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Monday, April 6, 2015

Talisma by Marie Mohn ♥ Book Blast & GIVEAWAY ♥ (Romantic Fantasy)

Thrilling fantasy, dramatic twists and a stirring love story!

Why did Kaja – a bearer of good fortune – suddenly run out of luck? Shadow creatures lurk in the dark, one misfortune leads to the next, and her fear of being claimed by the aristocrats increases by the hour. Furthermore, she is torn between her seaman and the wild wood wanderer, before whom all warn…

Can she escape her superior opponents? And how will her heart decide?
The rotten door of the workshop resisted her attempts to conquer it. It really shouldn’t be such an effort to close a damned door! Kaja tore at the knob again and held her foot against it. It was a well-rehearsed ritual between her and the antiquated entrance to the ground floor of her parents' house – but the house grew more stubborn with every passing day! Or was it because of her increasing impatience? Finally she managed the deed and left the workshop with the unfinished business behind.

It was already dark outside – reason enough to declare the day to be over, even if she had only managed a few candle sculptures today and the freshly stirred ointment gave off a peculiar smell.

The upper floor, where the living area of her family was located, could be reached by a staircase on the outside of the brick house. The stairs creaked – as usual – but when she entered the next level, something moved behind her. Who came to them at this late hour? She couldn’t see anyone. "Is anyone there?" she called hesitantly into the darkness. It was quiet. Still, the uncomfortable feeling of not being alone lasted.

Quickly she climbed up the stairs and searched for the matching key on the keychain. Just as she had found it, something hissed behind her. Startled, she dropped the keys. She turned around and saw ... nothing. However, a very dark, moving nothing – which could only mean one thing: a shadow creature!

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As a fantasy writer, office manager and optimist Marie Mohn lives with her husband and her son happily in the heart of Austria.

Born in 1985 as the daughter of two authors, she was naturally fascinated by the magical world of books since childhood, devouring one book after another, and soon began to write herself.

Creativity and joy interlink closely in her opinion and she loves to enjoy – besides her own life – invented worlds and adventures.

The German version of “Talisma” has already been successfully published in 2014. It has plenty of great reviews (average rating at Amazon 4,9/5).

"Talisma" has been published on 25th February 2015. It offers thrilling entertainment with a sarcastic heroine, new figures in the world of fantasy (wood wanderers, bearers of good fortune and shadow creatures) and a stirring love story.
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  1. Thanks for promoting Talisma!
    The correct links to the book at Amazon are for US and for UK :)
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