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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Vengeance Is Mine by Kat Henry Doran 💕 Fun Facts, Book Tour & Giveaway 💕 (Contemporary Romance)

Ever think about going back to study hall to face down the school bully?
The mean girls?
The brainless jocks who made your life a pure misery?
For Dru Horvath, gypsy orphan turned Pulitzer Prize winning photo-journalist; Rafe Archangeli, Scourge of Summerville who now heads a multi-million dollar trust; and Fiona “Fat Aggie” Thorpe who recreated herself into an A-list model with her own A-list agency, the opportunity to exact revenge is too good to pass up.
Will they find the vengeance they crave?
Or something more valuable?

“Vengeance Is Mine” is a contemporary romance featuring three intertwined novellas which revolve around a high school reunion. The six lead characters manage to, over the course of one evening, exact revenge against the school bullies, earn redemption for past sins, and find lasting love.
For “Embraceable You”, the story of Druzilla Horvath, Gypsy orphan turned two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, and Rory McElroy, Sheriff of Bison County who is assigned to protect Dru while she attends the reunion, I needed to invent the orphanage where Dru was raised. I patterned the facility after the House of Providence, a well-known facility in Syracuse, New York. Established in the early 1900's “The House” was run by a succession of religious orders, the last ones being the Sisters of Social Work, an order of nuns who escaped Hungary in 1956 during the revolution. Though it no longer serves as an orphanage, “The House” has become a symbol of caring for children who had no place to go.
I made a few tweaks, renamed it House of Angels but kept the Hungarian nuns, namely Sister Gabriella Racz who was, in part, responsible for turning Dru onto photography. Gaby is featured in a pivotal scene near the end of the story where she presents Dru with a prestigious award for service to disadvantaged and disenfranchised persons.
For additional conflict I needed a compelling reason to put Dru in danger, thus creating a reason for Rory--someone Dru rescued from the school yard bullies years ago--to be assigned for her personal protection during an awards ceremony. After brainstorming with my critique partners, I remembered a news piece I'd seen on TV's 60 Minutes which focused on the anniversary of Las Madres de la Plaza de Mayo. I was riveted by these brave men and women who have made themselves a living reminder of Argentina's Dirty War which occurred in the 1970-80's. The longer I researched, the more obsessed I became and knew instantly this was the perfect vehicle for my story.
Las Madres represent the loved ones and survivors of los desaparicidos, ordinary citizens forcibly abducted from their homes or businesses by thugs acting under the direction of Argentina's ruling military junta. We're talking religious sisters and priests, activist students, university educators, journalists. Never seen again. Their survivors, now in their seventies and eighties, march through the streets of Buenos Aires each week. Wearing white head scarves which denote the names of their missing children or spouses; they carrying large posters with the pictures of the missing. It is a powerful reminder of what was done to innocents in the name of political oppression and that it will never be forgotten.
As back story for “Embraceable You” Dru went to Argentina to cover anniversary events of Las Madres. In the process of taking photographs for the story, she inadvertently captured shots of a high ranking military person accused of crimes against humanity who has been hiding in plain sight all these years. At the time of the reunion, Dru is scheduled to fly to Buenos Aires to testify at the trial. Since it's known that persons who dare to testify at trial have been known to “disappear” she requires personal protection for the reunion. Who better than the local sheriff, one of those whom Dru protected many years ago.

“Tough way to find out about the other woman.”
“Other woman, hell,” Dru groused. “The assistant was some young stud from Tommy's gym with abs to die for.”
With that. she side-stepped him and reached for the knob on the bathroom door.
Fast on his feet, Rory's counter move brought them nose to nose. “Play much poker, Horvath?”
“I don't know what you mean.”
“Before you started trash talking the cheating ex-husband, your face lit up like the Fourth of July. That tells me you've got something stashed in the tote. Until you let me look inside, it stays out here.”
Clutching the canvas tote to her chest, she sneered, “The only thing in here is my outfit for tonight's event. If you think I'd go naked, one of us is a couple fries short of a happy meal.”
His response came in the form of another gimme motion with those thick, blunt fingers. “How about I close my eyes if I encounter any lacy unmentionables?”
“As if.”
She knew the instant he found the back-up phone. The screw-you look morphed into a smirk. “It's not smart to mess with Homeland Security, sweetie. Those guys eat small rodents for breakfast.”

Legal nurse consultant, victim advocate, sexual assault nurse examiner Kat Henry Doran and her alter ego, Veronica Lynch, has been there and done that--many times over. She often travels to the wilds of Northern New York State, witnessing the wonders of mother nature at her best. From the shores of Lake Ontario and the Saint Lawrence River to the historic Adirondack and Catskill Mountains, she creates stories featuring strong women and the men who love them.
When not writing, she can be found lashed to one of her sewing machines--or chauffeuring the four brightest stars in her life: Meredith and Ashlin, Owen and Kieran.


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    Kat Henry Doran

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  3. Do you believe vengeance is really the way?

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