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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Soul Bound by Jas T. Ward ❤️ Q&A, Book Tour & Gift Card & Signed Book Giveaway ❤️ (Paranormal Romance)

Death May Be The End...
But Love Doesn't Give A @&%#.

Jace Camden is haunted by his past. One that has many believing he got
away with murder. He’s on the run from it, trying to start a new life in a new
town. But his past won’t let won’t him escape, and it’s determined that his future will not long.
Death will demand its due… and his dead wife will make sure that debt is paid in full.

Kitt Thomas’ life is in a rut, but that changed when she looked into the sad, haunted eyes, of Jace Camden. Something about his wounded soul called to her—like a like a whisper of a melody in a mysterious abyss she should have the sense to ignore.

But his past will make sure Kitt is no more part of Jace’s future than life is.
Because he’s Soul Bound – and that’s a shackle that can only be broken by death.

It's not about the Happily Ever After...
It's about surviving the read.

*Warning - this book deals with the subject of death, grief in a graphically realistic and dark manner*

What is something unique/quirky about you?

Laugh. I think it would be easier to say what's not quirky about me. Unique? I have a sleep disorder which allows for very vivid dreams. They have a cinematic music track and even credits. And almost all of my books played out in those dreams before they were written.

What are your top 3 favorite books/authors?

Colleen Hoover - my favorite book of hers is 'It Ends With Us"
Ken Follett -Anything by the man. He's a genius.
Amy Tan - Joy Luck Club

What inspired you to write this book?

The book deals with the darker aspects of death and grief. How it haunts us after our loved ones are gone. I was made a widow to tragedy and lost the love of my life. It had a lot of influence on the tale. It's a story that I felt I needed to write in order to find my own personal closure.
What can we expect from you in the future?
World domination and how learn how to make the perfect cake. I kid. More books. I want to try to publish four a year but as my books are hefty (75-95K words) and twisted with plot surprises, that's going to be pushing it. But it's my goal.

Do you have any “side stories” about the characters?

Yes! I love all my characters, but the book can't be about them all. In my Shadow-Keepers series, I wrote companion novellas of some of the fan favorite secondary characters. The readers love them.

Describe yourself in 5 words or less!


Do you have any advice to give aspiring writers?

Just write. Don't worry about the rules or what will sell. Don't focus on the rules or how it's supposed to be written. Let the story do it's job and get it down. There will be plenty of time after you type "the end" for you to polish it, edit and check the rules. For now, get the story written and finished. That's a big deal... don't cheapen it or slow it down with mind clutter about the rest.

Five Years Ago

His eyes were cast down and fixated by the dried blood on his hands.
Laura’s blood.
The brightness of the fluid hours ago on his hands was dark now after the crushing passage of time—how much, Jace had no idea. Perceiving its passage proved impossible.
“Mr. Camden? Do you know why you are here?”
He heard the officer speak and Jace fought through the heavy sorrow to look upward to seek out the man.
“Yes. My wife is dead.” His flat voice devoid of emotion. Perhaps when the soul became overwhelmed, it just numbed out to react in order to protect itself. The two detectives looked at each other and stepped away to speak in whispers as Jace’s eyes returned to his hands. The only thing not covered in dark crimson were the silver bracelets of the cuffs encircling his wrists and linked to the table.
Splatters of Laura’s blood were gruesomely dark against the white of his shirt, a rip near the cuff, a grass stain, and dirt from when they tackled him in the yard.
Why had he been in the yard?
The events of the day and night were fuzzy as if his mind was wrapped in flannel, surrounded by wool and refused to expose itself in the coldness of reality.
“Mr. Camden?”
The burly looking detective came in close to brace his arms on the table and met Jace’s eyes when they lifted upwards. The countenance of the detective was cold and calculated—a glare of blue with bright white compared to Jace’s own—which were dazed, bloodshot and exhausted in his mirrored reflection behind the detective.
“I will ask this question very simply. Very slowly so you listen and answer correctly. We clear?”
Jace’s brow furrowed as he nodded and his brain tried to form sparks of understanding but they had gone dark from the horror of all it had been forced to deal with.
The detective stated each word slowly and accented each word as if he thought Jace a child. “Did. You. Kill your wife?”
Kill? They had made vows—to have and to hold. In sickness and in health. Two souls bound together as if one. To love and live with that bond… Not kill. Not end.
He blinked at the officer as he ran his tongue along his busted bloodied lip, his eyes skidded downward to stare at the blood and he croaked hoarsely, “Yes. Because I couldn’t stop it.”


