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Monday, October 8, 2018

The Scythian Trials by Elizabeth Isaacs 💕 Book Blitz & Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Fantasy Romance)

Descendants of the Amazons, the Scythians work alongside prominent governments but answer to no one. Warriors living on the fringe of civilization, they live by one credo: Strength through Equality. Power through Knowledge.

Nya Thalestris is the brightest Scythian of her generation. Strong, capable, ruthless, she is sure to earn a spot in the Trials, a time-honored mating ritual responsible for the evolution of her species.

Abducted by their sworn enemy, the Drahzda, Nya is forever altered and spirals out of control. The Society sends in Jax Nickius. Infamous psychologist and one of the most brutal warriors of their kind, he discovers triggers planted in Nya’s mind. As Nya solidifies her spot in the Trials, Jax develops a plan to help her heal—while pursuing her as a mate. But, Nya’s attraction to Jax is at war with her instinct to never let anyone get too close.

During the Trials, Nya’s repressed memories surface, revealing a new enemy—one from inside the consulate walls—and a traitorous alliance on the horizon that could irrevocably change the course of history.

Since before the Bronze Age, the Society has managed to safeguard humanity from itself … until now.

Jax frowned as he glanced at her leg. “You’re still bleeding.”
She looked at the soaked scarf. “I’ll live.”
“Do you have a long-sleeved shirt under that jacket?”
Confused, Nya nodded. “Yes.”
His jaw clenched as he looked at the top box. “Good. Rip off your sleeve and tie it again.”
Nya froze. Jax wasn’t allowed to help her, and they both knew it.
“I’ll be fine.”
“Vtachi,” he rumbled.
“For the love of God, stop calling me a fucking bird!”
The horn blared overhead.
Jax crossed his arms, settling his weight on the back of his heels, his expression aloof.
“Your mother has requested you not stay for the Claiming Season, should you lose the championship, that is. She already has a rovni in mind that she feels would be better than any candidate the champions send back. I know him from my days in the academy. He’s not exactly a conversationalist, but—”
“Oh, shut up.” Nya ripped off her jacket. She tore off her shirtsleeve and put the jacket back on. Grumbling a stream of obscenities that would make a sailor blush, she tied the extra material around her thigh.
“Tighter,” Jax ordered.
She grumbled some more, straining to pull the material as tight as it would go. Her leg screamed in pain.
“There. Happy?”
“Not quite.” Jax stepped forward, his eyes never leaving hers. He put his hand on her hip, his fingers resting on the rise of her backside. His thumb grazed her hipbones as his palms moved down. His knuckles swept across her lower abdomen, trailing downward until his fingers grazed her sex, finally resting on her inner thigh.
Nya gasped as he pressed the soft flesh there, quickly finding the hidden knife. Tucking his thumb and forefinger beneath the hidden pocket, he unsheathed the blade.
Leaning in, he whispered as his lips grazed her ear, “Sorry, Vtachi. No weapons allowed this round.”

💕 To be released October 23 💕


Elizabeth is an author, teacher, and publishing professional who began her career as a national presenter for Resource Profiles, where she developed teacher seminars designed to foster creative brain stimulation. Moving into formal education, she helped at-risk students improve their writing skills as well as created and implemented a creative writing/blogging program that centered on teaching the 21st-century learner. Works stemming from this initiative were published online and seen in over 40 countries.

Elizabeth receives invitations to speak nationwide at schools and book clubs. She co-founded the popular book site, Chirenjenzie, which reaches thousands of people throughout the world. The writer support and reader interest group promotes and interacts with followers on Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and various other blog sites. Elizabeth has a Master's degree from Austin Peay State University, where she studied classical opera. She graduated Magna Cum Laude and was a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society.

"The Light of Asteria" received Honorable Mention at the New York Book Festival. Her newest work, "The Scythian Trials" will be released in 2017 by Vesuvian Media.

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