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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dangerous Victor by Aislinn Kearns ❤️ Book Blitz & Giveaway ❤️ (Romantic Suspense)

Radha Iyer knows there’s something terribly wrong happening at the casino she manages. Her staff are acting cagey, the finances don’t add up, and then her Head of Security is found murdered in his own home. She’s out of her depth and desperate for help.

Zack Walker has kept to himself since the day an IED left him permanently scarred. When Radha calls Soldiering On for help, his degree in math makes him the obvious choice to go undercover as the new Head of Security to help her discover what’s going on and who’s responsible.

But the conspiracy they uncover goes deeper than either of them could have imagined. When their investigation is compromised, it puts them both in mortal peril and on the run. With nowhere to turn they must rely on each other, but danger and betrayal lurk in every shadow…

The Appeal Of The Wounded Hero

Beauty and the Beast. Scarred Hero. Wounded Hero. Whatever you call it, I’m a fan. It’s definitely one of my favourite tropes. In fact, my Soldiering On series is built around this very trope. The series features four heroes (and one heroine!), all wounded in different ways.
On lists of favourite romance tropes, this one shows up every single time. So I’m not the only one that loves it! The question is, what’s the appeal?
Part of it, I believe, is that it shows a hero that has conquered some adversity. Whether they were wounded in childhood, in an accident, or in war, they still experienced something difficult and survived. Resilience is a very admirable quality in a romantic hero. It hints at a depth of character and experience that most of us couldn’t imagine.
But it’s not just that. It is also what the trope represents, and the kind of dynamics that it usually plays to.
I like wounded heroes, because I like heroes that are a little less sure of themselves. (Beta heroes are my jam!) Usually in these stories it is the hero that falls for the heroine first. So, when I read a blurb about a wounded hero, I will often assume that the story will be packaged with two of my other favourite tropes—Hero in Pursuit, and the hero’s “unrequited” pining (that is really requited!).
In addition to this, it will often give the reader a hint that the hero is not all that confident in himself. Maybe he doesn’t think he’s good enough for the heroine. And that is such a refreshing dynamic in this world of arrogant Alpha Billionaires that it is something I actively seek out.
Also, writing military heroes, it’s all-too-easy to make them superhuman. So the wounded element softens their abilities, making them more relatable and realistic.
Sometimes part of the appeal is that the story is a retelling of the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale/Disney movie that many of us love. In this case, there is also a sense of nostalgia that can go along with the reading. Particularly when the story has been made sexier or dark, more grown up. It can be all the things that you love about the original with an adult flavour to it.
Another appealing element is that there needs to be a lot of character growth from the hero to be worthy of the heroine. He needs to grow in his self-confidence, learn to trust the heroine, and put himself out there in order to earn his happy ending. I find that a much more appealing character arc than a more arrogant man learning humility, but I know that’s my personal taste!
I hope you enjoy reading my wounded heroes as much as I liked writing them!

Before he could enter the safety of the employee-only zone, a solid body stepped in front of him. Zack’s first reaction was to politely dodge around him, but the man followed, blocking his path. Next, Zack was tempted to fight, but instead took a deep breath and looked the man in the eye.
The security guard looked right back without flinching.
“Going somewhere?” he asked Zack. He rolled his shoulders, no doubt trying to look intimidating, despite his baby face and blond hair. He was large and sturdy-looking, and his menacing scowl probably worked on most of the misbehaving patrons of the casino. Zack had no doubt he could take the guy down in half a second flat, so he didn’t back off. But nor did he want to start a fight, after all he would be this guy’s boss as soon as Radha officially anointed him as Head of Security.
“I’m looking for Radha,” he said diplomatically. “Radha Iyer.”
The security guard—name tag saying ‘BRETT’—considered this, smacking on some gum. His shoulders settled into a less confrontational stance. “And what do you want with her?”
“I want her to show me to my office,” Zack said, enjoying the spark of surprise in the man’s eyes.
“Is that so?”
“Yup,” said Zack, staring the man down. “Do you want to call her to meet me, or should I do the honours?”
Brett narrowed his eyes. He unhooked a radio from his belt and clicked the button. “Ms. Iyer. You got a visitor.”
The radio crackled. “Okay, I’ll be right there,” she answered immediately.
Brett reclipped the radio on his belt. “Looks like she was expecting you.”
Zack nodded. “Looks like,” he agreed.
They continued to face off against each other until the doors burst open behind Brett and Radha appeared, breathing a little too hard.
Zack’s heart skipped a beat at the sight of her. Her cheeks were flushed, her eyes sparkling. She wore a yellow tailored shirt that contrasted beautifully with her dark skin. She gave him a shy smile, and Zack had to forcibly remind himself of last night.
Of the way she’d pulled away when she’d realised how close they were—when she’d been close to his face. His scars. He’d felt her build walls around herself after that, become more standoffish. He couldn’t blame her—he knew what he looked like. Only heartbreak could result.
“Hi,” she said. And he could swear she looked happy to see him. Of course she was, but not for the reason his traitorous heart hoped for. He was here to help her; do a job, solve a mystery. That’s all she wanted from him.


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Duncan Pierce returns from war, broken and disheartened.

He and his friends - all former military, all injured in the line of duty - are finding it tough to demonstrate that they are still just as capable. All they need is a chance. So Duncan comes up with a strategy - start his own Security Company, and show the world they’ve all still got what it takes. But he needs someone with a little business know-how and the capital to put his plan into action…

Mandy Lennox is looking for a new opportunity to prove herself – and Duncan’s idea of starting a Security Company with other Vets that were injured in the line of duty is just the thing. Unfortunately, Duncan is reluctant to let an ambitious socialite anywhere near his business plan. But Mandy doesn’t plan on letting that stop her.

They clash – each having a very different idea of what the company should be, and both too stubborn to agree on anything.

But you know what they say: opposites attract…


Aislinn is an Australian Expat living in Qatar. She completed a Bachelor of Arts in English and History, which she loved, and then went on to do a Masters in an unrelated field. She now largely pretends that last degree never happened.

She is the author of the 'Soldiering On' books, a Romantic Suspense series. She enjoys reading, writing, travelling, and fantasising about her future cottage in a forest. Now that she's published, her next life dream is to own a dog.

This is where she would list her awards if she had any.


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