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Friday, November 10, 2017

Leigh White Spotlight 💗 Guest Post, FREE eBook & EXCLUSIVE Print Book Giveaway 💗 (Contemporary Romance)


Coley Garner's dream of refurbishing the Starling Place and turning it into the most popular bed-and-breakfast in the North Georgia mountains is about to come true. But when a nearby city threatens the future of her small, farming town, Coley must swallow her pride and ask for the help of Dean Alexander, the man who left her--and Laurelvale--years ago.

Dissatisfied with the life he created for himself in Atlanta, Dean Alexander returns to Laurelvale to claim his inheritance. Hoping to deal with his family land and escape town quickly, Dean's plans are foiled when he encounters Coley Garner, the only woman who might have convinced him to stay.

Will Coley and Dean come together to realize that their past might be complicated, but their future doesn't have to be?

Warning: This novel does not fade to black when things get intimate. Naughty behavior ahead.


Bookshop owner, Sadie Watson has an epic problem. She might have accidentally developed a small crush on her tenant and long-time pal, Daniel Harris. Unfortunately, she's pretty sure the super sexy carpenter keeps her in the friend zone.

When a freak snowstorm comes through Laurelvale, Sadie and Daniel end up huddled together in front of the fire. To what lengths will these two friends go in order to keep each other warm?

Warning: This short story does not fade to black when things get intimate. Naughty behavior ahead. Seriously, there is sex on the page. You have been warned.

If a sweet romantic comedy and a bodice ripper had a baby, it would be the Starling Place Contemporary Romance Series. When I began thinking about this series, I envisioned a fun romantic comedy that you might watch on basic cable (I’m loving the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies this year, btw.), BUT without the fade to when couples finally get together.
Romantic comedies are the movie equivalent of comfort food. In the best possible way. They’re not at all like the medicinal plots of many dramas. Real life is hard enough! I don’t need to watch depressing movies too. Am I right?
Romance is supposed to be fun, satisfying, and full of delicious images and the promise of happiness. While some people may think such lighthearted plots are too predictable, they don’t have to have uber-cheesy endings. And that’s part of what I enjoyed about writing these books and stories: putting a new spin on them without getting as twisty as an M. Night Shyamalan flick.
Finally, in my opinion, there’s no good reason why a fun contemporary romantic comedy can’t also be HOT! After all the buildup of tension, all the confusion and flirting, the romantic connection should be real. And it should be done with the lights on!
So welcome to the Starling Place Romance Series: a combination of the best of both worlds.

Coming Together has the sweet characteristics of a romantic comedy:
  • Location, location, location. The Starling Place is a turn-of-the-century farmhouse in mountains of Laurelvale, Georgia. Laurelvale is loosely based on Highlands, North Carolina. The neighboring town—and the main source of conflict—is Waldenberg, which is a ridiculously cartoony version of Helen, Georgia.
  • Strong women. The heroine of Coming Together, Coley Garner, knows how hard life can be, and she works hard to overcome any obstacle. Her dream of owning and restoring the Starling Place has just come true, and she won’t let anything stand in her way…not even her frustrating attraction to Dean Alexander.
  • Speaking of Dean, the series will include sexy men of all types, from alpha males to reluctant suitors with a few bad boys thrown in for good measure,
  • And a cast of friends and enemies to encourage or meddle. In Coming Together, the main problem centers on Waldenberg, which is trying to take over the farming town of Laurelvale. Coley isn’t about to let that happen.
  • Speaking of problems to overcome, there are both inner and outer needs to be met. Not only is Coley fighting the town of Waldenberg, but she’s also fighting her feelings for Dean. And though Coley tempts Dean, he has big plans for his life, and they don’t include returning to Laurelvale.

But it also has the heat of a bodice ripper
  • Happy Endings (pun intended). All romantic comedies have the requisite happily ever after. But at the Starling Place, the buildup of sexual tension leads to release. There will be naughty behavior in haylofts, swimming holes, and other rustic settings
  • Occasional Dirty Talk and Swarthy Language. So basically, sizzling sex described in detail.

The ebook versions of Coming Together and “While Snowed In” are both free at all retailers right now. That way, you have the chance to try out a new series without breaking the bank, especially with the holiday shopping season coming around. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Leigh loves the sexual tension of those romantic scenes, but always felt a little empty when they cut to commercial. A slow build-up of tension deserves a satisfying release! She decided to write the Starling Place Contemporary Romance Series to combine the best of both worlds: Sweet Stories without the fade-to-black when things get steamy.

If a Hallmark Movie and a Bodice Ripper had a baby,
it would be a Contemporary Romance Novel by Leigh White.

Win a print copy of Coming Together!
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