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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Highland Dom by Marie Tuhart 💕 Fun Facts, Book Tour & Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Erotic Romance)

Sexual education professor and dominant Cameron McMillan has had his eye on the submissive, sexy cafe owner since she settled in his hometown four years ago, but he was already in a relationship. But that fell apart, and after soothing his heart while teaching at the University in Scotland, he's back. Cameron is ready to see if Kristen is interested in acting on the sexy words she whispered to him at his farewell party. He doesn't want to wait another day to introduce her to the world of BDSM...if she's willing.

Kristen Caldwell never thought Cameron would act on her whispered invitation to tie her up and spank her...liquor and him being an ocean away had made her brave. But he has returned, and she's tentative but ready to explore her kinky side despite past failures with other partners. The sexy and dominate professor might be just what she needs in the bedroom, though she worries about what others will think if she's seen with him. Will a relationship with Cameron put her successful business at risk?

Things start out great, but Kristen’s fears and shadows in her past rear their ugly head, threatening more their relationship. She has to decide whether to stand up for what she wants or run...again.

Did you know: This book was a call from my publisher doing a series called “Real Men Wear Kilts.” Now because I write Erotic romance and this was for their erotic romance line I started thinking about the fun I could have with this.

I came up with the “kinky highland games.” But as I wrote the book, I realized while I could have the kinky games, trying to center a big piece of the book around highland games wasn’t going to work. But my hero, Cameron started talking to me. Now he’s a sexual health professor, and let me tell you, he can get a bit kinky.

In trying to find a heroine that fit him, Kristen, started forming in my mind. She was finally settling down after getting her business off the ground. But why was she in Grant, Washington? How long had she lived there? And how did she and Cameron meet each other?

My characters started talking to me and I wrote, and wrote, and wrote. When I got done I looked at the book and said “we have work to do.”

Behind the scenes – me as the author was researching owning a cafe, how big would her baking space need to be. Could she live above her cafe? How long did a person have to go to school to become a sexual health professor? Was there such a position? The kilt? What clan where they? What did their tartan look like? So many things, but it was fun to figure things out.

A fun fact: Right after I finished writing Highland Dom and the book was with my editor, I visited Scotland. I was able to find information on the clan McMillan, I bought McMillan tartan, and the McMillan crest. I had a lot of fun taking pictures for future books and just being in Scotland sparked lots of idea for the other books.

That’s another fun fact: Highland Dom was going to be a standalone book, until I finished the book and realized the potential with his brothers and sister, so now it’s going to be a 5 book series.

Behind the scenes/fun fact: Search stock art for men in kilts. That was a fun couple of days, while I didn’t find many I had fun looking.

“We have some unfinished business.” He reached across the table and captured her hand before she could pull it back. Almost.

“We do?” Her voice trembled a bit as she sat straighter in her chair.

“Yes. Did you really mean what you said at my going away party?”

Her teeth nibbled at her lower lip for a minute and damn if his dick didn’t grow hard at the action.

“What did I say? That was six months ago.” She lowered her gaze to the tabletop where he held her hand.

“You remember.” He squeezed her hand then lowered his voice. “Look at me.”

When she didn’t move an inch, Cam inhaled deeply, reined in his dominant side and said, “Please, look at me.”

She lifted her gaze from their hands to meet his.

Her eyes were wide and bright. “Cameron,” she started, trying to pull her hand from his.

He didn’t let go. “Tell me. Did you fantasize about me tying you up in my bed and having my wicked way with you while I was gone?”


Marie Tuhart lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her muse, Penny, a four pound toy poodle. Marie loves to read and write, when she’s not writing, she spends time with family, traveling and enjoying life.
Marie is a multi-published author with The Wild Rose Press, Trifecta Publishing and does some self-publishing. To be alerted on new releases on Amazon or Book Bub. Also you can join Marie’s newsletter where she gives her group advance information on her books, runs contests and does giveaways just for newsletter readers. Marie can also be found on Goodreads, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.


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