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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Tempting Irish by C.M. Seabrook 💗 Review, Book Tour & Gift Card Giveaway 💗 (Rock Star Romance)

One rock god. One girl from his past. One ocean that can't keep them apart.

I've been in love with Owen Gallagher since I was twelve years old. Before the world knew his name.

Even though it's been years since I've been back to Ireland, I never forgot my Irish crush. The boy who saved me from his bully of a brother is now a dark, sexy, tattooed rock star who shreds the guitar like a true master.

A night of anonymity.

One night to live my forbidden fantasies.

He'll be furious when he finds out my true identity. But I'm not the same, shy little girl he remembers, and I have every intention of tempting my own Wild Irish.

Dreaming about a rock god is one thing, but I'm chasing that dream across an ocean.

I really liked this story!

Not that I've ever been, but C.M. did a fantastic job of transporting me to Ireland and giving me a complete picture of the sights and sounds. I also enjoyed catching up with Cillian and Delaney, who I met in the first book.

I'm always a sucker for a rock star romance, and Owen made a fantastic rocker-brooding-bad-boy if I've ever read one.

Bree had some issues. Big time. But I enjoyed reading how she fought to find her inner strength and finally went after what she wanted.

And Shane. Holy cow, what happened with him?! I'm so excited for the next book!!!

(I received a copy of this book in consideration of an honest review)

I’m going to hell.
I didn’t bring her here for this. Didn’t mean to kiss her. To touch her. But now that I am, I can’t stop. My mouth travels down the curve of her jaw, along her slender neck, breathing in her intoxicating scent.
I try to reel myself back. But her own need saturates the air around us, mixing with mine like a spark to a powder keg.
I want the girl.
Crave her.
I’ve already had a taste and it only increased my appetite. But if there was ever a definition of off limits, it’s her.
I don’t need a complication like Bree in my life. And that’s exactly what she is – a sweet, tempting, irresistible complication.
“Jeezus, Bree,” I growl, raking my teeth across the sensitive flesh below her ear and feeling her tremble against me. “What are ye doing to me?”
She lets out a whimper when I tug slightly at her hair.
“You said-”
“Forget what I said.” I cup her jaw, searching her face, seeing uncertainty and desire vacillating across her features.
She’s unhinged something inside of me. That primal instinct to possess and protect. And hell, if it doesn’t scare the shit out of me. But, I also know that if I don’t see where this can go, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.


"WILD IRISH was PURE PERFECTION!! This sparkling gem, which is chock full of adventure, toe-curling swoon, angsty emotion and breathtaking passion, tantalizes the senses, tugs at the heartstrings and provides the ULTIMATE romantic escape." Epic Romance Reviews

I went searching for trouble and I found it. I just didn't expect to find it in the form of Cillian Gallagher.

The gorgeously tatted lead singer and guitarist of Wild Irish, Cillian is everything I've always tried to stay away from. He's wild and dangerous. And exactly what I need to cross off number four on my bucket list.

Kiss a complete stranger.

It should have been that simple. But I wasn't prepared for the scorching heat that would ignite a passion, leaving us both gasping for air.

It was never meant to be more than a fling.

I didn't expect that when I left Ireland, I'd be leaving a piece of my heart, or how our lives would be intertwined even when we were thousands of miles apart.

One last request.

One life-changing list.

One month of no regrets.

I ran from my boring, simple life, straight into the arms of trouble.

The thing with trouble is that it has a way of finding you, no matter where you go.


A fun, steamy and moving story!

I have to admit I was a little skeptical of this story at seemed a little too "love at first sight" for me.

But, then I read on and learned that's exactly what it was for these two; first sight. But they didn't realize it.

I liked the premise, that Delaney had, almost literally, crashed right into the lead singer of today's hottest Irish rock band. But, being American and the band strictly an Irish phenomenon, she had zero idea who he was, which made for some very interesting interactions.

This book is definitely full of emotion, the kind that gets ya "right here." I empathized and sympathized with Delaney and Cillian respectively during the various misunderstandings they had to overcome to finally be together.

The ending was absolutely beautiful, and this is just another notch in C.M.'s all-star romance belt!

(I received a copy of this book in consideration of an honest review)

Amazon bestselling author C.M. Seabrook writes hot, steamy romances with possessive bad boys, and the passionate, fiery women who love them. Swoonworthy romances from the heart!


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