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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

A Broken Fairy Tale by S.P. Cervantes πŸ’• Series Tour & Gift Card Giveaway πŸ’• (Contemporary Romance)

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If faced with your worst fear, what would you do? Would you run or would you fight?

Camryn Hamilton is a fighter.

A thirty-something mother of two, Camryn appears to have it all: a husband, plenty of money, and children she adores. When she returns home to spend Christmas with her family, her perfect world she has created begins to crumble, thrusting her face to face with the only man who truly knows her.

Holden Patrick will fight harder.

A powerful, handsome attorney, Holden left town after his adoptive parents’ death. In his time away he almost managed to forget the girl who ran away with his heart. At least until a turn of fate brought him back to Mantoloking, and back to Camryn.

But are they willing to fight for each other?

Faced with a tragic past that they both wanted to forget, they struggle to protect their hearts from being broken again. Will their love be enough to get them through another tragedy, or will they close themselves off and run away again?

“Holden, I thought of you when Marcus proposed, on my wedding day, when my kids were born. I hated that I thought of you because I hated that I wanted you there with me. But you weren’t and us not being together was always your choice. So yes, I tried every day not to love you because you and I were never supposed to happen again.” I run my hand along his face, “But none of that changes the fact that I do love you. I love you with every part of me.”

πŸ’• 99¢ πŸ’•
πŸ’• 99¢ πŸ’•



Imagine that you were married to the love of your life and had a happy family. Now imagine everything was destroyed in an instant, making you question who you are and how you can possibly go on once the one person you truly love is gone.
It is a rare thing to find your soul mate, but Jess found true love in Dave when they were only teenagers. They’ve built a happy life together in a small shore town, becoming pillars of the community and making everyone around them envious of the perfect life they have built together. Their love is something that seems like it can only exist in a fairy tale. But what happens when the fairy tale is broken?

Jess has always been the life of the party, and Dave was always there to reel her in and keep her safe. But one night, while on duty as the town Sheriff, the unimaginable happens, altering the directions of their lives forever.
Jess is now forced to dig deep in her soul and find herself again. When love tries to chip away at her frozen over heart, she struggles to fight the guilt of moving on while keeping the memory of her perfect love alive.

This is a story about finding love, having it all taken away, and discovering that moving on doesn’t mean forgetting the past.

***This is the second book of the A Broken Fairy Tale series, but can also be read as a stand alone

Chapter Four
An hour late. Dave’s an hour late for his own birthday dinner and hasn’t even bothered to call. He isn’t usually this inconsiderate, but I can’t help but think he snuck away for a quick workout at Crossfit before coming home. I swear he’s freaking addicted, and while I don’t mind the results, I wish he’d have called instead of left Charlotte and me sitting here waiting.
I go to the kitchen to check that the prime rib I have resting isn’t completely destroyed when the doorbell rings. “Charlotte, will you get it?” I call from the kitchen knowing it’s probably Cam and Holden with the girls. I’d invited them over for some cake for dessert, but had also forgotten to tell them that we haven’t eaten dinner yet. Oh well, I have wine, and plenty of food if they want dinner too. I grab a dish towel and wipe the meat juices off my hands before going to greet my friends. I’ll have to use all my control not to show them how pissed I am at Dave right now. I never like to involve others in our arguments and don’t want to make for an awkward night. After the enjoyment he gave me last night, I think I can probably give him a pass. A devilish smile crosses my face just as I turn the corner to our entryway to see Kat, Joey, and Sarg. Kat is leading Charlotte down the steps and I fall to the ground, knowing what they are here to tell me. I can’t speak. I can’t move. For a moment I just sit there, clutching the damn dinner towel for life staring up at the two men before me. Sarg only comes to an officer’s house unannounced for one reason, and it’s never a good one.
Joey comes to my side and takes me in his arms. His touch is like acid on my skin and I flinch away. “Don’t you say it Joey. Don’t you fucking say it!” I scream up at him with tears bursting through my words. My insides feel like they’re tearing apart, each nerve splintering in agony.
“Come with us Jess. You need to come before it’s too late,” Sarg says from above us as Joey tenderly picks me up in his arms.
“Charlotte. Where’s Charlotte?” I ask frantically looking around.
“I called Kat from the ambulance and asked her to meet us here. She’s taking Char back to her house and will keep her there tonight so you can be with Dave.” Joey wipes my tear soaked hair from my face. “He’s been shot Jess. It’s not good. Not good at all.”
I feel like my own life is slipping away with his words. My life is Dave’s. “He can’t die Joey. I can’t live without him.”

