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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Falling for Dante by DJ Hunnam ❤️ Review, Book Blitz & Gift Card Giveaways ❤️ (Erotic Romance)

I fell for my brother's best friend when I was just a kid. He broke my heart one unforgettable night at a frat house party. Now he's back and ready for another shot. There's just one problem. I'm damaged goods.

I'm a demon… on and off the football field.. The only thing I like more than scoring touchdowns is scoring with the ladies. When my best friend's little sister begs me to take her virginity, I'm not surprised. Erica has had a crush on me since she was an awkward fourteen-year-old. So I do what any man would.

I reject her.

Fast-forward five years and Erica has blossomed into one irresistible woman. Too bad she still hates my guts. Convincing her to give me another chance might be the hardest play I've ever had to execute. But I'm willing to give it the old college try.

I'm a fool… for falling for Dante. He stole the playbook to my heart when I was just a kid, and has been running defense with his ever since.

I offered him everything. My heart. My soul. My body. His rejection propelled me into a world where my innocence was the price for admission.

Now I'm running scared. From my past. From my present. From the feelings that Dante stirs up every time he's around. It's only a matter of time before I trip and fall into the arms of the only man I've ever loved. But will the fall come at a premium my heart can’t afford?

Falling for Dante is a full-length, second-chance romance. It contains steamy scenes with a ton of heat and strong language intended for mature audiences.

Drowning in Talon and Faking It with Damian occur before Falling for Dante. All three can be read as standalone novels. Falling for Dante does contain some spoilers for Faking It.

WOW what a book!

First of all, I couldn't put it down. The plot flowed effortlessly, it was blessedly free of typos (as far as I could tell) and "the big reveal" of "the big secret" came at the very end, so I was eagerly reading to get there and discover what the heck had happened!

An advisory that this book deals with several societal issues, namely female body image, economic class-ism and sexual abuse/violence. However. D.J. used all of these dark areas to bring wonderful light to this story.

I enjoyed the push and pull between Erica and Dante. First she chased him, then he chased her, and round and round they went. D.J. did a stellar job of writing the love in this story, especially from Dante's point of view.

All in all, I thought this was an excellent, and VERY steamy, contemporary romance!

"I can't do this right now," she spluttered over her shoulder.
"I'm not letting you out of this that easily."
"It's my parents' reception. I'm not going to discuss this while family members and friends mingle within earshot."
"Then come to my room later."
Her nose wrinkled up as she turned to face me. "No. I'm not coming to your room." She chugged the rest of her champagne and refused to look me in the eyes.
"You're afraid to be alone with me?" My teasing tone only seemed to piss her off more.
"I'm not afraid. I just think it would be best if we didn't spend time alone."
"What are you afraid is going to happen?"
"You're still a tease. So, I know nothing is going to happen."
I stepped closer, allowing my words to wash over the delicate flesh of her ear, because goading her was impossible to resist. "I don't recall teasing you in the bathroom earlier. In fact, I'm pretty sure you were two seconds from coming in those tiny shorts."
She choked on her gulp of champagne, murdering me with a glare. "I was not," she said, her tone as prim as the upward tilt of her chin.
"You're a horrible liar, Erica. Did you go back to your room and touch yourself? Did you make yourself come, thinking about my fingers inside of you? Is that why you skipped out on breakfast?" I needed to stop because my dick was starting to respond to the images I was creating with my words.
"You're delusional."
"I can tell you what I'd like to see happen," I said, lowering my voice even more. "I'd like to peel that dress from your body and suck on those beautiful tits I know are hidden underneath." She stilled beside me, except for her chest, which heaved with each of her shallow breaths. "Then I'd taste you. See if your pussy is as delicious as I remember. And after I'd had my fill, I'd fuck you. Again, and again. Until you're hoarse from screaming my name."
Her hard, little nipples and the flush spreading up her neck revealed she was more turned on than angry. "Don't play with me, Dante."
"I'm not playing."
She set her glass on the table and crossed her arms over her chest. "What's so different now? Why are you willing to risk the wrath of my brother? Is it because I'm broken and you think your magical cock can fix me?"
"You're not broken. And you know what's different. You're not a naive kid anymore."
She laughed, but it was tinny and lacked any humor. "Why? Because you assume I'm not a virgin?"
Holy. Fuck.
Her eyes dropped to the ground under the weight of my stare. My dick tried to jump out of my pants and I forced open the top button of my shirt.
"You're still a virgin?"
The question hung thick in the air between us.
"And if I were?"
"Jesus," I swore as I rubbed a hand through my hair. "How is that even possible?"
Before she could respond, we both noticed Damian and Janice heading our direction. I groaned, but Erica waved them over with a relieved sigh.
"We're not done," I whispered into her ear.
She ripped her elbow out of my hand. "That's where you're wrong. We are done, Dante."

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First introduced to the genre by her grandmother, DJ Hunnam is an author with a true love for great romance novels. After reading hundreds of them over the last twenty years, she finally decided to put pen to paper and craft her own. She loves to write about strong heroines who fall in love with sexy heroes, while tackling real-world problems.

When she isn't writing, you might find her curled up with a book, chasing her two wild sons, or pursuing her own HEA with her husband of ten years. She's a sucker for dark chocolate, a good bottle of Malbec, and a sexy six-pack.


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Barring a white picket fence, Cassidy Jacobs seems to have it all: a hardworking husband, a great career, a beautiful home and a fabulous best friend. But things aren’t always what they seem. When a temporary job assignment takes her to Alaska, she never imagines that the cocky, hazel-eyed Talon Murdock is the man who can set her free. With his long hair, tattoos and irresistible body, Talon is everything she should avoid. But his unapologetic passion for life might be the very thing she needs.

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