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Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Corner Office by by Katerina Baker ❤️ 99¢ Sale, Review & EXCLUSIVEGiveaway ❤️ (Contemporary Romance)

The man she’s always hated may finally take her down.

Tara Johnson's sacrifices are about to pay off: a senior executive at thirty-five at a Fortune 500 company, she's one of the two finalists in line for a Managing Director position. Unfortunately, her rival of fifteen years, the charming, infuriating Richard Boyd, is just as qualified, and unlike her, he's willing to cross pretty much every line to get what he wants.

Of all the things Tara stored in the attic to make it to the top, it's her personal life she misses the most. That is, until she starts a steamy affair with sex god Aidan, her direct report. Interoffice relationships with a subordinate can mean the end of a career, and when Richard finds out, it's the perfect opportunity to take his high-heeled nemesis out, especially since he's still nursing a grudge against Tara for rejecting him years ago.

But Tara's increasingly domineering lover has his own dark secrets, endangering more than just her career. As her liaison spirals out of control, salvation will come from the man she always thought she hated, and perhaps the only one to truly understand her.

This was one wild ride!

First of all, Early-In-The-Book-Aiden was HOT. A therapist would have a field day with this one, but I really liked his edgy possessive intensity when it came to Tara. Insert major plot twist here that I shall not spoil, but holy smokes did I like Aiden in the beginning!

Tara was 100% independent, a "woman's woman" standing completely on her own, full of confidence and can easily hold her own in the male-dominated company she worked for. I liked that sometimes she had doubts and was a little vulnerable, but I also liked how she handled aforementioned plot twist with Aiden.

And then there's Richard. I LOVED Richard. I honestly wasn't sure what to think of him in the beginning, but trust me when I tell you that I think you will love Richard by the end of the book too!

I found myself completely immersed in this book, finding it hard to put down and staying up late to see what happened with Tara, Aiden and Richard. (This is not necessarily a love triangle book, but all three are involved in the plot).

All in all, I REALLY liked this one and am eager to read more books by Katerina!

(I received a copy of this book in consideration of an honest review)

❤️ “What do you want, Richard?'
    "I want to be the only man in your life who can handle you.”

Q. What was the most interesting scene to write?
A. It has to be the vibrator scene, although it continues to mortify me to think that in less than a few weeks my parents might be reading it. What can be more horrifying than having your mom and dad read about a woman using an electronic device to pleasure herself. What if they ask me questions, people? What if they actually want to discuss this scene?

Q. How do you find time to write as a parent?
A. I primarily write in the evenings when my kids are asleep. I am an engaged parent, and try to be part of their lives as much as I can, whether it is helping them with their homework or just hanging out and doing something together. I work full time, and sometimes writing is one thing that has to give. It’s hard to find the right balance. Some nights I’m dead tired, I had an intense day at work and my writing inspiration is non-existent, and I would rather lie on the couch and watch TV. But it’s on the days like that I remember I have two girls who are looking up to me, at my achievements, and I hope that one day when they get discouraged, they would look back at what I’ve accomplished, and they would keep going. Life is a journey, and it’s important to remember that we build our own lives, journey is not an inactivity, journey won’t come to those who wait for something to happen to them. The worst thing in the old age is to look back and wish we’d do something that we’ve always dreamed of. I love writing, and I love the fact that my first novel will finally be available to readers. Despite the fact that my life is rather hectic, I love being busy and creating something.

Q. What are you passionate about these days?
A. I am passionate about women enterpreneurs. I love seeing women at all walks of life pursuing their passions. Enterpreneurship doesn’t have to be starting a big company. It can be an author who’d figured out the art of marketing and who makes a living writing books. With the low profits in the publishing industry it’s quite an achievement. I’ve met this author, Sarah Robinson, who’s been my mentor, and she’s amazing. She releases four-five books a year, and she’s got it all figured out. But what really impresses me about her is the fact that no matter how busy she is, she finds time to help other authors. This is similar to what my character, Tara, does in The Corner Office. She mentors junior women in her company. I think that’s a very admirable trait to pave the way for other women. In our competitive society, sometimes it is quite rare, and I love seeing it happen.
Q. What made you decide to self-publish The Corner Office? How did you know you were ready?
A. Although I wrote the novel more than four years ago, I decided to shelf it for a few years. I submitted it to a few publishers, and although there was interest, many of them wanted to see it revised as a traditional romance. They saw an issue with Tara falling for her subordinate, and her relationship with Richard as a love triangle that “just doesn’t sell.” I contemplated changing the story but ultimately decided that I liked it the way it was. That’s why I waited that long to self-publish: sometimes it’s hard to see beyond the rejections. If the experts believe it doesn’t work, they must know what they are talking about. What ultimately swayed me was the ressurection of feminism that became apparent this year. More than ever in a long while, people are talking about women rights, women advancements. Suddenly people care so much more about women serving on the boards of big corporations, women being paid less for doing same jobs as men, women managing their career and family lives. I felt that The Corner Office was very relevant in the current social climate, and I wanted to get it out.

