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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Charm School Night Play: Lesson 3 by Lynn Carmer 💗 New Release, FREE eBook & EXCLUSIVE Gift Card Giveaway 💗 (Erotic Romance)

She wants a sizzling fling…

Athena Calvo is as tough as nails.
She’s also newly divorced and emotionally vulnerable. To get herself back out on the dating scene, she volunteers to teach the next charm school class: Sensation Play. She immerses herself in blindfolds, silk scarves, wax play, and more! She knows Tommy Lagos wants to help her with hands-on research, but she’s looking for a short term commitment. There’s just one problem.

He wants forever…

Tommy Lagos never takes life too seriously.
He is a beast in the ring and between the sheets. His shredded muscles and wicked charm have taken him far, but behind his cocky grin lives ambition, fire, and a drive to fight for everything that matters—especially Athena. He knows he can seduce her into giving him more than a few days.

He will own her body, one blindfold at a time, but will he be able to seduce her into risking her guarded heart?



Pass the wine, please.
Caelen Calvo has three meddling sisters, an employment problem, a married ex-boyfriend, and a massive headache from all the drama. Her only hope of redemption comes in the form of Ms. Belle’s Charm School that she and her sisters have recently inherited. The problem? The real money comes, not from the daytime classes on manners and etiquette, but from naughty evening classes that each sister must now teach.
Caelen draws the short straw. The first topic on the charm school’s roster is oral pleasure. Caelen has four short days to research advanced techniques like The Corn on the Cob and The Twist and Twirl . . . plus prep the charm school for a party and – oh yeah – find a man willing to be her temporary guinea pig.
Dare Lagos has been in love with Caelen since middle school. The boxer-turned-firefighter has always fought for what he wants, professionally. The battle for Caelen’s heart will be no different. Doesn’t matter that they used to bicker endlessly, back in the day. Doesn’t matter that he has a cheating ex-wife, who gave him serious trust issues. And it shouldn’t matter that he’s been suspended from his job as a Hotshot, because he may have over-reacted when his ex-wife’s Boy Toy was assigned to his station. Nope. None of that matters, just the taste of her smart mouth, the feel of her smooth skin, and her sultry scent surrounding him. He wants Caelen Calvo, and he’s going to make sure that the only name on her short-list is his.
Note: Intended for readers 18+. The story contains hilarious (and sometimes explicit) sex scenes, but they are always in good fun! No characters were harmed in the making of this novel.

This book was ON FIRE!

But for as hot as it was, it also had its very sweet moments. And its very hilarious moments. I LOVE this book!!! Lynn is my idea of an ideal author; I like all of the aforementioned qualities in a story, all balanced out perfectly, and Lynn certainly pulled that off here!

The synopsis alone was enough to sell me on this one. I was intrigued to see how Lynn would have this premise play out into a cogent story. I was delightfully surprised to find a solid plot and steady storyline that had me sneaking in pages whenever I had a spare minute.

Dare and Caelen had a childhood history, and I absolutely loved that element. He was definitely a tortured and wounded man in need of a certain something. Caelen was also wounded and tortured, but she hid it in a unique way. This wacky charm-school scenario brings them together, and their chemistry (and verbal sparring) is unavoidable.

Towards the end, the rest of the series is hinted at (I'm trying not to spoil anything!) , and let's just say that I am DYING with anticipation about what will happen with the last sister and her handsome "Devil"!
Her breath caught in her throat. “I’m not worth it.” 
He spun around, his fists still bunched. His eyes… The heat, the fury in them was enough to make a girl faint. “You’re worth everything,” he whispered fiercely, his voice raw with emotion. “Everything.”


A little charm goes a long way…
Caelen Calvo wants it all: the super-sexy boyfriend who makes her toes curl; a fledgling charm school that teaches naughty, after-hour classes; and the chance to teach one hundred women waiting on the edge of their seats for instruction on oral pleasure. She just has to figure out how to teach techniques like the Sucker and Pucker and the Ball Juggler, while keeping the uninhibited class under control!
Brynn Calvo, her reserved sister, never gets what she wants. She is watching Caelen instruct the down-and-dirty techniques from way in the back of the room, mortified that she may have to teach next! Hopefully, no one will notice her swiping at her phone, gazing longingly at the sexiest man she’s ever seen: Alexei Park. He is a wall of muscle, painted in tattoos, and sprinkled with soul-wrenching secrets—a walking dream. He is also one of her college students, and if she tries to date him, she might lose her job.
When the fickle hand of fate—or was that her sister?—chooses her to teach the next class, she has no one to turn to for help. Or does she?
New. Favorite. Series.

This book is sort of a transition from book 1 to book 2. While it's not completely necessary to have read book 1, having done so exponentially increased my enjoyment of this book.

1.5 gives a great "snapshot" of the plot of the series, touches on all of the relevant characters and sets up book 2 BEAUTIFULLY.

As with book 1, Lynn's writing is smart, engaging and my cup of tea.

Though Dare in book 1 was intense and sexy, I have a feeling dark, brooding, mysterious Alexei is going to be my new favorite hero :)


A Secret Longing…
Quiet and reserved Professor Brynn Calvo always plays by the rules. Not anymore. She is willing to risk everything: her career and her reputation—all for one red-hot week, between the sheets, with a rough-edged, MMA fighter.

A Sensual Obsession…
Tortured by a past he can never escape, Alexei Park’s world is full of takers: pushers, gang bangers, La Mafia. Everyone except his vulnerable professor. Brynn is beautiful and caring, but she’s out of his league. Acting on his searing desire could destroy her career and poison her life, so he keeps his distance.

A Wicked Proposal…
Time to break all the rules! Brynn and her sisters inherit a charm school notorious for its naughty, after-hour classes. In order to keep it from bankruptcy, she must teach a class on Intimate Instructions, more specifically, toys! Adult toys—pulsating, shaking, and undulating devices she knows nothing about. She has seven days to find someone to help her with the class.
Only one man comes to mind…

Will she jeopardize her career and risk her heart for a few days of vibrating delight?
I KNEW I would LOVE this book!!!

This series is phenomenal. Exceptional. AMAZING!

Oh and HOT. Let's not forget hot.

Lynn's writing is stellar, the stories flow so smoothly, and I am 100% sucked in from beginning to end.

But something that you must understand, these books are absolutely ROMANCES. Knock-down, drag-out, "these men FIERCELY love their ladies" well-written, angsty, tension-filled romances.

I loved the premise of this story, and I love how Brynn and Alexei had a history. The couple in the first book had a history too, and that's what makes these seemingly outlandish propositions of finding a sexy-lesson guinea pig to very plausible.

Unlike the previous books, the almost-end of this one almost had me in tears. In a good way! The Happy For Now scene at the end was SO HAVE to read it!!!

I am DYING to get my eyes on the next book. I'm SO bummed that there are only 4 sisters in this series, but I am a hardcore forever-fan of Lynn Carmer and will read ANYTHING she writes!!!

(I received a copy of this book in consideration of an honest review)

Lynn Carmer is a talker, a writer, a reader, a teacher, a procrastinator, an avid fan of all things "reality," and a devourer of all things "sweet." She has lived on both coasts and everywhere in between. The crazy characters that live inside her head- and next door- broke free, resulting in five steamy, and hopefully funny, romance novels. She has dabbled in the paranormal; think sexy gargoyles turned to stone, sci-fi, star-crossed lovers living on the planet of fire and ice, and hilarious contemporaries that reference pop culture and quite a few 80's movies and music.
Here's to hunky heroes and hot-blooded heroines...


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