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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Claim Me by Mia Kennedy 💕 Flash FREE eBook 💕 (Contemporary Romance)

If you love smoking hot, bossy & dominant alpha males with dirty little secrets, who won’t take no for an answer then this is the book for you.
Following a chance encounter on the opening night of a new club, Ella Reid strolls into work on Monday morning to find out the hot, cocky stranger she kicked to the kerb is her new and very high profile client.
Fitness mogul and playboy Joe Madden has met his match with Ella. She doesn’t fall at his feet like women usually do, she isn’t impressed by his looks, his body or his wealth. What’s a guy to do?
In this first instalment of the ‘You’re Mine’ trilogy Joe becomes an alpha on a mission to get the one thing he can’t seem to win, Ella. However behind Joe’s sexy facade lies some dangerous, sinister and down right dirty secrets that won’t stay hidden for long. Life’s about to deliver a devastating blow and the fall out could be fatal.

💕 Free until December 25 💕


Ella is at rock bottom. Humiliated, hurt and betrayed she now has many challenges facing her, the primary one being can she ever forgive Joe for his lurid past? Can she ever live without him?
Will Joe and Ella ever find their way back to one another? Or are there other factors at work here that are keeping them apart?

Part 2 of a 3 part trilogy. Book 3 'Own Me' To be released October 2018
Part 1 'Claim Me' Available on Kindle Unlimited


Own Me is the final instalment in the 'You're Mine' trilogy.

Joe and Ella have never had it easy in their relationship. Ella feels like they're always doomed to fail and questions whether she needs to move on. Joe will always hold a special place in her heart, but does accepting him into her heart and her life mean Ella will always experience heartbreak? Will Joe ever totally own his Ella and could she ever own a man like Joe?
In this final chapter of their story, their loyalty will be tested to the limit especially when a stalker with a grudge from the past finally catches up with Joe.


Mia Kennedy lives in Bristol, United Kingdom with her husband and two children.  She loves loves escaping into a good book by either reading or writing!



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