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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Bridesmaid's Checklist by K.T. Castle ❤️ Fun Facts, Series Tour & Gift Card Giveaway ❤️ (Contemporary Romance)

BCL is a Contemporary New Adult Romance that tells Kassandra's story.

Kassie is a single, independent woman that finds herself questioning her lifestyle after all of her best friend get married and settle down.

Even if she’s the only unmarried girl in the pack she isn’t single anymore. Now that all her friends are married and all the wedding planning is over, she has a chance to concentrate in her relationship with Josh. Or so she thought, since her friends keep visiting her with a major life changing crisis.

Helping her friends plan their wedding was no problem─dealing with unexpected personal situations is a whole other thing.

You can read how she helps Laura and Marisol to plan their weddings.


Kassandra is a single, independent woman who prides herself on her own success. But when she’s asked by her best friend Laura to be the Maid of Honor in her wedding, Kassandra finds herself questioning her lifestyle. Helping Laura plan the wedding is no problem—she’s done it before for all their other friends. The first time was a blast, the second super fun, but doing it without receiving any help from the rest of the girls gets old really fast.

The whole event kicks off with the worst kind of surprise when Kassandra discovers who her friend's fiancé really is, and she's torn between supporting Laura's future happiness and hiding the deeply buried, intimate past she shares with the groom-to-be. Struggling to be the bigger person and do all the hard work on her own, Kassandra finds surprising comfort in Josh, the best man in the wedding and someone she's been avoiding for years. He's charming, thoughtful, handsome, and the worst kind of womanizer, but she just can't seem to stay away. All the while, Kassandra can't help wondering if the wedding could be any more cliché—until she finds unexpected ways to change things up a bit.


Kassandra’s last single friend got married in the summer. But even if she’s the only unmarried girl in the pack she isn’t single anymore. Now that all her friends are married and all the wedding planning is over, she has a chance to concentrate in her relationship with Josh. Or so she thought until Marisol visits her with a major life changing crisis. Helping her friends plan their wedding was no problem; dealing with an unexpected pregnancy is a whole other thing.

Kassandra is unable to decide the best way to help Marisol, specially when her relationship with Josh reaches a level of commitment she wasn’t expecting. Both girls will have to remember the past in order to move their relationships forward.

Kassandra is a single, independent woman who prides herself on her own success. Now her life seems complete when Josh, a thoughtful, handsome, and the worst kind of charmer, leaves his womanizing days behind and can’t seem to stay away from her. Kassandra keeps wondering if their single days are really over and they’re ready for a monogamous and committed relationship.

Marisol is a married woman with the perfect life: a wonderful husband and a beautiful son. Life gets even better when her little boy is finally ready for school and Sol can go to go back to work.

Destiny is full of surprises for both girls, and sometimes the plans that you have aren’t the ones in the path before you.

Join Kassandra and Marisol as they remember how they planned Sol’s wedding while they solve together the difficulties in the present.

Fun Facts About The BCL Series

Why write about bridesmaids?

I’ve wanted to be a writer for quite some time, dreamed about it from years. I started young and have practiced ever since. Mostly, I wrote about adventures with my friends, about school and my teachers (made comics strips of them all), and then some paranormal romance. Not so long ago, Avon sent a request for a 50K words story about bridesmaids and I decided to go for it… several years later here I am. Writing about a bunch of girls, their friendship, and how one of them ended up being “always the bridesmaid, never the bride.”

How the story was born?

It was clear from the beginning that I wanted for my story to be a little bit different from what a wedding romance typically is. I wanted it to be funny, to be sexy, to be real, and to have all those elements that make romance, romance. But apart of the phrase “Always the bridesmaid, never the bride” I didn’t have anything else. So, I went to my friends and told them how I wanted the story to have all those wedding cliches that we all expect, but I wanted them to be addressed differently.

My best friend told me, “the main character has to have slept with the groom.” And I though, of course, and said, “and she has to end up in love with the best man.” Then we decided the bride needed to go Bridezilla on everyone, and the bridesmaids would leave all the planning in the hands of the main character. How they all became friends since high school, how she resented her friends because they did support her when she needed them, and how she had mixed feelings about her last single friend getting married.

I loved how my friends and I came up with the main highlights of the story, and I could play around with them. I believe I achieved talking about the most common wedding cliches, and hopefully I did it in a new and funny way.

Why did I chose those name for my characters?

There’s many ways to come up with names for characters. Now I even have a list of names that I like, but I also use books of baby names for inspiration every now and then. For Laura’s Wedding it was a little different. Since I was brainstorming with my friends about the plot and the story was about a group of friends that met in high school, I decided to use the names of my best friends back in the day. I told them about it, and hopefully they don’t mind, because even if the girls have their names they don’t have much else in common.

How did I choose the settings?

