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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Stolen Kiss by Karen Tjebben 💕 Book Tour & Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Romantic Suspense)

A sociopath is on the hunt…

Bret Silva’s handsome face is plastered all over town on placards praising his success. But neither his eyes nor his friendly smile betray the dark beast that lurks within. A beast that requires sacrifices. But one mistake endangers Bret’s survival.

When the men from Savage Security discover a damning photo, they realize that someone has mastered the art of the perfect murder. As their hunt begins, Cole Savage must reconcile his desire for justice with the burning ache in his heart for Julia Romero. Enlisting her help as a realtor, they work together to find a new home for Savage Security while the hunt for the killer continues. As the men discover more victims, they piece together the clues and realize that one of their own may be in the sights of a ruthless killer.

Bella moved her hands to the top button of her shirt and slowly unbuttoned it as she stared into Jack’s eyes. The green of his eyes darkened as her fingers fumbled with the second button, revealing more skin.
“Are you okay with this?” she whispered, her fingers moving to the third button.
Jack nodded. He wanted to tear the shirt apart, send the buttons flying through the air. She was going way too slowly, but watching her expose herself to him was hotter than hell. Needing to do something with his hands, he gripped her hips and shifted her so her legs straddled his body. “Is that better?” he asked, his voice rough with lust.
“Yeah,” she finished unbuttoning the jersey and let it hang open. She’d purposely worn her lacy, white bra that hooked in the front. Keeping her eyes locked on his, her fingers fumbled with the plastic hook centered between her breasts. Bending them, the hook opened and the bra cups loosened. She took a moment just to steady her breath as the lace still clung to the curve of her breasts. Her heart pounded in her chest with the same excitement and anticipation she saw in Jack’s eyes. Then she pulled the bra cups away from her breasts. The cool air against her flesh pebbled her nipples.
Jack swallowed. Although her breasts were exposed, he hadn’t taken his eyes off her face. He kept his hands on her hips, not wanting to rush her. Her dark brown eyes seduced him with their trust and her lips begged for his attention. He eased forward and gently brushed his lips against hers in a kiss filled with the promise of love.
Bella eased into the comfort of his touch and prolonged the kiss, taking his bottom lip into her mouth and nipping it. His moan emboldened her as his hands tightened on her hips and pulled her against him. His hard length was nestled between her legs. She’d noticed his erection through his clothes whenever they’d made out, and she’d wanted to touch it then. But right now, she wanted to press her body against him and feel the heat of him between her legs. She wanted to rock against him and take them both to oblivion.
She moved her hands to cover his, noting the roughness of his skin. He was all man. Strong, masculine, and sexy. Those hands did wonderful things. But most importantly, they’d saved her, literally coaxing her from death’s door. Clutching his hands, she guided them up her abdomen until the bottom of her breasts were centered between his thumb and index finger.
With every beat of Jack’s heart, energy coursed through him and transformed his desire to absolute need. His cock begged to get in on the action. It pressed against the zipper of his pants, long, hard, and ready to stroke her to paradise. His fingertips were mere inches from her nipples. It took everything in him to keep from squeezing her soft breasts or thumbing her nipples.
She broke the kiss and gazed into his eyes. Every sensation was heightened. The steady whoosh of Jack’s breathing sent tiny puffs of heat whirling over her body. The heat of his hands cradling her breasts sent her blood thrumming through her, and her clit pulsed with desire. Her need to grind against him pushed all fear and concern away.
Nodding, with trust in her eyes, she whispered, “Touch me.”



Alisha Woods knew she was in trouble. The situation was progressing. The harmless flirtation had long past intriguing and now bordered on terrifying. She had to take action, go on the offensive against her stalker. As she opened the door of Young Guns, she promised herself that she’d be ready when he came for her. She would survive.

Mike Lewis lived each day knowing that life could evaporate in a moment. Ghosts followed him, haunting his soul. He craved redemption, a chance to right the wrongs of his past. And when Alisha walked in, he recognized his chance at redemption. He would save her.

After everything Mike had done to prepare her, she thought she was ready. But as the blood spilled from her lips, Alisha’s mind raced for what she could have done differently…

She should have listened to Mike.


Bella Chan is a good girl surrounded by alpha-males who thrive on danger. Unfortunately, that danger comes back to bite her. She can still feel the deadly grip of Hazeem’s fingers wrapped around her neck. If Jack hadn’t shown up at Savage Security, she’d be dead. Then, in pure alpha-male fashion, Jack appoints himself her personal bodyguard. Bella soon realizes that Jack isn’t there to protect her. He’s there to win her heart.

And now, in the aftermath of the attack, the men of Savage Security band together to hunt down the terrorists living on American soil. As they navigate through the intrigue and deception that camouflages their assailants, they also confront the treason that threatens the Nation’s defenses.


Some sins cannot be forgiven. Those must be avenged.

When Aditya Chopra stumbled upon the decimated camp, she vowed to hunt down the men who killed her sister. The stench of burnt flesh and the taste of death in the air haunt her dreams and power her lust for vengeance. She will show no mercy.

The men of Savage Security served their country. They’d done their time in the sandbox and now enjoy their peaceful lives in the States, far from the death and mayhem of war. Will living in peace blind them to the dangerous threat that’s poised to strike?


💕 To be released November 21 💕

Lizzy Adams spent the summer pining for Tyson Smith, the sexy security agent whose instruction at a safety seminar saved her life. Now, every man she meets is measured against the absolute awesomeness of the brawny black man with the soulful eyes, the baritone voice that whispers over her like a velvet caress, and a smile that turns her knees to jelly. Now she just had to get him to notice her.

Tyson Smith had a lot of respect for Lizzy Adams, the spunky teacher who freed herself from the clutches of a deranged miscreant who’d wanted to take her hostage. But his concept of her wholesome ‘girl-next-door’ image was challenged the night she showed up at a company barbeque dressed as a flirty cowgirl. Always the gentleman, he managed to keep his eyes off her assets as she strolled around the farm. His mother had raised him better, but there was no denying that she was every man’s ‘American Beauty’ fantasy. But the night he’d shown up at her doorstep to help her out altered their relationship forever. Between the fear in her eyes and the baseball bat perched on her shoulder, his protective side surfaced, and he handed her a piece of his heart.

Their whirlwind romance is threatened when a man from Lizzy’s past attacks her. Sam Clark wants vengeance for his son. He blames the jurors from Jason’s trial for Jason’s death and crafts a hit list. But killing Lizzy, the scrappy survivor, is harder than he thought. After Sam fails at his first attempt on Lizzy’s life, he resolves to kill her before he’s forced into hiding. He just has to get past the big, black man who appointed himself Lizzy’s protector.

LIZZY'S KISS is part of the Savage Security Series, but it can be read as a stand-alone with a HEA.


Karen Tjebben lives in central North Carolina with her wonderful husband, twin daughters, and two hamsters. When her girls left for kindergarten, Karen discovered that she needed to fill her days with something, and that was the beginning of her writing career. She loves to create worlds filled with unique characters that she hopes will delight and raise goose bumps on her readers. In her free time, she enjoys traveling with her husband and seeing the world through her daughters' eyes.


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