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Saturday, August 5, 2017

A Touch of Flame by Caris Roane ❤️ Book Tour & Gift Card Giveaway ❤️ (Paranormal Romance)

A powerful alpha wolf. A gifted witch. Each haunted by death. Can passion drive them to an everlasting love? Or will the enemy forge a hopeless chasm?
Braden should have died in the Graveyard, but the witch, Maeve, saved him. The call of his wolf is on him and he wants her. She can be his alpha-mate. But she has powers that can destroy him and a disrupted memory that holds the answers to his wife’s murder. Can he ever trust a woman who can kill with the power she streams from her bare hands?

Maeve has known only horror, death and destruction since her arrival in Five Bridges as a transformed alter witch. She goes to the Graveyard nightly to rescue those left for dead by the evil rampant in all five territories of her new world. She fears the power she possesses and the gaps in her memory frighten her more than anything else. But when she rescues Braden from an attack in the Graveyard and she realizes she’s drawn to the handsome wolf, the nightmare really begins.

Maeve held Braden’s fur tight. She didn’t want to let him go. The moment he’d pushed her onto the floor in his massive wolf state, desire exploded. Somehow, all that black fur and the sight of his fangs got to her.

She knew then he’d spoken the truth. Though she was a witch, she could bond with this Border Patrol officer and serve as his alpha female.

Slowly, he shifted back to his human form, a seamless process reflecting his decade in Five Bridges. She released his fur as it disappeared through her fingers.

His green eyes held hers tight. She couldn’t have looked away if she’d wanted to. He said, “I need you to understand what you’re getting into here. This will be without one shred of emotion. What happens here is strictly physical, very physical. I have no interest in you otherwise, despite your alpha-mate capacity.”

She smiled. “Got it. No strings and yes, I’m game.”

He leaped to his feet, reached down and plucked her off the floor like she was feather. He lifted her into his arms then carried her into the bedroom, slamming the door shut with his foot.

She’d been wanting this for weeks. Months, maybe.

He took her to the bed but before he let go of her, he pulled the covers back. Then he dropped her so she bounced on the mattress.

She would have been happy to get her clothes off, but he went to work like a madman. He tugged off her shoes and jeans, then flipped her onto her stomach.”

“You’ve got a beautiful ass, Maeve...”

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Hi, Everyone! Caris Roane here! I'm a NY Times Bestselling Author and I write super-sexy paranormal romance books. With every book I create, my goal is to take you away ~ far, far away ~ from the difficulties and frustrations of your life.

I began my career with Kensington Publishing and wrote Regency Romance as Valerie King. In 2005, Romantic Times Magazine honored me with a career achievement award for my Regency work. To-date, I've published eighty-nine books. Thirty-nine of those are paranormal romances, some self-published and some with St. Martin's Press.
Though my stories conjure up hunky PNR warriors, like vampires and wolf-shifters, the romance is everything, including a satisfying Happily Ever After. My hope is that you'll become engrossed in the lives of my tortured heroes and my worthy women as they wage war, as they make love, and as they face the tough issues of life and relationships!
I live in the Phoenix area, in the city of Buckeye. When not writing, I’m a real homebody. I love gardening, sewing, and cooking. (Um, cleaning, not so much!) I also enjoy creating jewelry and I frequently offer my handcrafted, PNR bracelet giveaways to my newsletter and blog subscribers. You can sign up for both on my Home Page.
My motto: Live the Fang!

Caris Roane


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  1. Hi, Everyone!
    I want to thank Lauren for having me on her award-winning blog, Romance Novel Giveaways! Be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win the second PNR bracelet, hand-made by -- you guessed it -- moi!

    Hugs all around,

  2. Hi, Caris and Lauren! I've been following the tour and enjoying finding different blogs and reading the excerpts of "A Touch of Flame."

    1. Karen,
      This is a lovely blog, isn't it? I hope you find some new authors to read all along the way!

  3. Sounds like a yummy story, and I am in awe at your talent, what a lovely giveaway. Good luck with the tour and thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Elf, it's good to see you on this blog! How fun! And good luck to you with the giveaways! Fingers-crossed!

  4. I have been following and reading Caris Roane for quite some time. Her books are awesome!

    1. Letitia, that's fantastic to hear! Thank you for the shout-out!


  5. I love the cover of A Touch Of Flame. Look forward to reading Braden & Maeve's story. Sounds amazing.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

    1. Carol,
      I'm so glad you like my cover. And it only took me four tries, with four completely different looks, to come up with this one. But it was worth it. I mean, when I stumbled on the hot-guy-photo, I had to go with him!


  6. interesting excerpt

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  7. I am a big Caris Roane fan. She has one of my favorite blogs. I love reading her post on different things besides her books. Also, I have loved watching her garden grow. (

    1. Misty,
      Thank you so much for the shout-out! I love doing the blogs. I hope they inspire you as much as they do me. Of course, lately -- especially with the ones about Bruges and Machu Picchu -- I've wanted to do some more traveling. Now if only I could levitate and fly, I'd take off today, lol!

  8. Thanks for the fun tour! I love the book cover :D


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