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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Kings and Queens by Anarie Brady and Jae El Foster 💕 Fun Facts, Behind the Scenes, Book Tour & Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Historical Romance Anthology)

As I Follow by Anarie Brady

Princess Orla must first learn to follow if she is to lead her homeland once her evil step mother is dethroned. Who better to teach her than Prince Darcy, the leader of the rebellion against Queen Ena and a strict but fair Dominant who would love nothing better than to take the beautiful Orla in hand and return the kingdom of Athas to its former glory.

The Man With the Kind Eyes by Jae El Foster

Bridgette Mahoney just wanted a better life for herself and the people suffering under a corrupt president. What she gets is nominated to be Queen of the country whether she wants the position or not.

from Anarie Brady

When I first read the "Call for Submissions" for kings and queens, my first thought was Snow White!! I've always loved fairy tales, even as an adult. As a kid, I naturally fell in love with the magic. There's no reason, though, why magic can't be a part of our adult lives as well! Instead of a magical kiss or a fairy godmother, real magic can happen when two people find a connection with each other. That connection leads to trust, respect, and sometimes, love.

From As I Follow, So Shall I Lead

“Princess, might I have a word?” a deep voice startled her out of her thoughts.

“Prince Darcy!” she squeaked, jumping to her feet. “Of course.”

“Shall we take a walk? I understand you have only seen this room of the Chateau. I’d like to give you a tour,” he said, holding his hand out to her.

Hesitantly she reached out her own hand and nodded. Ever since Gala shared some of her experiences in the Chateau’s training rooms, Orla had been curious. Actually, she had been dying to know more. While Gala had not gone into details, she had spoken of the feelings evoked by some of her sessions. Orla longed to experience such feelings of freedom, power, and something indescribable. During the past few weeks, she had witnessed the beauty of a woman kneeling before a man, the protective gentleness in the eyes of a dominant, and the glow of pride when a dominant praised his submissive. Orla felt a tingle deep within her body and had to admit that she longed for such feelings as well.

“Do you understand the dual nature of this facility?” Darcy asked as he led her down an ornate hallway.

“I believe so,” she answered. “The Chateau trains people in the arts of dominance and submission. Submission primarily, because, according to Gala, every good dominant understands what it is like to be a submissive.”

“That’s right.”

“People pay handsomely for the privilege of coming here to learn. The tuition then pays for the training of warriors who are in resistance to Queen Ena. They wish to overthrow her and place me back on the throne,” Orla said quietly.

“Indeed. Orla, it was your father’s last wish that you also be trained,” Darcy stated. “I am more than willing to help you learn how to become an effective ruler, but to become an applicant, you must yourself request it. We do not force anyone here. We abide by the dictums of Safe, Sane, and Consensual.”

Orla stopped walking and turned to face Darcy. “I understand and greatly respect you for following those dictums. Over the past few years, I have had no choice in what I wear, what I eat, when I speak, what I do, not even when I sleep. I’m ready for freedom of choice. My father also taught me that freedom is possible only when everyone agrees to follow certain guidelines. I don’t know if I’m ready to consent to this training yet, but let’s finish the tour and then I’ll decide.”

Darcy smiled and Orla breathed a sigh of relief. Despite Gala’s assurances, she hadn’t been sure that Darcy would respect her decision.

“Princess, I see you are wise as well as cautious. Both excellent characteristics in both a ruler and a submissive. Shall we continue?” he asked before tucking her hand into the crook of his arm.

Orla’s eyes widened and her heart began to beat erratically as Darcy showed her every room of the Chateau. First, there was the Medical Room where applicants were given a thorough medical exam to determine their overall fitness. “No one is excluded because of a physical difficulty,” he explained, “but it is essential that a primary be intimately familiar with any limitations. For example, if an applicant has respiratory difficulties, then the primary knows never to engage in breath play and to be very, very cautious about gags.”

“Good to know you take safety seriously,” Orla commented.

“It’s the first S of our motto – Safe, Sane, and Consensual.”


of The Man with the Kind Eyes
by Jae El Foster 

One of my favorite things is to tell a story. Ideas, to me, are chaos. I find that my job as a writer is to take that chaos and find the organization that is trapped within it. Sometimes, this work is easy as pie, but often that is not such the case.

Take for instance "The Man with the Kind Eyes." Although the story was created swiftly over a period of two days, through a call for submissions from my publisher that I was well past the expiration date on, this story taunted me with an elaborate plot that I had not prepared myself for. The anthology theme was "kings and queens," and I had intended on writing a pleasant story about a young woman who was nominated to reign as the first Queen of her people. I had the whole idea scoped out and ready to be typed up. The problem came the moment my fingers hit the keys.

