to wait, and women had to wait. Without sufficient funds for a fulltime hospice nurse, he was her main caretaker.
Isabell is a Swedish-bred tale teller now living in sunny California since her early twenties. She always dreamed about being a rock star and make it onto the Hollywood scene, she even wrote more than one hundred rock and pop songs. Out of the blue she got hit by the big love train and ended up marrying an oil operator and is now happily married and dots around the house with their daughter and two cats. Surviving on vanilla flavored coffee when the days seem too long she has made it very clear that baby nap-time is mommy's writing and reading time.

Isabell's first book, “Beast of Venery”, was published on Amazon Kindle and stays true to her favorite genres: steamy romance and criminal suspense.
She is bilingual using English as her second language, but get's the grammar and slight text editing done by a nice oil operator she knows.

She's currently writing on her second novel, covering steamy romance between two completely opposite characters in the Midwest.
To celebrate the release of author Isabell Lawless’ second novel, titled Burned Gasoline, this giveaway contains the prize of one printed and signed version of the book, which with steam will heat up the room in which you’re reading it.
Two readers will each win the same prize. (US ONLY)

@IHLawless #BurnedGasoline

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