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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Path of Thieves by Sunniva Dee ❤️ Review, Book Blitz & Gift Card Giveaway ❤️ (Contemporary Young Adult)

Football hero by day and thief by night, Charles “Cugs” McConnely leads a double life in the small town of Newbark, Florida. At sundown, the seventeen-year-old turns burglar, forced into the business by the man who should be teaching him the difference between right and wrong: his father.

Cugs is a pro at both games, but only one can secure him a college scholarship. It should be an easy decision, a no-brainer—if Newbark hadn’t proffered the only life he knows.

After run-ins with Nadine Paganelli, his accidental victim and the sole person to have caught him in the act, Cugs starts to realize that hearts can be stolen too.
When his long-lost sister makes contact, lies are uncovered and truths revealed. Suddenly, Cugs finds himself questioning both plans and loyalties. Because sometimes the only way to move forward is by pulling the bottom out of the past.

Such a dark and yet awesomely hopeful story!

First of all, I don't read YA books. It's simply not a genre I enjoy. But I couldn't wait to read THIS book because I had read the related adult-romance book, Dodging Trains, and I'm also a HUGE fan of Sunniva's.

And she didn't disappoint!

Cugs had it rough. I mean, super rough. Reading his "flashbacks" were truly heartbreaking. That and the fact that he was conflicted and wanted to better himself made for quite an interesting read.

Nadine is adorable! I loved her. I especially loved how she and Cugs met and then found each other again years later. She was an excellent foil to Cugs.

This was just an all-around emotional and touching story, and it just goes to show that Sunniva can knock it outta the park no matter what she writes!

(I received a copy of this book in consideration of an honest review)

“I can’t.”
“But please, Cugs.”
Is this what all boyfriends go through? Either way, I feel like my reasons to evade Nadine’s house are damn valid compared to most. For me, it’s not just about meeting the parents. It’s about returning to the scene of the crime. Not any old crime either, but a pivotal one, because I pulled Nadine down with me.
She could’ve returned to her law-abiding puppy-love guy with an awesome future if it weren’t for me being “it” to her. Yes, I feel bad sometimes. And no, I don’t always feel bad. Because most of the time I’m an asshole who thinks that I’m a lucky bastard for meeting her.
“Just come,” she says now, on the phone. “I get that you don’t want to meet my parents. But they’re nice and you’re nice too, and you guys would totally hit it off.”
“I shopped from them.”
“Stole. You didn’t shop.”
“Right.” Same difference.
“But that’s over and done with. We’ve got great insurance, and you actually made them a few bucks.”
“Wow. That makes shopping better in your world?”
“It’s not shopping, Cugs. And nope, it’s messed up, but you always bottle stuff up, and I need you to at least let this go.”
I thump to the mattress of my bed.
“Cugs? You there?”
“Uh-huh. How about fight night instead?”
She huffs. “I want to show you something. I wanted it to be a surprise too, until you could see it in person, but you’re making it freaking hard.”
I groan and press two fingers against my forehead. “When were you thinking?”
“You’re free tomorrow during the day, right?”
I hesitate.
“Hmm. Not sure.”
“You said you were.”
“Fine! I’m free tomorrow. Happy?”
I get no reply. Crap, I should have Face-timed her. “Cute” expressions go a long way when it comes to appeasing girlfriends. “Nadine.”
She exhales into the phone.
“Come on. Talk to me.”
Damn silence.
“I’m sorry, okay? It’s just—I love you, and I hate it when we don’t agree.”
Her breath hits the receiver first. “Come tomorrow at lunch, then. No one’ll be at home. Can you do that? For me?”

Between studies, teaching, and advising, Sunniva has spent her entire adult life in a college environment. Most of her novels are new adult romance geared toward smart, passionate readers with a love for eclectic language and engaging their brain as well as their heart while reading.

Born in the Land of the Midnight Sun, the author spent her early twenties making the world her playground. Southern Europe: Spain, Italy, Greece--Argentina: Buenos Aires, in particular. The United States finally kept her interest, and after half a decade in Los Angeles, she now lounges in the beautiful city of Savannah.

Sometimes, Sunniva writes with a paranormal twist (Shattering Halos, Stargazer, and Cat Love). At other times, it's contemporary (Pandora Wild Child, Leon's Way, Adrenaline Crush, Walking Heartbreak, and Dodging Trains, coming in late March 2016).

This author is the happiest when her characters let their emotions run off with them, shaping her stories in ways she never foresaw. She loves bad-boys and good-boys run amok, and like in real life, her goal is to keep the reader on her toes until the end of each story.


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