It was not a case of writer's block. I do not seem to get that much anymore. The muses have been kind to me, and they continue to flood me with more ideas than I know I'll have time to pen. No, writer's block was, in fact, the opposite of what was happening. You see, even though an idea hit me and I had mapped it fully out, what my fingers began to type was something almost completely different. By the end, the only thing that would remain from my original idea would be a nation nominating its first queen.

No matter what story I - Jae El Foster - wanted to tell that day, some other being had a different story that it insisted was told instead. I had no control over the situation. Everything I had outlined for "The First Queen"* was out the door. The worst part was, I had no idea where it was going.

In the first scene, I was terrified. My future queen had become a member of a rebellious army in this version of the story, and she had just assassinated a corrupt president to free her enslaved people. This, you understand, was far from my tale of a young princess coming of age and becoming a queen - the first female to rule solely over her kingdom. Sure, there would have been trying moments in that story as well, like how she become queen and what had happened to her parents to have thrust that rare role upon her.

Yet, the trying moments that existed in what had just been written were risky and took a chance of repelling a percentage of the audience that I had no interest in offending. While America itself was going through a period of government issues and a clashing of viewpoints, I did not want to ride off of it or glamorize it. I considered scrapping what I had and starting afresh, with the idea that I had originally intended. Yet, whatever muse was controlling my fingers had refused me this and instead continued on with the curious adventure of Bridgette Mahoney.

The story then began to weave itself further out of control. It seemed that the events in the story were moving at such a rapid pace that I could not fathom them as I was writing them, just as Bridgette becomes lost in those moments of transition once her nomination of Queen is made reality. Then, I realized that I was seeing the story through Bridgette's eyes as I wrote it, and that I was no more the writer of this story than I was the one who could have predicted the true dilemma of her saga. I was merely a vessel.

This mind-spinning tale of Bridgette Mahoney is as tragic as it is triumphant. Once I had completed it, and once I stared it in the face, I understood it. I understood the importance of the full circle that brings with it great revelation, and I understood the significance of an ending that should make us more fearful of what we can create than who we pretend to be.

"The Man with the Kind Eyes" is, perhaps, one of my most explosive pieces of work, despite being such a short piece, and I do not believe that I could have extended it into anything more than what it became. The swiftness of the spiral is significant to its relationship with life's overwhelming daily motions.

I truly hope that you have found "The Man with the Kind Eyes" to be as insightful as it is entertaining. My thanks to DCL Publications for including me in the collection, alongside author Anarie Brady, who has also spun a terrific tale for you to enjoy.

"The Man with the Kind Eyes" can be found in Kings & Queens: A Dark Castle Lords Anthology from DCL Publications, available now in eBook and Print.

Note: * "The First Queen" was the original title of "The Man with the Kind Eyes" until a theme within the story brought about the new name.

Creating an Original Queen
by Jae El Foster 

Not too long ago, shortly after the release of the Kings& Queens anthology, I wrote an essay about what was involved in writing my contribution ‘The Man with the Kind Eyes.’ However, a magician never shows all of his tricks at one show.

Here are some fun facts about creating my tale of America’s first Queen. To begin with, I had not been in the picture for a few months due to some personal matters, and so I learned about the anthology only two days before the deadline for submission. I contacted my editor – the wonderful, incomparable Jean Watkins – and I asked if there was still time for me to be included. When I was given the green light, I wrote steadily throughout the weekend until I had a suitable but genuinely different submission for DCL Publications.

I could have written a nice romance between a wandering minstrel and a Queen known for being cold in the heart, but when I sought ideas of such, I discovered nothing original. I took a risk and decided to move from the historical past of kings and queens, knights and reign, and into the near future instead. I needed a likely, relatable location where a first queen could be crowned, and my homeland of America became my background. As the original title of the story was ‘The First Queen,’ location was of most importance.

I have been asked about my incorporation of American politics into the story during a time when America is so politically torn, but I promise you three things. The first is that politics were pertinent to the storyline and I couldn’t have a queen in America without them. Secondly, the politics that are in question come full circle – just a note to those who might make judgment before finishing the tale. Finally, when it is all said and done, politics have absolutely nothing to do with this story.

Does that confuse you? Good. I have you intrigued.

