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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

On the Ropes by Dania Voss πŸ’• Book Blitz & Gift Card Giveaway πŸ’•(Contemporary Romance)

Ten years ago he let her get away. Does he have what it takes to make her his for good?

By all accounts Luke “Strike ‘em Out” Stryker lives a charmed life. He’s won 4 World Series Championship rings and is the Chicago Cobras star pitcher. He’s gorgeous, wealthy and is dating one of Hollywood’s biggest A-list actresses.

But things aren’t always as they appear.

Abbey Jayne has been nursing a broken heart since Luke Stryker betrayed her ten years ago. She’s spent the last ten years focused on her career and education, trying to get over him.

Forced to see him again at her sister’s wedding, Abbey vows to not let Luke ruin her weekend.

An accident days before the wedding has Luke re-evaluating the harsh realities of his life and future. A future that must include his one true love Abbey.

A terrible misunderstanding drove them apart ten years ago, but Luke is determined to win Abbey back by the end of the wedding weekend. He’ll do whatever it takes to convince her they belong together. Failure is not an option.

Q - What’s your favorite drink and why?
A - Diet Dr. Pepper is my all-time favorite. It always has been, I just love the taste.

Q - What’s on your bucket list?
A - So many things, but the first on my list for the longest time has been a trip to Egypt. I’d also like to cruise the Greek Islands and visit Spain and Morocco.

Q - If you had to eat the same meal every day, what would it be?
A - Maybe it’s an Italian thing or a Chicago thing…but I never tire of stuffed pizza – not to be confused with deep dish or pan pizza.

Q - In your spare time—if you have any!—what’s the thing you do that makes you feel the most you?
A – Easy to answer but not that easy to find time for. Bubble baths and trips to the spa. Mud wraps are my favorite spa treatment. Followed by a full body scrub and massage.

Q - Are you an extrovert or introvert?
A – Most definitely an introvert. I’m shy around people I don’t know well. I tend to be quite extroverty in my writing though.

Q - If money were no object, what’s the first thing you’d buy just for yourself?
A - I’d love a villa in Tuscany. My country of origin sometimes calls to me.

Q - What’s the best thing you’ve ever done?
A – I’m quite proud of earning my BS in Computer Science (with honors) as an adult attending night school while working a full time job. A 3-week dream honeymoon in Italy and Greece is another amazing thing I’ve done.

Q - Tell us about your debut release On the Ropes.
A – I was beyond thrilled when Evernight Publishing accepted my manuscript 11 days after submission! On the Ropes is about star pitcher Luke Stryker of the Chicago Cobras. He’s given himself the weekend of his best friend’s wedding to win back the love of his life, Abbey, who he hasn’t seen in 10 years after a traumatic break-up. Abbey is not receptive the idea of reconciling but Luke’s not taking no for an answer.

Q - What’s next on your writing list?
A – Heath and Leah’s story are coming next. You’ll meet them in On the Ropes. Heath’s an injured Marine veteran, hurt in Afghanistan and Leah is his neighbor who’s loved him all of her life. He’s hesitant but she’s determined.

Q - What is your go-to form of procrastination?
A - Right now it’s the internet. I have a love/hate relationship with it at the moment. Necessary, but it can be such a huge distraction to precious research and writing time.

Q - How can readers get in touch with you?
A – I love to hear from readers.

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Abbey deleted the voicemail and the fourteen unread text messages from Tom Murphy. She felt relieved and happily turned off her phone. She needed to get back to her reboot weekend. “I need another drink.” Yes, that would make her feel better.
Luke took her phone and put it back in her purse. “When was the last time you ate?”
Abbey had to think. “I guess it was earlier at the Fairchild Hotel before the ceremony. We had some pastries and Mimosas.” Her stomach growled. It had been hours since she’d eaten.
“How about this? You still have some champagne in your glass. Why not finish that and have some dinner before getting another drink? I know they’re making them pretty strong tonight. What do you think?” Luke looked deep into her eyes, like he could see into her soul.
Her soul that had belonged to him since the day they met so many years ago.
“Then you can get back to your reboot weekend. I’m having one myself in a way. Maybe we could reboot together?” When Luke smiled at her the way he did, she couldn’t resist. Secrets. Jake said Luke has secrets.
“Secrets,” Abbey whispered.
Luke frowned, taking a moment before responding. “I know Jake said that. But it’s not what you think. You know I barely have any privacy anymore. For me, some things have to be announced. The damn press, you know? That’s why I hired an extensive security detail for today.”
In her head, Abbey understood. The last thing any of them wanted was for Jake and Cassie’s wedding day to become a spectacle because of Luke’s celebrity. So far that hadn’t happened, other than Luke’s little display in front of Mrs. Antonetti and Carlo.
She supposed it didn’t matter. By the end of the weekend, Luke would be off to the next city for another game or whatever else he had scheduled. Abbey would go back to her life too.
Maybe they could reboot their weekend together. It would be so easy to fall back into old habits with Luke. Just for a couple of days. A couple of fun, sex-filled days with Luke might be just what she needed to get out of her head and relax.
“Yes, I know, Luke. Maybe we can reboot our weekends together. It might not be such a bad idea.” Abbey held her breath, wondering what he would say.
His mouth fell open. “Really? I think that’s a great idea. But before we reboot, I want to have a chance to explain that night, Abbey.”


My original idea was to create two fictional towns near Dallas, Envy and Rapture and include all the elements that I’ve enjoyed reading over the years – MF and mΓ©nage pairings, BDSM clubs, shifters, cowboys and military men. I created an entire cast of characters – human and shifter – that I fell in love with. I was nervous that since I was just starting out as a novelist that I wouldn’t be able to do them justice. They felt like real people to me.

I chose to start right where I am – in the Chicagoland area, what I’m calling the Windy City Nights series. From a little personal tidbit of information a friend shared with me, I developed a new set of characters who I love just as much and you’ll meet in On the Ropes, and they will interact with my Texas crew before I head there myself to write their stories.

Born in Rome, Italy and settled in the Chicagoland area, Dania Voss became a romance junkie in her teens. After decades of voracious reading and dreaming of one day writing her own romance novel, Dania decided to stop dreaming and take a chance on herself. In November of 2017 she participated in NaNoWriMo for the first time, completing the challenge with over 75,000 written words. Those words became her first erotic romance novel On the Ropes, the prequel in her Windy City Nights series.

When she's not dreaming up adventures for future stories, Dania and her husband can be found getting into all kinds of mischief in and around Chicago.


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