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Monday, June 5, 2017

K-Love by Alice Cornwall & Devon Atwood ❤️ Book Blitz & Giveaway ❤️ (New Adult Romance)

Chase has been set up. She finds herself on a blind date with a Korean hottie, and all because her mom obsessively loves Korean romance dramas. It turns out that Daniel Bak is actually really dreamy, but things take a turn for the worse when Chase happens upon stolen research on her university professor’s laptop. It throws her into the arms of wealthy corporate heir Hyun Tae, who also happens to be Daniel’s best friend.

Caught between both men, and hunted down by a vengeful CEO, Chase must rely on Hyun Tae’s protection. But when the drama settles, where will her heart land?

Blind Date

“My name is Daniel Bak. You don’t know me, but I met your mom, and she told me that you wouldn’t mind going on a blind date.”
Should she say she was busy? Or get it over with? She texted him as she entered the brick physical education building. “Yes, she told me about you.”
She wasn’t rejecting him, but she wasn’t committing to a date either. She found her way to Room 108, and as she settled in a desk, his response binged back. “From your picture I could tell you don’t need blind dates, by the way. If you want to back out, that’s okay. I’ve never done this either.”
Chase bit her lip and texted back. “I’ve definitely never been on a blind date, and I’m a little crazy for not disowning my mom.”
Other students were filling up the classroom around her, but Chase found herself waiting for Daniel’s reply instead of paying attention to her surroundings.


Devon and Cornwall like k-dramas a lot. So much that they decided to write a novel including all the things they love about Korean romance and dramas. Devon has had two previously published fantasy novels, and Cornwall has a well-oiled crap-o-meter and a Bachelor’s degree she doesn’t intend to use. The mother-daughter writing team live in Pennsylvania with assorted children and husbands and grandchildren, and no cats, because that would be too cliché.

Devon Atwood is the author of two YA fantasy novels, and has experienced both traditional, small publishing markets, and self-publishing endeavors on the road to authorship. You can find her here on social media, or, more likely, with her nose in a binder, washi tape in hand and eyes aglow with organizational bliss.

Alice Cornwall is a seasoned writer with an ingeniously useful “crap-o-meter” and a Bachelor’s degree she doesn’t really intend to use. She lives in Pennsylvania with her fancy cat, but she promises not to make a profile picture holding it.


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  1. I love the story line! Can't wait to read it :)

  2. sounds good!


  3. I've never watched a K-drama. I bet reading one would be fun.


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