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πŸ’• 99¢ πŸ’•

Joey McMillian is a man that everyone loves. Women fall at his feet everywhere he goes, and men want to be him. Working at the fire department in the small shore town where he grew up, staying close to the only constant in his life, his best friends, has been all Joey thought he wanted in life. While his friends have all found love and started families, Joey bounces from woman to woman, never opening himself up to the opportunity of loving someone and being truly loved in return.
Kat Pierce is a fiercely independent thirty something who knows Joey’s womanizing ways far too well. When she lands a teaching job and moves into her cousin’s house at the shore, she finds herself with Joey more than she would like. There’s always been an attraction between the two of them, but Kat knows better than to act on her feelings. Her heart has been broken before, and she knows Joey is a one way ticket to having it broken again.
Will Joey and Kat find the love they are looking for?


When the song ends, I move to go sit over on the seats he has set up for us, but he doesn’t let me. “Kat.” He says my name as if it’s the one thing he needs to survive. He turns me back to him and lifts my chin so I have no choice but to be captivated by his intense eyes. He leans down and feathers a kiss on my lips. I want so much more. He pulls back, as if asking for permission. I don’t need to say anything. He can see it. He kisses me again, raking his fingers through my hair, pulling me into his kiss like a swirling black hole of pleasure. If there was ever a kiss that could make me lose it all, this is it. His tongue brushes across my lips, parting them, causing a moan of pleasure to escape when I oblige with need. His hands move down the sides of my body and all I want is for him to touch me everywhere. But I remind myself that I can’t move too fast with him, even though my body wants him everywhere.
I’m dizzy with pleasure, not able to think of anything but how perfect this kiss feels. Although I’ve kissed Joey before, it’s never been like this because I’ve never let myself believe that his kiss means something. Being with Joey could be the one thing that could mend my broken heart.

I can hardly keep busy enough at work today. I’d hoped there be more action with summer only a few weeks away and vacationers already taking advantage of the early heat wave. I wonder whether being away from Kat will always be this hard, or whether it will get easier as time passes. I never minded being gone from home for weeks at a time, but as the fire season draws near, the times where I’m away for weeks at a time will feel nearly impossible. I know the way I’ve been thinking about Kat and a future together is crazy, but these days, I can’t imagine one more day without her. Being in love is so much more all-consuming than I expected, I’m glad that it didn’t happen for me until now. Because now, I have no doubt that I will do anything it takes to spend the rest of my life with her. I have no questions whether there’s someone else out there for me. I’ve been with all kinds of women before, but not one has touched my heart the way Kat has, or even come close.


S.P. Cervantes is the author of the acclaimed contemporary romance A BROKEN FAIRY TALE series. The series allows you to connect with a group of friends and their triumphs over tragedy. "Dust to Dust" is a suspenseful stand-alone romance that introduces readers to this close knit group of loyal friends. "Wished Away" is an emotional romance that should be read before the Bad-Boy romance, "His Jar of Hearts". The stand-alone highly acclaimed romance called "The Wife" is now available.

S.P. Cervantes's new dystopian romance, AN IMPOSSIBLE WORLD, will be released on July 25th.

S.P. is also the author of the highly rated Young Adult Romantic Fantasy trilogy Secrets of Shadow Hill. "Always and Forever", "The Prophecy", and "War of Wizards" that has been described as "Twilight Meets Harry Potter". It's not your typical romantic fantasy.

S.P Cervantes lives in Orange County, California with her husband and three children, where she is a teacher. She enjoys spending time with her family, writing, reading, and running, but is always thinking of an idea for her next novel.


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