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Friday, January 4, 2019

Struck in Love by Chiquita Dennie πŸ’• Series Tour & Gift Card Giveaway πŸ’• (Contemporary Mafia Romance)

One moment is all it took to ignite a love affair neither would soon forget.

Nothing and no one could tear Antonio and Sabrina apart, no matter how hard they tried. Ex-lovers, angry family members, jealous rivals tried and failed. But they're not the only threats to this match made in passion. Antonio has secrets - secrets that could force them to sever ties forever. When the danger hits too close to home, he's forced to face his demons and keep her safe from harm.
With more obstacles against them than they can count, will they ever have their happily-ever-after?

“Hey, can we get another round of drinks over here? My God, look at the man in here tonight,” Janice said, extending her hand toward the waitress.
“Yeah, I’m not really feeling up to this guys; maybe I should head home and drink my sorrows away in private,” I mumbled lowly.
“Oh, no you don’t; this is exactly what you need, alcohol and sexy men,” Liz yelled over Janice’s ear at me.
“Listen, Sabrina, we know it’s tough, but you’ve been in the house for the past few weeks. It’s time to get out and mingle a little,” Liz said.
“We’re not saying marry the next guy; just get laid,” Janice pointed around the room toward all the guys passing drinks around.
The girls were MVP in their seats to the beat of the music. Loud music blasted throughout the club, and people were dancing and grinding up on each other.
As I took a sip from my drink, I felt like someone was watching me. I drowned out the talking and noticed this guy staring right at me. He smiled. I freely glanced him up and down. I felt like my heart was about to burst. Since the moment I met Alex, no man has ever made me feel this strong pull and I needed to slow it down because there is no way in hell I would travel down that road again.
The man was Antonio De Luca, 27, standing at 6’2, broad shoulders, ocean blue eye color, firm jawline, and had two dimples that made my heart skip a beat when he smiled at me. He was the most eligible bachelor in New York.
Suddenly, I felt nervous, like a teenager again with butterflies in my stomach. Not only was he the sexiest man I had ever seen, but he was surrounded by women and men hanging in his section like a celebrity. Jealous was my name and scared was the game.

Sabrina Washington has worked hard to get what she wants in life. The last thing the sassy, headstrong VP executive wants is an Alpha male who breaks all the rules, but when she meets Antonio De Luca, her steely façade starts to crumble under his gaze. He's exactly the kind of man who can unravel her straight-shooting reputation and she's not so convinced that's a bad thing. As they grow closer, her ability to resist her desires begins to waver. Soon, she finds herself immersed in his sexy and dangerous world and she's not sure she wants to go back to her old life...

Closing my eyes, I drifted off to my happy place of being with Sabrina.
"Bella, I miss kissing your lips," I said.
"I miss you too baby."
"When are you coming home?" I inquired.
"I'm not sure, it's pretty busy at work today. We just closed a big deal." Sabrina replied.
"What are you wearing?"
"Antonio is that why you called me. Not to say hi, good afternoon, how's your day, like any normal boyfriend. " Sabrina joked.
"Babe, I haven't touched you in over 8hrs, I need my fix."
"You are so spoiled," Sabrina replied.
"That goes both way's baby. Are you alone in your office?" I asked.
"Touch yourself for me. I want to hear you scream my name." I demanded.
"I'm at my place of business Tony. What if someone walks in or hears me."
"Get up and lock the door."
"You owe me for this mister. I want three orgasms and a foot massage later today." Sabrina informed.
I burst into laughter at the other end of the phone.
"Baby you can get as many orgasms as you want. I'd lick that pretty pussy all day and night. Just thinking about how sweet you taste. Is already making my dick hard."
"Tony, did you hear me? Tony...," Carlo snapped me out of my thoughts, nudging me in the arm.
"Sorry, what did you say?" I asked.
"Are you paying attention, or are you daydreaming about that Sabrina?"
Carlo walked up to our family home and opened the door. I walked in behind him.
"Focus on your own love life and let me worry about mine."

Antonio and Sabrina think they’ve put the worst behind them. They’re ready to begin the next chapter of their lives, but forces beyond their control have other plans for them. Before either can settle into their new roles of parent and newly-minted Don of the De Luca Cartel, people from their sordid pasts take their vengeance a step further.

Distinguishing friend from foe, acquaintances from hired guns is only the beginning of the trouble they’ll face. If Antonio can’t bring this madness to an end, he may very well lose not only his new title, but lose the family he fought so hard for.
Will their unimaginable love story end in tragedy or will their shared will to survive see them through?

He cupped my breasts. Needling my right then left nipple.

"Would you prefer I stop Bella?"

I arched into him and closed my eyes. The strain in my pussy was overwhelming.


Antonio continued kissing me on my neck and cheek.

"Baby, did I cause this?"


I leaned into him and licked his bottom lip.

"Uhhmmm." Antonio groaned into my mouth.

All of a sudden he pulled his hand out of my panties and turned to the tv.

"Actually, should we finish this later,"


"Didn't you say you wanted to see this show on Showtime right. The Chi from Lena White."

"What the fuck Tony! You can't leave me like this."

Janice is on a new path after graduating college and living her dreams in the corporate world. She’s managed to handle the dating world with no commitments. After her last relationship in college ended abruptly, she wants to focus on herself and build a solid foundation. Unfortunately for her, the return of her ex-boyfriend isn’t getting her any closer to that goal.

When she meets Carlo, a mob boss who’s as sexy as he is deadly, she can’t help but be intrigued. But his lifestyle is at direct odds with what she wants in life and love. Carlo, however, isn’t making things easy for her.
 She could choose to walk away, but will her decision lead to heartache or to a happily-ever-after?
Warning: Adult Content, steamy sex scenes, violence, sensitive subjects for some readers cause trigger, Spinoff from Antonio and Sabrina series. Recommended to read the Antonio and Sabrina series first for context.  Can be read as a standalone.


Chiquita Dennie is an author and entrepreneur. Born in Memphis, TN, and currently a Los Angeles CA native. Her background in film/tv has taught and shaped her passion for writing with her debut romance novel Antonio and Sabrina Struck In Love. Since its debut, fans have embraced the unconventional love story of Sabrina Washington and Antonio De Luca making Antonio and Sabrina Struck In Love an Amazon Best Seller #5 for Book 1 and #4 for Book 2 on Kindle charts.


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