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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Seasons of the Succubus Series by Indigo Fulmen 💗 FREE eBooks 💗 (Paranormal Erotica)

These eBooks are free for a

Ava Hunter has it good. She’s young, gorgeous and has a great job.

Ava Hunter has problems. She’s possessed by a succubus.

Her ex-boyfriend turns out to be a jealous magician who left her a parting gift of a demon of lust. The succubus is doing its damnedest to ensure Ava’s eternal damnation by unlocking every forbidden desire. Demonic lust ripping away every inhibition, Ava is unable to stop her body from seeking what it craves, regardless of the cost.

Worse still, the demonic curse ends in one year—with Ava’s death. She has a mere four seasons of life remaining to beat the curse and save her soul. It won’t be easy, as the succubus will do whatever it can to make sure she’s too busy having fun to fight for her salvation.

Ava may be going to Hell in a handbasket, but at least she’s enjoying the ride.

Ava Hunter is a beautiful young woman with nine months left before eternal damnation claims her.

A death curse from an ex-boyfriend has left her possessed by a succubus. This succubus has two tasks: to drive Ava to any and all lustful extremes, and drag her down into Hell. Unfortunately for Ava, it’s very good at its job.

After three months of indulging dark desires, Ava struggles to find a way out of her express elevator to the Pit. She begins to understand the nature of the trap, but still has no way to avoid it. Worse, the power of the succubus increases with time and indulgences. The longer it possesses her and the more she gives in to lust, the more it can influence the world around her—for the worse.

And it is so very hard to resist, because part of her wants to give in to every dark fantasy.

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