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Thursday, January 3, 2019

By the Book Bride: Ryder by Joann Baker & Patricia Mason πŸ’• Flash FREE eBook πŸ’• (Western Romance)

Ryder Anderson loved women—short, tall, round, thin, blonde, brunette and redhead. Of course, the youngest of the three Anderson brothers couldn’t hold a candle to his oldest brother’s womanizing ways. Still, he’d had his share of relationships and then some, but he’d never known true love. Until Georgia.

Georgia Stevens moved to the quaint town of Devil’s Spur, Texas, to put some distance between herself and her younger, thinner sisters. She loved them, and they loved her, but maybe now that she was on her own, the dating gods would be kinder. Red-hot cowboy, Ryder Anderson, may seem like the answer to her unspoken prayers, but he’s a player. Will she be able to read between his lines and find true love?

πŸ’• January 2-6 πŸ’•


Calhoun Anderson kept his feelings in check and his emotions under control. The sudden and tragic death of his parents had hit him and his siblings in different ways. Ry, his younger brother, sought love with a variety of women while Gabe, his elder brother, found solace in women-even married ones-liquor and hard living. So he'd had to be the levelheaded one. He'd thought he was handling everything well until his grandfathers hired a CPA to help with the ranch books. From the first look, he knew his even-keeled world was about to turn upside down.

Kristen Thomas left home to escape an emotionally turbulent relationship with her mother and an ex-fiancΓ© who had jilted her at the altar. Hoping to make a fresh start, she went to work for her uncle in his accounting office in the quaint town of Devil's Spur. How could she have known that one sexy cowboy had her number?

Read about younger brother Ryder in By the Book Bride


Joann Baker and Patricia Mason are best friends who write sweet romances (sometimes with a little heat!)



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