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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Her Duke at Daybreak by Wendy LaCapra 💗 Book Tour & Prize Pack Giveaway 💗 (Historical Romance

Infamous for his pedigree of madness and murder, the reclusive Duke of Ashbey believes he cannot feel until a mysterious woman unlocks a world of sensation in a single, shattering moment of connection. He casts a desperate bid for more.

Recent widow Alicia Stone has long been reviled as the chief impediment to a love affair that captured the nation’s imagination. Publicly, she settled for respectability’s cold comfort, but, secretly, she longs to experience what she never found with her famous husband—uninhibited passion.

When a devilish duke proposes a discreet three-night assignation, Alicia shocks herself by accepting. But will their explosive union cost them both far more than they bargained?

Either they were swaying, or the room had started to rock. Alicia wasn’t sure which sensation she should heed. Her weight rested on her right foot, now, her left…but neither foot was keeping her aloft. She remained upright only because Ashbey held her against his chest as if she were his cherished bride.
She was not his cherished bride.
Nor would this be a marital coupling done with hasty discretion beneath the proper shielding of sheets—thank heavens.
The duke restrained his masculine force, but it hung in the air like a scent, taunting. Tempting. She’d glimpsed his manhood—he was already cocked and fully primed.
He’d said something before taking her into his arms. Something that had roused her anger. Only she couldn’t remember his words. She could not remember any words, for that matter. Words were stupid and useless, a mere nothing next to the wanton anticipation thrilling her blood.
Tonight, she’d finally understand the sounds that had filled those long-ago Caribbean evenings. She’d make sense of the shadows she’d seen dancing on the walls. She’d learn passion, unrestrained.
She wanted it all—all the sighs and the groans all the pleasure—and she wanted it now.
Her hands crept up his hard forearms and into the unbelievable softness of his hair. Tentatively, she stroked his neck.
He ceased swaying, and a low groan tore from his core. The desperate sound unleashed a sense of power, as if he had been formed for her and her alone.
“Kiss me.” She lifted her face.
He guided her mouth to his. The slide of his lips and the touch of his tongue combined. This was more than a kiss. The heat of his mouth promised all she needed. Greedily, she demanded more.
“Slow,” he said through a ragged breath.
She shook her head no. Desire’s waves were rollicking and fast. Why wade tentatively into the ocean when she longed to dive and submerge?
She hadn’t felt him loosen the laces of her dressing gown, but the silk slipped from her shoulders down into the crooks of her arms.


Wendy LaCapra has been reading romance since she sneaked into the adult section at the library and discovered Victoria Holt & Jane Aiken Hodge. From that point on, she dreamed of creating fictional worlds with richness, intrigue and passion. Her stories have placed in several contests, including the 2012 Golden Heart® and her debut series, a trilogy about three Ladies who refuse to play by society’s rules, was released by Entangled Scandalous. She lives in NYC with her husband and loves to hear from readers. For new release and sale alerts, sign up at


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