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Monday, February 8, 2016

Love's Timeless Melody by Cindy Irish ♥ Review, Book Blast & GIVEAWAY ♥ (Contemporary Romance with Paranormal Elements)

In this mystical, sexy contemporary romance, Cindy Irish invites you to fall in love with another sexy Bel Homme superstar, Jamie Stratton. Jamie is raking in the money and fame but beneath all the lights and accolades, something’s missing. After a tragic accident, Psychic Medium, Jessica Evans, is hiding from the world, trying to find quiet comfort in the hills of England. Too bad fate has other ideas. When time and attraction bring Jamie and Jessie together, will they be able to find true love’s melody? Or will dangers in their lives kill the music?

Opera gets magical!

The Bel Homme Quartet saga continues in Book #2 with this mystical standalone story…

British member Jamie Stratton joined the world famous pop-opera singing group called “Bel Homme” for one reason only: money. It’s a year later now, and he’s rolling in it. But Jamie also possesses a spiritual side he can’t deny. He was raised by his gran at the most legendary place on earth: Stonehenge. She manages the gift shop there, and Jamie grew up in the flat over the store. His grandmother is an eccentric old bird who reads her Tarot cards and predicts true love is coming into Jamie’s life.

Jessica Evans is an American psychic medium from Illinois who’s always believed in astral protection—but then she’s assaulted by a man who does devastating harm to her family. While she lies near death in a coma, she dreams of a stranger who is her destiny. When she finally wakes up and needs a safe place to heal, a hometown tie to the American member of Bel Homme gives her access to the group’s secure compound in Royal Tunbridge Wells, England.

That’s when Fate steps in and brings Jamie and Jessie together. But in the midst of their timeless romance, Jamie must deal with a crisis involving his grandmother while Jessie is once again confronted by her brutal attacker—and Jamie is the only one who can save her.

Love or money: which would you choose? It’s Jamie’s turn to decide.

Absolutely amazing!

Cindy Irish can write a novel like no other. She finds the perfect balance of sexy, sweet, mystery and humor and meshes it together in an interesting, sizzling, entertaining, well-written story.

I must admit that I wasn't sure how I would like the character of Jessie. She's a psychic by trade, and I wasn't sure if or how her abilities would fit in with the "contemporary romance" genre of the book. Turns out, Cindy's a genius and Jessie fit in perfectly. I actually enjoyed when Jessie used her abilities to tell other characters information from another realm :)

Jamie's transformation was fun to read, especially since I was introduced to him in the previous book, The Song That Seduced Paris, and formed a certain opinion about him and how much he loves his money.

Annie and Gabriel made several appearances in this book, and I was very happy that I was able to learn more about what happened to them after their book ended.

And, oh my gosh, the segue into Nico's story has me SO EXCITED to read the next book!!! Cindy set it up beautifully.

This is shaping up to be one AWESOME series!!!

***I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***

“Put your fingers inside me, Jamie. Take that awful memory away.”

In response, Jamie cradled her cheek and brushed the corner of her mouth with his thumb. Then he glided his hand over her shoulder, down her arm, and over the swell of her bare hip, where he paused and squeezed into her flesh. His simple words were his only truth. “My whole life has been lived for this one moment, this real first time.”

His fingers as gentle as the airy stroke of a hummingbird wing, he skimmed over the surface of her tummy. Covering her mound, he gently combed his fingers through her hair and explored the slippery terrain while his eyes never left her face. Staking his claim, he began. “Yes,” he murmured, urging her on. “Yes, that’s it. That’s it.”

Still keeping up his teasing in-and-out motion, he added his thumb to the rolling action and made tiny circles where he knew she’d love it most. He moaned, provoked to the edge of his self-discipline and feeling close to exploding himself—but still, he kept his rhythm. He didn’t stop. He couldn’t stop. He didn’t ever want to stop doing this with her—to her. His breath came fast, but he never looked down. He just kept working her, inside and out. “You are delectable. Sexy. Perfect.”

Jessie gripped his powerful arm and followed the motion, the ebb and flow he was orchestrating just for her. He slid into her, then slipped out, letting his thumb create the most rapturous interplay. She gasped out loud now. “Jamie.” Heaving tiny breaths of yearning, she was beyond caring she’d lost control. “Jamie!”

Jamie leaned in and kissed her quickly, never closing his eyes, but never looking down either. “You’re beautiful, luv,” he said, urging her to take it all as his thumb stroked faster. “Let go, Jess.” Faster and faster. “Let go…” And faster and faster. “For me.”

“For you,” she heaved out as she came around his loving hand, her hypersensitive nerve endings exploding in pleasure over and over again. Throwing back her head, she went spinning—soaring out of herself—although she was steeped in every physical sensation a man could make a woman feel.

Lifting her hips, she gasped out her bliss to all the vast energy here. The vibrations peaked, then settled, and when they stopped, so did he. His oh-so-gifted fingers stilled, inside and out, and then rested in the pocket of her spent body. “Thank you,” she whispered as her former agony dissolved into the ground.

Slowly, Jamie withdrew and lay on his back, the air a blur because he was breathing so hard. “Pull up your panties and jeans, luv.” After she did, she rolled into his chest, and he gathered her close. He squeezed gently. “No more bad memories, okay? Now there’s only me.”

Jessie rooted around his neck with her nose. Kissing his burning skin, her entire being acquiesced…inviolably healed. “Yes. From now on there’s only you.”