Kitt head tilted as she narrowed her eyes, and asked, “Want to talk about her?”
Jace turned his gaze to look out over the water and shook his head as his lips pressed into a thin line. She nodded, began walking more and he followed in relief— so grateful in the fact she didn’t push and had the intuition to know he didn’t want her to. His thumb rubbed over her knuckles as they walked in silence, with the sand still warm from the day under their toes. She stopped again and he turned to face her, mentally braced for her to inquire for more—dreaded what it would entail or how he could divert answering.
“How long?”
Jace sighed and closed his eyes before he answered, “Five years.”
She nodded in silence and squeezed his hand as they began moving again. He once more found himself smiling at Kitt’s unobtrusive questions and gentle manner with which she handled the situation. This time he paused their motion and Kitt turned to face him as he asked quietly, “You? Married? Boyfriend?”
She laughed softly and smiled as she shook her head. “No. Well. I’ve had boyfriends, but never married. None stayed around long enough to ask me to do the deed.”
Kitt did a cute “oh” expression at his raised eyebrow partnered with a smirk and clarified herself, “Oh I’ve done that deed. I mean. Oh hell, that was way too much information.” She blushed and he found it absolutely delicious. “Way to go, Kitt. Way. To. Go.” She mumbled and looked down at the sand.
He chuckled as he tugged her back into motion and she closed the distance between them, scuffing her feet in the sand. Now their hands and their arms made contact; the sensation from her touch set Jace at a low burn. Her flesh so warm, soft yet firm and he found himself wondering once again what she tasted like. It sent his mind once again on a path he had not traveled in years and he blocked it off—the draw to her like a flickering flame to his in the dark soul. One he must keep in check and his soul would have to stay where the nightmare of his existence had placed it.
They continued in silence with Jace catching Kitt cutting side glances his way. He hoped he seemed relaxed, and prayed she didn’t try to look deeper. She would see an underlying tension of him preparing for something bad to happen—as it always did. Well, she knew he had lost someone he loved which was bound to make anyone edgy—perhaps she would notch his nerves to that. When they reached a small fishing pier, she pulled on his hand to bring him to a stop once again. He readied himself to answer another one of her gentle questions. But instead, she stepped forward, reached out with a feather light touch and brushed his cheek with her fingertips. Jace frowned in puzzlement as he fought the urge to step away from the gesture. But he relished her warmth as he closed his eyes when she pressed her palm against his cheek and ran her thumb along his temple.
“Why do I feel like you need to be touched?” She said in a hushed whisper. “Why do you seem so sad? What is going on under your surface and why am I so drawn to it?”
Jace swallowed and thought. Please don’t be. He knew that he was like the darkest of riptides and Kitt seemed like such a wonderful person—he would hate for her to be sucked under the surface of his sorrow and drown with him. The guilt would be too great and he could not carry more. “This was a mistake.”
He went to pull away to correct that misstep in judgement but then she cupped his face. Jace’s eyes slid open to find her looking perplexed and realized she must have thought him strange. He let out a pained sound, continued to move away but she grabbed his arms and stopped him gently. She suddenly needed to learn and try to understand the enigma of Jace Camden—not sure as to why...


"I am the product of several realities making the whole: a troubled childhood, domestic violence survivor, homeless person, single mother and a suicide survivor. But in every single one of those realities, one thing remained true - my imagination.

Reading and writing has always been Ward's escape. And she wants to continue to give that to her readers. Known for action, drama, laughter, darkness and twists you don't see coming in the same book, Ward is known for writing books that are diverse, different and unique.

Born and raised in Texas and spending time living in Kentucky, Ms. Ward spends her days and nights writing as therapy to handle surviving domestic violence and loss of love. She is the proud parent of three very independent grown children and grandmother to three delightful grandchildren.

She has two furbabies that sit and ponder why their human is talking to herself late into the night as she writes out colorful and diverse if not twisted characters and tales.


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