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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Billionaire's Paradise by Victoria Davies ❤️ Book Tour & Gift Card Giveaway ❤️ (Contemporary Romance)

Avery Clark loves her life. She travels the world doing a job that keeps her so busy she can’t think about how lonely she is or the fact that she hasn’t had day off in two years. This trip to paradise is a chance for her to get some sun and have a Mai Tai or three. That is until she runs into billionaire hotel mogul Hayden Wexton, who is absolutely one hundred percent off limits.

Hayden Wexton is a man who knows what he wants. As soon as he sees Avery, he can’t get her out of his head. He’s determined to show her life can be fun and she can still get her work done. Only, the more time he spends with her, the more she gets under his skin. That was definitely not a part of his plan.

Avery never makes mistakes, but with Hayden, well, hell, he might just be the best mistake she’s ever made.

Blue eyes clashed with hers in instant recognition.

Torn between racing for her towel and swimming farther out to sea, she waited indecisively as he slowed to a stop on the sand before her.

“Best run ever,” he said, scanning her wet body.

Avery automatically bent her knees to ensure the waves covered her shoulders. “Shouldn’t your billionaire MO be to sleep till noon?”

“Absolutely,” he replied. “Don’t tell anyone, or you’ll ruin my reputation.” His grin widened. “Planning on coming out any time soon?”

“I’ve got time,” she called back.

He checked his iPod. “The perpetually prompt Ms. Clarke is going to lounge in the water when there’s work to be done?”

“Head back to the hotel and I’ll follow shortly,” she said.

He crossed his arms. “And miss what I’m sure will be the best part of my day?”

“Hayden,” she hissed.

“Avery,” he replied mildly.

She crouched lower in the water, debating her options. He was right about the time. If she wanted dry hair by her first meeting, she needed to get out soon. Worse, she’d been playing in the waves long enough for her body to grow cold. But the thought of walking out of the surf with his hot gaze on her in nothing but her red bikini had her heart leaping in her chest.

“I could always come in,” he said. “Take a quick dip to cool off.”

If he entered the water with her, she very much doubted the resulting effect would cool anything off.

“Fine,” she said, pointing toward shore. “Please grab my towel for me.”

When he bent to follow her command, she raced as fast as she could from the water.

Of course, it wasn’t near fast enough.

She’d reached calf-depth when he straightened toward her, towel in his grasp. The amusement drained from his eyes as he saw her, a hot hunger taking its place.

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Victoria Davies’s passion for writing started young. Luckily she had a family who encouraged believing in magic and embracing imagination. From stories quickly scribbled in diaries, her love of storytelling developed. Since then her characters may have evolved and her plots may have grown decidedly more steamy but she never lost her love of the written word. Writing is not only a way to silence the wonderful voices in her head, but it also allows her to share her passions with her readers.


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