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Monday, January 22, 2018

Edges by Kenzie Macallan ๐Ÿ’• 99¢ Sale, Behind the Scenes, Book Tour & Amazon Alexa Giveaway ๐Ÿ’• (Contemporary Romance)

Leigha Luccenzo is a strong, confident woman who has her life perfectly under control. But her nightmares have returned after a long absence. They are kept hidden from everyone. She comes home to find her apartment in shambles, the possible doing of her ex-lover Sydney. Layers of lies start to peel away. Her world begins to shift and unravel.

Dean is a hard edge man who has an appetite for beautiful women, fast bikes, and shattered souls. His secrets bind him, keeping him from any real relationship. They latch onto him from his past like locked chains. He sees behind Leigha’s armor. Convincing her he can help becomes his mission. He hopes she’s strong enough to handle what lies beneath, unlocking his guilt.

Through events out of her control, Leigha’s forced to face her demons.

As other people’s secrets get entangled in her own, she struggles to get to the meaning of her nightmare. Can Dean help her uncover her truth?

Many people congratulate me on writing a book. I didn’t really process the completion until I looked back on the process. Quite frankly, completing a novel from the beginning to getting published is a daunting task. I have learned a great deal since writing my first book. It’s one of the elements that intrigues me about writing.

My day starts with coffee because I have yet to find a writer who isn’t addicted to coffee. Stalking social media is the first charge of the day.
Instagram is my current favorite. I love the visual effect you can achieve and still let people know who you are and what you are about.
Facebook is my second go to. They keep changing the algorithm, which seems to make everyone upset. If I knew how to write code, I would create a site just for readers and writers. I wouldn’t change anything about it. Facebook still seems to be the go to place to connect with everyone in the industry as well as readers.
Last, I check in on Twitter. I really do enjoy Twitter. It’s a place that allows you to connect with all kinds of people from different areas of life. I’ve connected with authors, editors, promo companies, positive inspiration, small business initiatives, sports stars, and the list goes on. My favorite thing is retweeting and adding my quote. You can choose from so many great tweets.
My social media attention only happens during the workweek. Weekends are reserved for family and down time. Sundays are reserved for NASCAR during race season. I only got into racing after meeting my husband. I’m hooked.

The area where creativity swirls around me happens in the back office. It has a window out to the backyard and one to the deck. The sun streams through on good days or the gets covered in snow on winter days. There is a photo of my dog Nikko right next to my computer. I find myself looking at his photo often. He would lie in the office with me as I wrote, usually sleeping. He was my muse. My shadow is no longer with me in the physical world and has joined his love Koda Bear. Losing him was unbearable. If you’re a lover of dogs, you know what I mean. I like to think he’s with me in spirit and still helps me write.

The writing begins with either continuing the dreaded first draft or editing. I say the dreaded first draft because you find yourself trying to get as much in words as possible. The process of writing a book feels like is putting clay on a wheel and creating the bowl or cup or vase. That’s the first draft. My first round of edits is decorating the soft clay trying to get the right look. I let it sit for a while as it moves away from you. I let the words settle in. This is letting it dry in the kiln. Once it’s dry, I come back to it and begin adding the glaze. The process of choosing the right glazes and knowing how they interact with one another is crucial. All of these decisions are part of the editing process. The final time I fire my piece I know the book is ready to be published. For some reason, I have more nerves about publishing the second book in my series, Edges, than I did about my first book.

I rarely if ever have writer’s block, which doesn’t make me a better writer it just gives me more fluid time on the computer. The only thing that sometimes trips me up is getting stuck on a word. Consulting a thesaurus sometimes solves the problem. I see my stories in action, color, and pictures. Putting all of that into words is the tricky part. I love all the elements of writing and hope that I continue to grow as a writer.

The only other thing I find time for in my day is exercise. My body needs to be in motion. I like the way I feel when I exercise and I think it helps keep the creative juices flowing. Right now, I’m training for a half marathon and I spend time at the gym lifting weights, one of my favorite past times.

Putting all this together can be challenging at times but well worth it. I hope readers enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoyed writing them.

He put his hands down slowly, saying Leigha was out of her element. This isn’t what she could deal with right now.
“I think we need to slow down. There’s a lot going on.” The crack in her voice exposed her nerves. Her fingers twisted together.
He pushed his chair back and walked toward her in nothing but jeans and bare feet. He scooted her back from the table and knelt in front of her. He pushed her robe to the side, exposing her long legs. She leaned back and gripped the arms of the chair.
“I’ve lost too much and I’m not willing to lose any more. Life burned a hole in me and you filled it. You understand and listen to me without judgment. We have something I’m holding on to. I’ve never felt this way. Not even…” He swallowed his words, bowing his head. His fingers gripped onto her thighs.
She sat there stick-straight like a cornered animal with nowhere to go. His words struck her. She tried to hold onto her little bit of control. The only words missing from his speech were ‘I love you.’ She was thankful they weren’t said. She would be the one to decide what they became, but she couldn’t deny the hold he had on her.
His head came up as his eyes locked onto her. “I know you’re scared. I can see it in your eyes. I’ll give you time. Just meet me halfway.”
He got up and held out his hand. Without a word, she took his strong hand as the tether strengthened.

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Kenzie lives with her husband in New England. She has been fortunate enough to travel all over the world to places like Africa, Greece, Switzerland, Holland, France, England and, of course, Scotland. Edinburgh is one of her favorite places. Creativity seems to be part of her soul as she paints portraits, takes photographs, and bakes. They have all added to her overactive imagination especially writing about strong women and alpha men. She looks forward to adding to her adventures and yours through secrets, strength, and passion.


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