Q. What do you do to get inspired?
A. I usually don’t need inspiration, I just need time, which is a scarse commodity these days. I try to avoid social media and emails when I am writing, basically creating an environment without distractions. On those days when I need someone to lift me up, I go to my author friends. I’ve created a few Facebook author groups and joined a few others. My relationships with other authors are invaluable. They are my sounding boards when I have doubts or when I need a second opinion. I’d be nowhere without them; I owe so much to these ladies (and a few gentlemen).
But to answer your question, inspiration has a funny timing. It’s usually there for me in the middle of the night; yes, I’m one of those people who came up with pretty cool plot twists while tossing and turning in bed. My husband absolutely loves it. Not. I also tend to come up with good ideas while walking or taking a shower—basically whenever I’ve distanced myself from my computer. I sometimes need to step away from my characters to be able to see the full picture.

Q. What are you reading right now?
A. I haven’t been able to read for more than a few weeks due to my release preparation, which is an unheard-of time for me. I am dying to read The Futures by Anna Pitoniak. I usually alternative between self-published and traditionally published books, and this one caught my attention a while ago. I was always fascinated by the financial crash of 2008, and this book is about a young couple coming of age, whose lives turn upside down during 2008. It’s based in New York, the city I consider my home.

I needed to regroup, figure out what I really wanted. I wanted…something. But hooking up with a random guy definitely wasn’t it.
A woman had other ways to satisfy her sexual cravings. Mine came in trendy silver, with an electronically operated, “modest-sized” device designed specifically for ”her” pleasure. It was there for me when I needed it, it didn’t require any work on my part to get it ready, and it didn’t ask to rank our latest adventure when we were done. “Tara, sweetie, how was it? I feel like this one was at least a solid eight.” My Adam & Eve had a bit more common sense than that.
Today, our ”date” started just like it always did—a quick steamy shower to get my limbs soft and ready, and a little spritz of perfume (hey, I knew my date wasn’t real, but I was trying to get in the mood). I dropped onto my silk, thousand-thread-count sheets, and…nirvana.
Only the ordeal didn’t go according to my plan. The moment I closed my eyes, I saw Aidan’s face. Grinning and looking at me with a devilish smile on his face. His arm with the snake tattoo that went all the way up and around his bicep slid under my blouse and reached for my breasts. Hang on a minute. Why had Aidan invaded my intimate session with my vibrator? Why did he think he was welcome?
I needed a restart.
Some more perfume, extra pillows behind my back.
There, much better.
Ahh, it felt so good.
Aidan, that time bare-chested, showed me exactly where that tattoo disappeared. In the masculine curve between his hard bicep and his shoulder blade.
Damn it.
I wouldn’t be masturbating to the image of Aidan stripping in front of me. He was exerting himself for me at work, not for my climax. We might have shared burritos, but it still didn’t give him the right to turn into my made-up, perfect man who helped me release my tension at the end of a busy day.
Go away, Aidan.
Another attempt.
Total failure.
I was doing something wrong here. As a method of last resort, I tried to bring up the images of a real bad boy I’d met during my trip to Buenos Aires many years ago. Our one real night was steamy, but it couldn’t be compared to the many fake ones when I’d used those memories to help my battery-operated assistant.
Yet, no matter how hard I tried to work my tricks, the images of a bad boy came with a sexy tattoo on his arm, a set of mischievous dimples, and there was nothing remotely Hispanic in those sexy blue eyes.
Fifteen minutes later, orgasm-less and totally frustrated, I threw my vibrator aside and climbed under the covers.

For a limited time!


From Katerina:

"Everyone, I am running Pay It Forward promotion. I have a bunch of signed paperbacks I'd like to give away. Anyone who is interested in receiving it, I am asking that you gift Kindle copies of my book ( to anyone you think could enjoy The Corner Office, for the total price of $6. EVERYONE who gifts will receive my signed paperback (basically for $6 cost, which includes shipping), just email me at notifying me that you gifted. This is my way of saying "thanks" for your support during my release. I love you all"

Katerina Baker is a lucky gal who still attempts to have it all: full-time project management job that she enjoys, crazy family of four (with the ongoing threats of getting a pet to upset the family equilibrium) and writing.

Although on some days she is much more successful at managing her life than on the others, she still claims that she doesn’t want it any other way.

Katerina is represented by Sharon Belcastro from Belcastro Agency, and has a contract with Lachesis Publishing, who will be publishing her Romantic Suspense novel Under the Scrubs.


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