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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Rhythm by Sheryl Dee 💕 Spotlight & EXCLUSIVE Soundtrack Giveaway 💕 (Erotic Romance)

Surveillance, hot sex, kinky games, soulful art, obsession and violent secrets give the lust and love story of Jack and V. its own seductive rhythm.

Environmental engineer Virginia “V.” Will, the youngest in a protective Southern family, has played it safe for years. The death of her adventurous mother is a wake-up call. At age 39, V. leaves her job and joins the D.C. band Love Bunny as a drummer, but she wants more than just a drum throne and a voyeur's view of the wild parties of her twenty-something bandmates. Just when she thinks her family was wrong about the dangers of the nightlife, she starts feeling very out of sorts at a band party. And did she just hallucinate her favorite actor Jack Leeds? Not good.

Jack Leeds knows how to blend into the background to enjoy a beautiful talent. He sees V. at a Love Bunny show. He must have her. He plans to approach V. at a listening party, where her odd behavior interrupts his kinky preoccupations. Can he keep her safe and protect his TV career and his heart?

I'm a writer, drummer, researcher and more. I studied creative writing at UNC Chapel Hill and took Poetry for the People at UC Berkeley. I won the first Pearl Street Publishing author fellowship and a Gemini Magazine poetry contest.

My first romance, Rhythm, is an exploration of music, sexuality and more.


Win an mp3 of the book's soundtrack featuring music created by Sheryl herself!


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