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Monday, November 26, 2018

Becoming Magic by Michelle Garren Flye 💕 Fun Facts, Book Tour & $50 Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Contemporary Romance)

Carole Barnes once believed she would make her own way in Hollywood, but those days are long gone, leaving behind only a dark, slimy secret that Carole has never shared with anyone. Now she hides in the bright sunshine of the Crystal Coast of North Carolina. As far away as she can get from Hollywood. But what to do when Hollywood comes knocking in the form of a sexy movie star?

Connor Wallace has everything going for him—looks, talent, a successful career—but what he really wants is to perform magic on stage. His love of magic leads him back to his mentor Walt Bryson. At first, he’s pleased when Walt suggests his assistant Carole produce a documentary of his transformation from movie star to magician. He’s worked with Carole before—but the ambitious girl who had a crush on him is gone now, leaving a beautiful, withdrawn woman.

It’s the perfect arrangement. Carole knows she can make a success of the movie and Connor wants to work with her. But as they grow closer, Connor determines to find out her secret. Can love overcome the boundaries of fear? Or will Carole’s past return to plague them both?

Writing Magic (but Not a Magician)
By Michelle Garren Flye

I started out writing my Sleight of Hand series like I write everything. A whim struck me one day. I love magic, I love live performances, and I had a crush on David Copperfield when I was five and he was 19—and it persisted throughout my girlhood years whenever he had a new TV special.

There is a basic problem with writing about magic when you’re a fan and not a magician, though. You don’t want to find out how the tricks are done. At least, I didn’t. Plus, I’m very aware of other people’s intellectual property, so, though I watched a lot of magic, I didn’t want to reproduce those tricks in my books. So I started out dreaming up new magic tricks. I devised some pretty incredible stuff for my first and third books (the second one was about escape magic, which is different), and none of these tricks could actually be performed. I didn’t, honestly, know what I was writing about.

By the time I wrote Book 4, Movie Magic, I had resigned myself to learning how the magic tricks were done. I thought this would ruin magic for me, but, to my surprise and delight, it really doesn’t. As I say quite often in my books, the real trick is in the performance. Even when you know how a trick is done, if you can’t catch the magician doing it, you’ll be just as amazed, if not more so.

And then, just before I wrote Book 5, Becoming Magic, I actually met a magician, Arjay Lewis, and his advice has been key in making my magic more realistic. And just to prove my point about the performance, when I went to one of his shows, I had a pretty good idea how most of the tricks were done, sat in the front row and watched him very closely—and didn’t catch him a single time. Since then, Arjay has been my “magic consultant”, and he’s been great. He even helped me design an entire holiday-themed magic show for Book 6, Dickens Magic.

So I guess that’s my confession for the day. But I will add this one caveat. The magician’s code exists for a reason. Though you can probably find out how a trick is performed just by looking it up on the internet, you might not want to. Because it’s really fun to be fooled sometimes. And it’s really fun to think that maybe, just maybe, that street magician really is magic!

Connor pulled the linking rings back out of their velvet bag and began practicing with the engagement ring on them. “I may need your help, too.”

“With the trick?” She raised her eyebrows. “I’m not sure I’m the one—”

“Nonsense. You know how it works. You just have to catch it correctly.” He tossed the ring to her. She caught it neatly, but the engagement ring went flying.

“Damn.” She cursed softly. “I thought I could do that.”

“No, you weren’t sure. You said so.” He found the engagement ring and replaced it on the linking ring. He fixed her with a stern look. “Be certain.”

“Okay.” She shrugged, but she knew what he was talking about. Every movement in magic—or any showmanship, really—had to be done with certainty. No rethinking yourself or doubts allowed. The audience should never be aware that you might not know what you’re doing. And so she banished any doubts and looked at him expectantly.

“And don’t look at me like that.” He twirled the rings in the air, absently connecting and disconnecting them. She knew how it was done, but he’d gotten so good at it, she couldn’t catch him.

She laughed. “Why not?”

He paused in the act of juggling the rings, caught them and displayed them all connected with the engagement ring dangling at the bottom. “Because you make it hard for me to be certain.”

She tilted her head, wondering what he meant…


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Michelle Garren Flye is an award-winning romance author of eleven novels and counting. Her short stories have been published by the romance anthology Foreign Affairs,, and, among others. She has served on the editorial staffs of Horror Library, Butcher Shop Quartet and Tattered Souls. Michelle has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She is the mother of three and lives in North Carolina.


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