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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Rebound Series by M. D. Dalrymple 💕 FREE Series Spotlight 💕 (Contemporary Romance)

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Can she open herself to a new man? Can she have a second chance at love?

Emma, reeling from a recent divorce, trying to find herself after years of identifying as "mom" or "wife," decides to take action. She signs up for a dating site and tells her friends she is on the prowl. One friend has an option for her -- a date wtih a sexy, dark-haired model. A night in paradise on Earth.

The problem? This is her first time back after nearly twenty years of marriage to one man. Can she bring herself to be intimate with a new man -- can she get "over the hump"?

As she drives to the hotel to meet this stranger, doubts about who she is, how she looks, and if she can be with another man, plague her.

Can she let go and succumb to the wiles of this hot date?


Emma is working her way back into the dating scene since her divorce. The bar scene in the modern age, though, is something altogether new. With the help of some friends, she meets an exotic and intoxicating stranger. His magnetism pulls at Emma in a way she has not known in years. Is this just another hook-up, or could this lead to something more?


Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple is a writer and a college writing professor. Graduating from University of California, Riverside with a Master's Degree in English and Literature, she has worked with students of all age levels - from elementary to graduate school - through her college teaching, tutoring, and charter school courses.

She started reading when she was 3 years old, writing when she was 4, and published her first poem at age 16. Her interest in logic and rhetoric began when she was 4 years old, and her mother bought her first logic puzzle book. She then read those puzzle books, Encyclopedia Brown books, and Two-Minute Mysteries regularly.

Michelle has always been an avid reader on all subjects, but has a special love for both horror and romance literature. Her two favorite authors are Stephen King and Diana Gabaldon.

She is currently working on other writing curricula texts and several novels of different genres.


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