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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Secret Santa by Kiki Wellington ♥ Spotlight & GIVEAWAY ♥ (Holiday Erotica)

It’s December, but Lisa isn’t feeling the holiday cheer. After getting fired unfairly from her job, all she wants to do is binge on ice cream and bad TV—and crawl into her husband’s loving arms. But he’s been called away on a business trip and can’t give her what she needs. When left to her own devices, will Lisa find some Christmas cheer on her own?

Warning: Secret Santa (17,900 words) contains early morning aural, locker room exhibitionism, and hot chocolate seduction.

As the sun started sinking down the sky, I began to wonder how the night was going to end. How did he want it to end? How did I? I tried not to think about it; I just wanted to concentrate on the gorgeous view from my apartment. I loved watching the sun go down, or the sun come up, over the skyline.

Chris couldn't help but notice it too. He pointed toward the large floor-to-ceiling windows in the middle of my living room, looking amazed. "Wow, you have an incredible view here. I would never want to leave the house if I lived here. I would just park my ass in front of the window all day and watch the city."

I nodded in agreement. "It is pretty awesome. You want to get a closer look?"

I jumped to my feet and headed to the window. During that time of day, the sun looked like it was disappearing into one of the buildings, which always amused me. Then the darkness started to settle in. I could stand in front of that window for hours and having Chris there definitely made the experience better. He stood close behind me...very close. I could feel his breath warming up the back of my neck, which made me close my eyes and fantasize about what could happen, might happen, shouldn't happen, if I gave in to the way he made me tingle inside.

Second by second, I felt Chris inching closer to me, until he was firmly pressed up against my back. I could actually feel his chest rise and fall and my breathing started to mirror his after a while. We stood there silently, watching the sun go down, the planes go by, the little ants on the ground rushing home from work. It was so busy outside, but in my apartment, time with Chris stood still. But the silence wasn't awkward this time. It felt good. Too good.

"Lisa, the view in here is absolutely gorgeous," he said directly into my ear. I couldn't deny how much I wanted him. If he made the first move, I would be sure to follow him...anywhere.

"I know! I love looking down at the city like this. It's so relaxing."

"That's not the view I'm talking about," Chris said, moving his mouth downward until his lips were pressed softly against the side of my neck. Every inch of my body responded, but I couldn't let it show.

Where does good sex begin?

Between the ears, of course!

That's why I work hard to write erotica that stimulates the largest sex organ we have--the mind--because when we're titillated upstairs, the nether region is sure to follow.

Want to get hot and horny upstairs and downstairs? Check out my erotic stories.

Kiki Wellington. Literary Flesh Peddler. Intelligent Freak.


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