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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Soul Awakening by Paul Lonardo ❤️ Review & EXCLUSIVE Giveaway ❤️ (New Adult Paranormal Romance)

Something otherworldly is happening in a small Texas town.

As a small Texas town mourns the tragic death of its high school football star, Alecia is struggling to adjust to life without the boy she has dated since sixth grade and thought she would be with forever.

When Braden comes to her as an apparition, she finds herself falling for Riley, Braden’s best friend and teammate. Has Braden returned to spy on her, or for some other reason?

Alecia’s not sure, but she soon realizes she must find a way to accept Braden’s death and welcome love back into her life, or risk losing everything.

The Power of Secret Love changes everything…

An emotional story of young love and young loss.

While technically, I suppose, this is a Young Adult story (the characters are seniors in high school), they dealt with very adult emotions, especially Alecia.

As in his previous books, Paul did such a fantastic job of writing feelings. Given the subject matter, I knew I was in for a few heart-achey moments here and there, but the actual love that Paul was able to capture with words is just phenomenal.

My only real criticism about the book would be the amount of time it took for Alecia to end her grieving and move on from Braden. To me, in my opinion, one and a half weeks is wicked fast.

But, that fact did not take away from the sense of hopefulness in spite of the heartache Alecia was feeling. I was almost in tears at the end, and this book really made me pause to wonder if this kind of other-worldly thing really happens...?

(I received a copy of this book in consideration of an honest review)

“You like him, don’t you?” Braden asked.
Alecia hesitated, searching for the words.
“It’s all right. I want you to be together. I don’t think you’ll find a better guy. I mean, now that I’m gone from your life.”
Alecia gazed at him, tears welling up in her eyes with the re-realization that Braden was dead. Being able to see him again had played a cruel trick on her mind, and she temporarily forgot he wasn’t alive. The same soul-rending heartache she experienced when she first lost him came back all at once, like a wound that had just begun healing suddenly being ripped open again.
“I only want what’s best for you,” Braden said. “I still love you. I’ll always love you.”
Tears streamed from her eyes. “I love you.” Her lips were trembling. “Will you be able to return again?”
“I won’t be able to see you anymore?”
Braden shook his head slowly. His eyes were heavy, but he maintained a faint smile.
Alecia couldn’t help herself and took a step closer to him. A dim pulse of light and energy disturbed the space between them. She raised her left arm slowly, holding her hand palm-out in front of her face. As Braden reached for her, there was a burst of dazzling white light. Momentarily blinded, Alecia couldn’t see a thing, but when their hands came together, she felt his fingers intertwine with hers.


Paul Lonardo is a freelance writer and author. He has had both fiction and non-fiction book published, including titles that have been excerpted in Reader’s Digest and reviewed in Publisher’s Weekly.

Soul Awakening is his third romance novella. Reunion of Souls was published by Liquid Silver Press in 2105, and last summer Wild Rose Press released Enchanted Desire.

From the Ashes, a collaborative book written with a Gina Russo, is a true story of her survival from the deadly 2003 Station Nightclub fire in Rhode Island which claimed the lives of 100 people, became the basis of a 2013 documentary web series, The Station, which Paul produced.

Paul has been interviewed as part of several documentaries, including NBCUniveral’s I Survived a Serial Killer, featuring the true crime story depicted in the book Caught in the Act, A Courageous Family’s Fight to Save their Daughter from a Serial Killer.


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