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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Mountain Wolf Protectors Series by Emilia Hartley 💗 Book Tour & Gift Card Giveaway 💗 (Wolf Shifter Romance)

Get the complete BESTSELLING Paranormal Romance Series packed with Romance, Action, and lovable characters throughout!

The Mountain Wolf Protectors Box Set is complete with all the drama, romance and suspense your heart desires. By the time you reach the end you'll be begging for more! This is one series you do NOT want to miss!

Book 1 - Protected by the Mountain Wolf
Book 2 - Adored by the Mountain Wolf
Book 3 - Mated to the Mountain Wolf
Book 4 - Married to the Mountain Wolf

What are you waiting for? Jump right into the adorable story of Nova and Amara now!

Warning: This series contains lots of sexy shifter action, irresistible mates and steamy love scenes. Tons of mouth watering Paranormal Romance bonus content included!

More about the books in the box set:

Protected by the Mountain Wolf
Book 1

Amara's life changed the moment she was attacked by a group of wolves. She was only 15 at the time, who could blame her for ignoring her grandfather's warnings? She quickly began to believe all those stories he told her about the wolves who protected their town, Strathford. The wolves who could turn into humans. Shifters, as she learned they were called.

Ten years had passed since then, and Nova still couldn't forgive himself for letting the Valley Clan slip into their territory unnoticed. If only he had been there in time. Since that day, he made a vow to himself to protect her, no matter what happens. Though he didn't personally know Amara, he felt a connection to her after watching over her all these years. With his curiosity growing each day, he finally decided to visit her at work. He'd talk to her for an hour, settle his curiosity and then never speak to her again. Or so he thought...

Adored by the Mountain Wolf
Book 2

Two weeks after she started living on the Compound - the home of the Mountain Wolves - Amara was getting anxious to return to her life. She had a job, friends and family to return to. Not only that, she had to make sure her sister was safe from her psychopath boyfriend, Kal. If only she could tell Sadie the truth, that he was the wolf shifter who wreaked havoc on Strathford for all these years.

As much as he wanted to protect her, Nova knew that he couldn't keep Amara from her life forever. He and the Mountain Wolves have been vigilant in the fight against the Valley Clan, but they begin to lose their footing as the attacks increase in frequency. When Nova is reminded he has to protect his pack he has no choice but to bring Amara with him, for her safety.

Mated to the Mountain Wolf
Book 3

Weeks after the war between the Mountain and Valley clans ended, resulting in Kal's capture, things were finally starting to get back to normal for Amara. Well, as normal as they could be in preparation to marry a wolf shifter. Before Nova and Amara they could officially be considered mates, there were a series of trials that needed to be passed. And if she were honest, the thought of failing scared her more than anything. To make matters worse, her secret admirer just began to tip the scale from flattery to all out stalker.

Even after Kal was captured, and the horrors Amara had faced in her life were over, she still wasn't completely safe. And that's what angered Nova the most. He just had to work that much harder at protecting her.

Married to the Mountain Wolf
Book 4

The day finally came. Ten years ago, Nova would have never imagined that he'd be standing where he stood today. With the odds completely against him, this wasn't even a thought in his mind. The first night he saw Amara seemed like forever ago and now here he was, standing, waiting for his bride to meet him at the altar. Amara. His Bride. His Mate. With all of the shit that had happened over the past few months, he was finally glad to see his woman happy, in all her glory. He wouldn't let anything interrupt this day. Today will be perfect. For Amara's sake.

“So, Cowboy,” she asked, leaning against the bar, “do you have a name to go with that grin? Or are you the strong silent type who’s just going to sit and stare at me?”
“Well, it’s working so well for me,” he said, tapping his fingers slowly on the bar, “why mess with success?” Her laugh was loud and boisterous, and he couldn’t help but want to hear it again. Snickering to himself, he held out a hand. “My name is Nova.”
Taking his outstretched hand, she shook it. “Amara. Have you been in town long?”
“I live a few miles out of Strathford, on my family’s estate.” Sort of.
The door opened again, and Nova’s blood froze in his veins. The man who walked in was tall, and broad shouldered. His hair was a rich, chestnut brown against his deeply tanned skin. He had an angular face with a sharp brow and tawny eyes. Snow dotted the shoulders of his leather jacket, his grin was fierce and cruel when he spotted Nova.
Nova’s expression turned hard and stony as he watched the heir to the Valley Clan weave his way through the tables. Anger rose to the surface, and Nova clenched his fist. What the hell was Kal doing there? He shouldn’t even be in town, much less in this bar.
Kal leered at Nova as he sat down next to him. “Didn’t think you’d bother showing your face, Lowery,” he said, snaking Nova’s shot and downing it. Without a word, Amara filled another and handed it to Nova. The look on her face was carefully blank.
“It’s my town, Vann, in case you don’t remember. The border is twenty miles in the other direction.” Nova’s smile at Amara was quick and charming, but he knew it didn’t reach his eyes. He wondered if she noticed. “You know, in case you wanted to get the hell over it.”
Kal chuckled to himself for a moment, his shrewd gaze not missing a thing. He lowered his voice. “You sure watch this one a lot,” he murmured, barely nodding his head at the bartender. Luckily, she was serving a patron a few feet away. “Why is that, I wonder.”
Nova’s demeanor went hard as stone. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” But he couldn’t help the way his gaze darted to her face and back again. It was just for a split second, but it was enough.
Grinning, Kal leaned forward, keeping his voice near a whisper. “Oh, I think you do. I think you’ve had a thing for this pretty little bartender for a while now. The only question now is, why?” He raised a brow. “I mean, she is attractive I guess. For a human. Dark hair, tiny frame, tight body. Ripe little prize for any man to win, I suppose. But a mate? My, my. What would your brother think? He is your Alpha now, is he not? Now that Daddy’s gone. Do you think he would approve of you fraternizing with the sheep you watch?”
Closing his eyes, Kal sniffed the air as Amara walked by. “She does smell am—“His voice trailed off as his eyes opened wide, and he gaped at Nova. “No. She isn’t.” Catching the flash of fear from his adversary, Kal rubbed his hands together, glee lighting his face. “Well aren’t you just an old hound? She isn’t just some girl, is she? She’s the girl. The one that got away from both of us.” He sniffed again. “Mmm, and Lowery, does she smell delicious or what? Tell me you’re getting some action from her.”
Nova sat on the stool, as still as he could, willing himself to stay calm as his heart began to race and his blood boiled. The only outward sign that Kal Vann’s words had even gotten to him was his hands clenching into fists at his sides.
Kal noticed.
He chuckled. “You’re not. Well, that’s your loss, Lowery. Do you mind if I do?” Kal patted Nova on the shoulder. It took everything he had for Nova not to break his hand at the joint. “Once I get her home, I think I’d like to tear into that sweet skin again. You know. Finish what I started.”

Reading wasn't always Emilia's passion, but over the years she developed an irreplaceable love for books. She writes about large, protective alpha males and their strong, sexy female mates.
If you enjoy steamy shifters and fated mates, then you'll LOVE Emilia's books!


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