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Friday, April 6, 2018

The Portal Series by Kiki Wellington 💕 Soundtrack Spotlight, FREE eBook & EXCLUSIVE Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Paranormal Erotica)

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato

Music can also set the tone for a movie, a play, a book.

Behind the Moody Music

When I signed up to do a blitz for The Portal series, one of the things the organizer suggested was to put together a Spotify playlist—which immediately made me perk up in my chair. I jumped at the idea because it reminded me of how much fun it was to make mixed tapes for my friends when I was in high school and college. People loved my mixed tapes because I would spend a lot of time thinking about the perfect songs for each specific person a tape was for. It was hours of painstaking work and consideration...and I loved every second of it!

It probably took me a week to finish the playlist for The Portal. At first it was just a collection of songs I like to write to. Then I saw a pattern emerge, and much like how a story takes shape more and more as I work on it, the playlist began to tell a story that mirrored what went on in each installment of the series. For example, the very first song on the list begins with the line:

“You're a swine, and I'm saying that's an insult to the pig.”
(Brodsky Quartet and Elvis Costello)

Not only did I think it was a great attention grabber, it also was a good way to set up how Coralee in On the Other Side of Lust views her husband. The first 16 songs represent how Coralee feels about her awful marriage, her struggle with her faith, and her increasing lust toward the entity in her haunted house.

Track 17 on the playlist is an instrumental, sort of a palate cleanser to mentally prepare listeners for the next set of songs. Tracks 18 through 33 are for Clarissa of Through the Doorway of Desire, and they are meant to represent the downward mental spiral she experiences after moving into the house. Unlike Coralee, Clarissa had a happy marriage when she got there, but her growing sexual obsession with a serial killer and the paranormal experiences in the house make her increasingly confused. By the end, she’s aware of the mess that she made of her life, which I thought was perfectly captured in the lyrics of Track 33:

“I won't cry for yesterday, there's an ordinary world somehow I have to find.”
(Duran Duran)

Track 34 is another instrumental that sets the mood for the rest of the playlist, which is for Charlotte of The Entry to Ecstasy. Her story is not as dark and bleak as Coralee's and Clarissa's, but she still experiences a series of intense emotions as she tries to decide if she should stay with her boyfriend or not. When her ghost lover comes through the portal of the house, she's taken on a romantic journey that ultimately ends with one of my favorite songs of all time. By the end of the story, Charlotte figures out what true love means to her, and the song’s lyrics reflect that:

“Do I love you, do I?
Oh, my dear, it's so easy to see
Don't you know I do? Don't I show you I do?
Just as you love me?”
(Cole Porter)

It took longer to make this playlist than I thought it would, and for a while I had become as obsessed with it as my characters became with their paranormal encounters. But I have to say, I really enjoyed doing it and it’s definitely the best mixed tape I ever made.

What would you do if the gateway to ecstasy was literally at your fingertips? Would you lock it up and throw away the key, denying yourself unbelievable carnal desires? Would you stick your toe inside the door, allowing yourself to sample these erotic experiences, but never completely indulging? Or would you barge through the portal to pleasure, leaving all of your inhibitions and dispositions behind in your wake?

This is the dilemma women face when they move into 28 Riverhill Road. Although they can’t explain the unseen sensuality that plagues the house, they also can’t resist its lure.

The Portal Series contains the following erotic stories:

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💕 FREE 💕

Coralee never wanted to be a pastor’s wife...and she certainly never wanted the creepy house her husband inherited from his loyal flock. Yet there she was, alone in a passionless marriage, irritated by the constant demands of the church, and uncomfortable in her own life.

Then he showed up. Coralee wasn’t sure where he came from, but she did know he took her to otherworldly heights of sensuality she could never conjure up even in her wildest fantasies. Was he a ghost? A demon? Or the Devil himself? It didn’t make any far as Coralee was concerned, he was the very answer to her prayers.

Warning: On the Other Side of Lust (41,900 words) contains closet connections, lascivious lessons, paranormal pleasures, and amorous awakenings.
A dark, sexy, spooky tale!

This is Kiki's first full-length novella, and I could not WAIT to read it!

As usual, Kiki did an excellent job of portraying the characters' emotions. I felt so sorry for Coralee, and I truly hoped she would find some kind of happiness in the end.

The story was told in an interesting way; the main character, Coralee, was telling me the story. The tone was more conversational than narrative at times, and I really enjoyed that!

The ending was quite unexpected, the loose ends loosely tied up, and I am so excited to see where this series goes next!

(I received a copy of this book in consideration of an honest review)


Although most people believe 28 Riverhill Road is the keeper of not-so-buried secrets they’d just as soon forget, for Clarissa, the old house represents an opportunity for a new life.

That is, until the macabre obsessions set in. When she’s not trying to unearth the mysteries of the house, she’s stoking the flames of a sexual obsession with a notorious serial killer that’s been dominating the news. And when these fixations collide, she’s introduced to a passion unlike anything she’s ever known. Clarissa may be enjoying herself now, but will her ecstasy ultimately lead to agony?

Warning: Through the Doorway of Desire (41,400 words) contains legal lust, seance chicanery, and convertible coitus.
Sexy and spooky!

True to form, Kiki writes with a "Twilight Zone"-esque-ness to her stories, and it's a refreshing break from reading straight-up "this is scary for the sake of being scary" paranormal erotica.

I felt Clarissa's shift from who she was to who she became was very well done, and, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, the "Twilight Zone" moment that revealed itself had me saying, "No way!" out loud!

And Kiki sure didn't skimp on the steam! This is absolutely erotic in every sense of the word!

I will admit that I liked this book more than the first one, and I just know I'll like the next one even more!

I'm SO excited to read the final book and see what ultimately happens to 28 Riverhill Road!

(I received a copy of this book in consideration of an honest review)


Despite its dubious reputation, Charlotte falls in love with 28 Riverhill Road and believes buying the old house will bring excitement into her life—and help revitalize a relationship that has long gone stale.

And she does find the excitement she’s looking for when the peculiar house introduces her to an alternate life filled with the love and sexual intensity she’s been craving. As she straddles the edge of fantasy and reality, Charlotte eventually finds herself being forced to make an impossible choice.

Warning: The Entry to Ecstasy (25,700 words) contains sensual scents, mysterious missives, and a passionate parallel plane.
A happy ending at 28 Riverhill Road!

This book definitely wasn't as spooky as the previous two in the series, but it was definitely as steamy! I think I like the vibe of this book the best, but I thought the twist in book two was amazing!

I'll admit, I had a hard time deciding who to root for; the ghost or the boyfriend, and while the ending was a happy one, I hate to say it maybe wasn't the one I hoped it would be!

All in all, I'd definitely be interested in reading more books like this from Kiki!

(I received a copy of this book in consideration of an honest review)


Where does good sex begin?

Between the ears, of course!

That's why I work hard to write erotica that stimulates the largest sex organ we have--the mind--because when we're titillated upstairs, the nether region is sure to follow.

Want to get hot and horny upstairs and downstairs? Check out my erotic stories.

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