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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Canvas by Jody Kaye ♥ FREE eBook ♥ (Contemporary Romance)

They would have been perfect together if either of them could get past their broken hearts.

Lindsey has managed to get herself into a few not-so-great situations with the men in her life. Mitch, her best friend’s self-destructive brother, follows this pattern. Lindsey knows she loves Mitch, but how can she put her heart on the line again for a
guy like that?

Mitch always knew his mother was out to destroy his father using the best weapon she had…him. He could have lived without loving anyone to keep his family safe...Until his stepsister’s new best friend shows him everything he has yet to lose.


He shouldn’t have kissed Lindsey the morning after her husband died…

Mitch thought that letting Lindsey walk away would keep her safe from the unhappiness in his life. Now Jason, the man Mitch let her leave him for, is dead
and Lindsey is back in Rollinsford. While Mitch still can’t have her maybe he can help her.

She shouldn’t have let Mitch think that kiss was about them...

All Lindsey wanted was her husband back. The guilt of betraying Jason’s memory and letting Mitch take the blame for that kiss is killing her. As they become
close again, Lindsey watches Mitch battle his long-standing demons knowing that he will eventually leave Rollinsford. But will he hurt her daughter in the process?


"Just finish one," he said.

That's how it started.

My husband asked what I'd been doing all day. After five years I finally confessed, "When no one is around, I write."

Okay, It was more like me trying to get out of saying a thing. I'm a writer. You want it pretty. Let's compromise.

So he challenged me to choose a story and complete it.

It was an amazing feeling when, in March of 2016, Canvas rose to #39 on Amazon's Top 100 Free Best Sellers in Contemporary Romance (Fiction.) I never expected anything to come from my hobby, let alone be on a list surrounded by authors whose books I read!

Since the original intent was to share Canvas, I am so happy that both iBooks and Kobo still offer this book for free.

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