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Author Cindy Irish writes Contemporary, Paranormal, and Speculative romance fiction. She's a member of Romance Writers of America, as well as the Mid-Michigan and Greater Detroit chapters. Cindy lives in Michigan with her family. For more information about her work, visit her website at

As you can see, I was a happy, carefree child.
ChildhoodPhoto IIObviously, I had a fabulous fashion sense
that touted the stunning charms
of short-sleeved patterned shirts
with earthy grime around the neckline. 
I completed my farm-girl assemble
with the practical flair of bib overalls.
It made for frustrating tinkle breaks,
I’m sure, but then it never bound me at the
waist, either. 
You’d think for that reason alone I could have at least unfurrowed my
brows and cracked a smile, wouldn’t you? 
Maybe it was that hideous hair.
My kinky hairstyle was totally fabricated by the application
of a very bad perm, as I have naturally straight locks.
The overall sweaty look of it was created by the hot and humid
temperatures of a sultry Michigan summer. My mother could
never trim my bangs in a straight line, and as a result,
to this day no one but me cuts my hair in front. 
Trust once betrayed leaves deep repercussions.
I don’t remember what happened to that bunny in my arms,
but I wouldn’t be surprised if my older devil-brother
buried him alive years ago.
Actually, I don’t remember being as testy
as I look up there, either, but the camera doesn’t lie. 
Nonetheless, this is my favorite photograph of myself
because it never fails to make me laugh—and I love to laugh.
There’s nothing more entertaining than human beings, is there? 
Not even puppies. 
Sam.jpg full size.jpg croppedWell, okay, except maybe puppies.
love puppies, especially Old English Sheepdogs.
This is our dearly-missed Sam,
or Lady Samantha Amber as she was formally titled.
I like Golden Retrievers, too.
I love cats—and, it seems, the mangier the better.
I’ve always adopted strays someone else has abandoned.

My childhood consisted of playing cars in the sand
and making up stories starring my paper dolls.
Even then, I was a Romance Writer-in-Training.  
Cindy's Kindergarten PictureBefore I turned five and posed for this equally giddy-looking
picture here, I’d sit at a table—any table—and play it
like a piano, so it was decided to get me a real one
(a piano, not my very own table) and see what I could do. 
I took piano lessons from Mrs. Draveling for many, many years.
She was a strict instructor who insisted I learn the classical composers only.
No Broadway show tunes for Cindy. 
For that I’m extremely grateful because today I love classical music.
In my pre-teens, I took organ lessons from Professor Romeo Fracalanza
whose home always smelled like garlic bread and Chianti. In retrospect,
I think that must have been when I fell in love with everything Italian.
I remember looking out his beautiful beveled glass windows as I played.
He was born in Piombino Bese, Italy, and his teacher was the organist
at St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome. How cool is that? I was a lucky little girl
to have him as my teacher, and I was blessed to have known him. 
piano lessons...smallMy first job was in fourth grade when I became a church organist. 
I wanted to become a nun, but I hate being told what to do, 
so I scratched that idea pretty fast.
(Don’t act so surprised. Look at those two pictures
above again. Is that the face of a peaceful, pious person?)
Anyway, music has always been a big part of my life. 
I sang and wrote music. I wrote poetry. 
I read all the time—the library was one of my favorite places.
Laced-hand-holding-pen___smallerNow, I write all the time. 

I honed a lot of my skills as a copywriter creating radio commercials. You think it’s easy coercing the public in sixty seconds or less to buy a product?
Think again, unaware consumers. 
That kind of writing sharpens the brain cells and focuses the mind to turn emotion
and need into a blur of mass shopping ejaculation. 
(Using snappy double entrendres is a given with romance writers.)  
Then in my late teens,
I picked up an astrology book,

and that’s all it took.

In a flash, 
 I was well and truly hooked.
I sound like a metaphysical Dr. Seuss
But this is sincerely true: I’m very serious about the subject of the stars and the planets, and how their magnetic energies affect and correlate with everything on our earth.
I’ve studied with the best astrologers in the business, and I’ve taught adult education astrology classes and had my own astrological radio program. I’m one of only a handful of astrologers who uses the INCARN program to calculatenatal charts. (This fact should tell you that the rest of them look on INCARNwith a mixture of patient humor, subtle skepticism, and thinly-veiled disdain.)
Astrologer's room...smallerThe theory of soul-based natal charts, rather than birthtime charts, is mentioned in some of Edgar Cayce’s readings,and the computer program toimplement them was created by my mentor, the late John Willner. The ancient algorithm itself can be traced back to a British woman who used it to formulate spiritual-birth charts at the turn of the 20th century, but beyond that, I have no further knowledge of its true origin. I only know that THIS is the astrology of the future.
So the music and the metaphysics in my background explain the subject matter in my writing today. My romantic heart, I attribute to being a water sign with a very heavy emphasis on Pisces.
For years, it never occurred to me to try writing romance.
Now it seems impossible not to.
Whether my setting is contemporary or paranormal, the tales are super sexy, witty, sentimental, and uplifting. I want you to smile and sigh when you finish the last page.
Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to have you read and enjoy the stories I’ve been privileged and honored to have come through me. See, although I reached up through the frail barrier of the collective imagination and claimed them as my own, they’re not really mine. 
But knowing that doesn’t keep me from joyfully passing them on to you… 


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