I wanted the wedding venues to be colorful and exotic, a year or so before I wrote Laura’s Wedding I went to my cousin's wedding in Playa del Carmen and got inspired from the beautiful beaches. But Laura needed something more extravagant, so Google pointed me to Bora Bora and I fell in love with the place.
The following year my sister got married in San Miguel Allende, and I decided that Marisol (being Mexican) needed to go back to her roots and marry in Mexico. It’s a beautiful place that I had visited with my high school best friends on a field trip, and I knew it was the perfect setting for her wedding.
I’m excited about choosing the following wedding venues. I love researching in Google Maps and if I’m not careful, I could spend hours looking at all those wonderful places instead of actually working.

Why those covers?

Choosing the perfect cover is always difficult, at least from my perspective. Usually, you write the story, and have a clear picture of what your characters look like. Then comes the time to select the perfect image to present your book to the world. Which translates to using stock pictures (unless you have the skills, tools and means to have your own photoshoot). There’s a beautiful selection of stock pictures in so many places; they’re wonderful and have great quality… but, since they’re available to anyone, you could end up using the same image than someone else.

With that in mind, I decided to use something that no one else could. My cousin’s wedding pictures. So, I talked to my cousins and asked them if they didn’t mind being in the cover of my books. I was lucky they agreed and I have a set of original covers. Now my books are even more special. So Laura and Marisol are pictures of my cousins’ actual wedding, and I asked a couple other cousin to model for a photographer wearing wedding dresses for Natalie and Denise’s books. It was super exciting to have my own little photo session for the next books.

What book do you like the most?

I love all my books. But they all have different reasons for me to love them.

Laura’s Wedding was the first book I published, and it will always have a special place in my heart. The words just flew form my mind to the computer, chapter after chapter. It was a great writing experience.
Marisol’s Wedding in the one I enjoyed the most to write. I still laugh whenever I read it. I really love it and its characters. Besides, I felt super professional about it, and had all aspects of the story planned. This is the first book that I didn’t write in order, which is so unlike me but actually worked pretty well.
Natalie’s Wedding, that’s coming out on July 24, is the book that has demanded the most of me. It is intense, and dark in a way, and I believe you’ll be able to see how much I’ve grown as a writer. It has proven to be the most challenging of them all, and I really encourage you to read it. And until now, it has my favorite cover.

Who’s my favorite character?

Some aren’t going to agree with me… but this is how I feel. I have two favorite characters. The first one, and there’s no surprise there, is Josh. He’s just so awesome! He’s hot, he’s sweet, and all kinds of perfect… so probably there isn’t much surprise there. BTW, if you want to receive an exclusive chapter from hi POV join my newsletter. I’ll be sending it after the publication of Natalie’s Wedding on July 24.

My other favorite character is Laura. I know, I know. Most people hate her. She can be awful, a complete bitch, but that’s what makes her so fun to read and write. Give her a chance and I know you’ll change your mind on her. There’s a reason Kassie and the girls keep her close.

“Why are you here, Josh?” I couldn't hold back my curiosity any longer.

“What do you mean?”

He seemed completely caught off guard by my direct question, and I had to remind myself that he couldn’t see inside my head. I really didn’t know what I wanted to hear, but Edward’s words kept coming back to me. Maybe Josh only wanted to sleep with me, nothing else—although it seemed like a lot of trouble for only a night of pleasure.

“Do you really only care about getting into my pants?” I asked, bordering somewhere between a pleading glance and a glare.

Josh seemed to relax a bit before he answered me. “You know I do. But not in the way that moron phrased it. I don’t want you thinking about it like that.”

“You have no idea what I’m thinking,” I quipped.

“I don’t,” Josh said quietly. “I wish I had a clue.” Then he stepped closer to me and tilted his head. “And obviously you don’t know how I feel about you, either.”

“Then explain it to me.” I didn’t try to back away from him this time.

This time he looked at me with different eyes. I didn’t see myself broken in them anymore.

K.T.  Castle  is  an  author/artist  on  a  quest  to  find  the  words,  forms,  and  colors  to materialize    the    worlds    and    people    of    her imagination.    She    never    saw    herself    as    an incurable romantic, but lately, that's what she finds herself  musing  about.  Love  is  found  everywhere, regardless  if  it  comes  from  a  nice  person,  an ass — mundane or even vampire. When  she's  not  busy with  work,  in  front  of  a computer  placing  many  thoughts  in  order,  she makes her best to be creative or relax with a good book and a snack. Some of her favorite characters are Sookie, Rule and Shaw, Bella, Edward, Clary, Jace, Wrath, Hollywood, Blaire, Woods, Ethan, the Sleeping Beauty, and Ariel.
Get to know her more on her social media pages.


Up for grabs:
$10 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC and autographed copies of both books and some swag (stickers and bookmarks)
(2 winners, USA only)

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