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Friday, February 9, 2018

Interwoven by Michelle Montebello 💕 Book Tour, Exclusive Excerpt & Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Contemporary Romance)

Belle Hamilton is a romantic at heart. She's engaged to the love of her life and dreams of marriage, children and a happily ever after. Belle’s world is close to perfect until one afternoon she makes a decision she can't take back.
In the blink of an eye, Belle’s life spirals out of control. She loses everything that is dear to her and is forced to flee to the other side of the world where she meets Andrea, a local bartender from Rome, and develops an unexpected connection with him.
Can they break through the complications of past hurts and a long-distance relationship to make it work or will one terrifying night in Paris end it before it had a chance to begin?

It was all quite enormous. Six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, formal and informal dining rooms, a library, and a backyard that was perched high above Sydney Harbour. It had always felt too big for Belle. Big, lonely and cold, and she’d been only too happy to grow up and leave.
Upon her departure from the house eight years ago, Edward had converted Belle’s bedroom into a media room. Interestingly, four other bedrooms had been empty at the same time. It had been a show of defiance; a reflection of her father’s disdain for her refusal to study law, that had seen him call in the renovators and gut her room before she’d even had one foot out the door.
‘Let’s find your father,’ her mother said. ‘He was in his office the last I saw of him.’
Belle followed Grace through to the right wing of the house, down a dark corridor lined with more framed forests and into the library. They crossed the library floor and paused at the door to her father’s office.
The Honourable Justice Edward Hamilton was a supreme judge in The Court of Appeals, the highest court of the state of New South Wales. He had a passion for the law and the judicial system that hadn’t been inherited by his only child. Edward had often chastised Grace for encouraging dance and the arts at such a young age, filling Belle’s head with fairy tales and whimsical nonsense.
‘She’s just a child,’ Grace would argue. ‘Little girls love to be ballerinas.’
‘She should be having extra tutoring. It’s never too early to start thinking about a career in law.’
‘At six?’
‘You’re setting her up for failure,’ he would warn.
‘Don’t be ridiculous, Edward. You’re always so hard on her.’
It was the same old argument, one she’d heard reverberating through those dark hallways for as long as she could remember. Even as a child she could sense the disappointment. It was in his eyes or in the way he spoke to her. She wasn’t like him and his path wouldn’t be hers to follow. She was never going to defend criminals like Ben in the courtroom. She had no stomach for confrontation. She wasn’t built like that.
It came as no surprise to Belle that when Edward first met Ben, he welcomed him into the fold with open arms. Ben had spoken eagerly about his dream of becoming a criminal barrister and his passion for the judicial system. A chink had appeared in Edward’s rigid disposition and his eyes had shone with respect and approval, something Belle had never seen before.
He’d taken Ben under his wing and mentored him. He’d celebrated Ben’s successes as if they were his own—the Bachelor Degree in Law, the passing of the Bar exam, the job at Richardson & Fields. When Belle and Ben had gotten engaged, Edward had nodded his blessing.
Belle had never envied their relationship, had never viewed Ben as a threat. She’d been happy to have some of the pressure lifted off her own shoulders because it finally seemed that Edward approved of something.
Only now, Belle had failed at that too.

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Michelle Montebello was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, where she lives with her husband and two young children. She has always had a passion for reading, writing and the dramatic arts and she spent most of her childhood immersed in books, writing stories and performing in plays.
She has worked full-time in the corporate sector since 1998. It wasn't until she completed a writing course with James Patterson that she was inspired to write and publish her first novel, Interwoven, in 2017.
In addition to her writing, she also has a passion for travel and loves to combine her two favourite things - creative writing and travelling - to create vibrant worlds for her characters to explore.
When this busy mum is not working, chasing little ones or searching under beds for monsters, she can be found reading, writing or plotting her next story.


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