The true fun in ‘The Man with the Kind Eyes’ – which took its new name from the constant reference of an unnamed reoccurring character – is the in-between… the gut of the book that separates the harsh and poignant beginning from the unimaginable, eerie ending. Bridgette has overthrown a corrupt President and freed her people. In turn, her people have made her their Queen. I had to be fast with this story – the muses gave me little choice – but I wanted to instill the rapid pace of being in charge, as well as incorporate the people behind the scenes that help the person in charge make the decisions. I wanted to display how a person in power might be pulled into an overwhelming whirlpool of deceit and how sometimes the best intentions can falter.

‘The Man with the Kind Eyes’ is a short but provoking tale that will leave readers in a state of uncanny awe and with a fear of what technology could one day bring.

That right there, my friends, is a clue to the end of the story, and with that clue I will leave you to your reading. Remember to follow me on Twitter @jaeelbooks and sign up for my monthly newsletter at – there are contests and free reads available too. You can also find my original behind the scenes essay on ‘The Man with the Kind Eyes’ on my website under the Stories behind the Stories tab.

Thank you for your kindness. Remember to be love, spread love, embrace love.

Jae El Foster

Anarie Brady

Anarie Brady writes hot, happy ever after love stories filled with strong men and strong women who choose to submit to their own desires. She also loves scratching her chinchilla in all his itchy spots, sipping tea, and savoring whiskey. She absolutely adores hearing from fans, so don’t be shy!


Jae El Foster 

Jae El Foster is an author with whom you question going to bed with at night, but you dare to venture beneath the sheets with him anyway. As the venture concludes, you are perhaps romanced by it, or perhaps you are frightened by it. Don’t worry, because you are always satisfied by it. Despite the title or genre of the book, Jae El sets out to please you with climatic and unexpected conclusions that will make you tremble with emotion. Hop aboard the Jae El train and give it a good ride.


💕 Head over to Jae's website and enter for a chance to become a character in a story! 💕

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  1. Having a family who loves to read I always appreciate hearing about another great book. Thank you for the book description and giveaway as well.

  2. Great interview, Jae El and thanks for the love you shared with me. Just wish we could have read an excerpt from your story as well.

    1. Why thank you, Incomparable Jean! LOL Every word was true! Check my reply below for the excerpt. :)

  3. Thank you for having the DCL authors on your blog!

  4. Thank you so much for hosting today! We sincerely appreciate this opportunity to share our great book 'Kings & Queens' with you!

    I normally would have checked in first thing this morning, but I woke up late, spilled my coffee, and flew out the door. I'll check back often throughout the day to answer any questions anyone might have. Thank you again and I look forward to a fun afternoon!

    Jae El

    The Man With the Kind Eyes - from Kings & Queens: A Dark Castle Lords Anthology - excerpt:

    On May 13, Bridgette herself stormed the Oval Office, finding Folsom in his chair with a gun pointed at her. He had a smile on his face, and despite the fact that his regime was falling, he did not seem nervous.

    “I’ve been waiting for you, Miss Mahoney,” he had told her, waving her toward his desk with his gun. She sat in one of the chairs in front of his desk. “You came so close to winning. You must be commended. When I open my window and throw your head down to your people, I’ll make sure they cheer.”

    “If you’re going to kill me, do it,” Bridgette said in her most challenging tone, “but don’t think that it will stop my people. They will get to you, if they have to tear this building down bit by bit to do it.”

    “Such brave talk for such a little girl. You could have had your whole life ahead of you, you know.”

  5. Really great post, I enjoyed reading the fun facts and excerpt :)

  6. I like the cover. Would love to visit a castle like that one. Sounds like a good read.

    1. Thank you so much! The cover was designed by DCL's Lynn Hubbard (I appear alongside her and author Miriam Newman in the new anthology Enchanted Fairy Tales also) and features the incredible Billy Freda. I don't know where that castle is, but I could totally live in it.

  7. They sound awesome! Thanks for sharing them.

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  11. What inspired you to persue a career in writing? Congrats on the release. Bernie Wallace BWallace1980(at)hotmail(d0t)com

    1. Hi Joseph! When I was sixteen, I worked at a steakhouse washing dishes. I hated it. My dad was the manager. He asked me why I worked there. I told him I needed the money. He told me that time was much to short for us to spend so much of it doing stuff we hate and for me to do what I love.

      Then, he fired me. :)

      It would be a while before I could dedicate a good amount of time to my writing, but that was my first good nudge.

  12. I can't wait to read this book !

    1. I hope you enjoy! It's a great read! I love Anarie's story. I tease that I haven't read my own. ;-)

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