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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hard Charger by Tracy Fobes ♥ Spotlight & GIVEAWAY ♥ (Contemporary Romance)

A town on the brink of desperation…

Hunky soldier Jake Gallant is back from the war, and he’s trying to reclaim his life in the New Jersey town he calls home. But Rockport Grove isn’t the same as when he left. Organized crime has taken over the close-knit beach community and, while many law-abiding residents still call this community home, corruption, extortion, and a sense of hopelessness make it difficult for some to decide which side of the law they are on.

A man who drinks his whiskey straight…

A need for tranquility after the harshness of the battlefield beckons Jake to ride off into the sunset and not look back. Still, war has changed this tattooed bad boy in ways even he can’t begin to understand. A promise to protect those he loves and his uncontrollable yearning for a gorgeous, yet mysterious woman places him at a crossroads of emotions and indecision.

Each book in this series will feature a different member of the Rebel Guardians Motorcycle Club. Hard Charger, the first book, promises an adventure of desire, suspense, and passion that eclipses it all. Come join me on the ride!

Book 1: Hard Charger
Book 2: Defiance
Book 3: Hot Ride
Book 4: Detonation
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Tracy Fobes (her real name) publishes rich historical and contemporary romances with a paranormal twist with both Simon & Schuster and Dorchester Publishing Company. She also publishes historical and contemporary romances as eBooks, and dabbles in the horror genre too: Stowaway.
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