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Friday, March 23, 2018

Dirty Blue by N.E. Henderson 💕 Book Blitz & Gift Card Giveaway 💕(New Adult Romance)


I’ve known his name a long time. You’d have to live under a rock not to know of the heartless and cruel reputation the Acerbi family has established. They are monsters cloaked in suits and ties, or so my colleagues in blue have said. Being on the job, you quickly learn to watch your back, trust no one, and as much as I hate to admit this, sometimes that includes a fellow badge.

But to want to kill your own child for being born? Now that’s monstrous. Unjust. And something I will not stand for. I’ll take him down before I allow an innocent to be harmed.

Even if that means not only taking on the most dangerous family in Southern California but bringing down the drug lord they’re in bed with too.

“Bri?” a deep voice, I easily recognize, calls my name.
I glance over to see Jase Teller standing with his arms crossed over his large chest, with an easy-going Shane Thornton standing next to him. Jase, Nikki’s boyfriend, always looks mad. I’ve come to learn that, and I’m used to it now.
Shane nods, his warm chocolate eyes that match his skin, silently greeting me. He’s one of Jase’s friends, a fellow MMA fighter who I also see regularly at Knocked Out.
“You can come with us.” Jase glances at Drago then back to me.
Drago’s hand wraps firmly around the inside of my leg just above the knee before I’m able to reply, telling Jase I’ll head back there shortly. What I didn’t expect was to clamp down on Drago’s hand due to the current of electricity that his touch sends straight to my vagina.
His eyes snap to mine just briefly then glances down where my legs are squeezing his hand. A smirk forms on his lips as if reading my mind, before turning his head toward Jase.
“Did she say she wanted to go with you?”
“I wasn’t talking to you, Acerbi. Let’s go, Bri.”
Drago turns back to me then leans close to my ear.
“Leave now,” he starts to whisper so only I can hear him, while at the same time running his hand higher up my thigh, “and the only time I’ll willingly meet with you and answer your questions is with my lawyer present.”
I have to bite the inside of my cheek so my breathing doesn’t become labored from his touch and the feel of his breath in my ear.
What the hell is wrong with me and why does this feel so good?
I haven’t had sex or any male attention in a while—that’s all this is, I justify to myself. After all, I’m investigating this man for drug smuggling and conspiracy to commit murder.
Except you don’t believe that girl’s story for a minute.
“Brianna,” Jase’s demanding voice drags me from my thoughts.
“I’ll . . .” Shit, my voice is breathy. “I’ll be back there shortly. Tell Nikki I’m having a drink with a friend . . . friends.” I look at Luca and smile, but it quickly fades.
“Good girl,” he whispers.
What the fuck did he just say to me?
I turn, giving him my best “back the hell off” look. He laughs. So I kick him in the shin with my heel and smile back at him while his jaw locks from the pain.
Jase and Shane don’t stick around. They turn, heading toward the back where Nikki told me they’d be—where I should be. I have no business talking to Drago while not on duty.
I look at him.
“Do I look like a girl to you?” I don’t wait for his answer. Don’t really care what it is. “Maybe you have some type of little girl fantasy, but I can assure you I’m not that little girl. And for the record, I’m a year older than you. If anyone’s the little one in this case, it’d be you.”
Rico has perfect timing. My Whiskey and soda shows up in front of me, so I gladly take it from him before he’s able to set it on the table, and then I take a sip.
Luca throws his head back and starts to pretend bawl.
“Bro, can I keep her? She’s more badass than you.” Luca smiles as he looks back and forth between Drago and me.
I think I like Drago’s brother better than him. He’s light-hearted. That’s easy to tell, and he seems fun.
“Why are you even here?”
Drago finally removes his hand from between my legs, but he’s slow about it, drawing his palm across my bare skin.
“Regretting making me stay, are ya?” I tease.
He shakes his head. “I didn’t make you do anything. You made the choice to stay in that seat.”
“It’s called coerced.”
I watch him as I finish my drink off. Damn, it’s good. And it goes down way too smooth. It’s been far too long since whiskey and I have made friends.
