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Saturday, June 3, 2017

❤️ Stella Marie Alden's "See What You're Missing?!" Spotlight & FREE eBook ❤️

Historical.  Paranormal.  Suspense.  Sports.

Yep.  All of those genres, one awesome author.

Aside from being awesome at writing, Stella is also awesome at sharing!

Freebies, never know what she'll share next!

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There's no way in hell she's tough enough to get me in shape.

It's none of my business that her ex locked her out and took everything she owned. What am I supposed to do? After my unfortunate accident, social media is all over me, just waiting for my next mistake. I even offered her cold, hard cash and she refused, suggesting I'm trying to buy her sexual favors.

Now she's got this cockamamie idea that she could get back on her feet with a wedding. Pretending to be married might be just the thing to sweeten my side of a million-dollar deal so I offer my services. What I don't figure on is those sweet baby-blues. The minute they focus on me, I'm toast.

My ex-fiancé is back, waving around my expensive ring, sitting in stands, and being a real pain in the ass. My lady-friend is pretty cool about the whole thing until the ex sets me up for a photo shoot, starring yours truly and her naked in my hotel room. That's when I figure enough is enough. Sure, we've been friends since we were kids but that doesn't give her the right to ruin the best thing that's ever happened to me. And when the love-of-my-life disappears? That's just over-the top.

This is book 2 in the Busted Play series. Absolutely no cheating, despite what the ex wants, and HEA guaranteed.

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Stella Marie Alden loves Zumba, yoga, watercolor painting, and fixing up her house.

Growing up in Vermont, crayons fought over placement in their cardboard box and imaginary friends crowded the house. Her brother complained. “Tell her no one’s here, Mother."

She’s been a librarian, a clarinetist, recording engineer, electronics repairman, and now architects software. She lives in NJ with her life-long hero and two cats. Her girls are grown but ever supportive. Go Mom!


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