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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Unexpected Lover by Scarlett Archer ❤️ FLASH FREEBIE ❤️ (New Adult Romance)

Isobel tries to reinvent herself to be more like her college roommates, but things get out of hand when she finds herself falling in love with her one-night-stand.

When spring break makes its annual appearance, Isobel decides to ditch the partying and embrace a new life. She’s sick of being shy and studious, and instead wants to be confident and outgoing. She gets herself dressed up and decides to go out and enjoy her evening. Maybe she’ll even meet someone, and see where things to go from there.

She decides to adopt a new personality. She’s no longer ‘Isobel, college student and careful thinker’. Instead, she becomes ‘Isobel, spontaneous and fun’. She rocks up at her usual, hot spot bar and waits for life to give her something interesting to play with.

When Peter turns up, she feels her plan begin to break away at the seams. Something about him is familiar, but she doesn’t know what it is. All she knows is that when he sits next to her and they start talking, it feels natural.

She isn’t normally the girl that would meet a boy in a bar and go home with him, but tonight she’s embracing a new personality, and this new, improved Isobel is exactly that girl. After a few drinks and a lot of talking, they begin to make their way back to Peter’s house.

The next morning, Peter wakes up alone to discover that his parents have decided to visit, unannounced. He now has to divide his time between his overbearing mother, his suddenly sullen best friend and the mysterious girl he met the night before.

His first priority is to find the girl. He calls a close friend, who tells him that she works at a diner close to him. He tells his parents that he’s going to run an errand, but instead, he’s going to find her.

When Isobel spots him waiting for her in the diner, she’s elated. She was hoping that he would want to talk to her, because she’s spent every minute away from him wanting to see him again. She knows that one small meeting isn’t enough to form a relationship, but she also can’t deny the feelings that she’s beginning to develop for him.

When Peter goes back home, he has to deal with his mothers incessant questioning and his best friends sly remarks, but he’s able to shrug it off, because he knows that he’s going to see Isobel again really soon.

In the meantime, he has some serious thinking to do, because he’s not sure what he wants to do with his life at this point. He’s at a cross road, and he needs to make a decision before the semesters out.

When Peter goes to meet Isobel that night, he takes her to his private place. An abandoned apartment at the top of a block of flats gives him the perfect view of the night sky, and the stars have always helped him to make decisions, but on this one night, he wants to share this special place with this special girl, in the hopes that it will give her the confidence to be honest with him about who she really is.

Isobel, while skeptical about the date at first, finds the beauty in its tranquility, even though the flat is grimy. She has her suspicions about why she’s able to look past the dirt, but she doesn’t feel ready to admit to herself that the only reason she’s not feeling uncomfortable in the apartment is because she’s there with Peter.

That night, they go back to her place, which is an empty sorority house. All her friends are on spring break, so she has the place to herself and the ability to be as loud as she wants.

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