“So, you’re Robert Andrews’ daughter?” Drago cocks his head to the side.
“I’m outta here.”
We both turn to see Luca stand and stretch.
“You heading home?” Drago asks his brother, his voice taking on a softer tone.
“Nah.” He smiles that cute smile of his. “I think I’ll swing by Mia’s first.” His eyebrows dance up and down, telling me exactly what he’s going there to get.
“You sure that’s a good idea, Luca?” he sighs. Drago’s concerned tone makes me sit up a little straighter.
“Yeah, it’s cool.” Luca seems to brush whatever it is they’re talking about off then he looks at me. “You know, he’s really not as bad as you think he is.”
“Whoever said I thought he was bad?” What’s Drago told his brother, I wonder?
Luca shrugs his shoulders then takes off, leaving the two of us alone together.
Eventually, Drago lets out another, yet, larger sigh before finishing off his drink then signaling for the waiter.
“Bring us both another,” he says as Rico passes.
A few minutes pass with me staring at the side of Drago’s face, watching him stare out into the crowd of people around us—or maybe not staring at anything at all. And the weird thing is, I wish I knew what he was thinking right now.
Rico places our drinks down in front of us before quickly making himself scarce.
Eventually, he blows a long breath of air out before turning to face me. His eyes are hiding his thoughts. Not many people can mask their feelings from me but he’s doing a damn good job of it.
“Look, Acerbi,” Nikki’s voice catches us both off guard. “I don’t know why she’s talking to you. I guess maybe it’s none of my business except she’s my friend and you need to know that. My friend. Do anything she doesn’t like—hurt her—I’ll cut off your fucking balls and make you eat them. Are we clear on that?”
“I’m clear on the fact that you just threatened me in front of a cop.”
“Good thing I have selective hearing.” I quickly pull my glass to my lips and down my drink, not believing that actually came out of my mouth. I really have to leave this table.
Drago’s head whips around, giving me an angry glare. I don’t cower, and I’m not about to start now. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that, but I did. Oh, well, he doesn’t scare me. Guess he doesn’t scare Nikki either.
“Bri, babe, why aren’t you hanging with me? Do you not remember our convo from this morning?” Her lips tip. “I’m on a mission tonight.”
“What mission is that, Lockhart?”
“None of your business.” She turns her strikingly blue eyes on me. “C’mon already. Time’s a wastin’.”
Oh, fuck me. I’m so not sleeping with anyone tonight. Let alone someone I’ll only have known a couple of hours at best. I’m here to unwind with a couple of drinks and hopefully some good conversation.
I have to admit though, the last half hour has been . . . not awful. Definitely interesting. Maybe even I dare say—fun.
If this is what fun has come to—me conversing with a man I have no business talking to—then maybe Nikki is right. Maybe I do need a one-night stand.
Yeah . . . no.
“Well”—his palm tickles my knee sending shivers up and down my leg—“she can’t run off with you yet. She promised me a dance.” His head rolls toward me. “Didn’t you, detective?” A slow smile forms on his face like he’s won something.
He doesn’t look like the type that dances, so I’ll play his game.
“Yes, I did!” He raises an eyebrow at my mock-enthusiasm. Placing my hand over his, I squeeze as hard as I can while I gaze up at Nikki. “I’ll be a little longer. I’ll come find you when I finish spending time with the big bad wolf here.”
“Oh, baby,” he laughs. “I’m not a piss-ant little wolf.” Leaning over, his lips brush against my ear. “I’m the motherfucking fire-breathing dragon in this story.” His voice is meant to scare me. But the seduction laced in his tone only scorches my insides.
In an attempt to make sure he doesn’t know how he affects me, I roll my eyes at his lame comeback.
“Yeah . . . I’ll leave you guys to that.” Nikki turns, leaving us alone again.
“So, I promised you a dance.” I turn my head, facing him. I can’t help but glance down at those full lips that grace his mouth. “Let’s go, dragon man.”


N. E. Henderson is the author of sexy, contemporary romance. When she isn’t writing, you can find her reading or in her Maverick playing in the dirt. Nancy was born and raised in Mississippi where she currently lives with her husband, son, and their Bull Terrier, Xena.


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