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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The Alex Conner Chronicles by Parker Sinclair 💕 Series Tour & Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy)

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💕 99¢ 💕

Alex Conner’s memories of the vile man she exiled using supernatural powers inherited from her mother are all but breaking into her living hours, and nothing is working to keep her nightmares at bay.

Can Alex solve this mystery before it's too late or will she be the one responsible for bringing this horror back into her life?

Who can Alex trust and how is she to deal with the draw she has towards a new man in her life – a man who is definitely more than meets the eye?

Alex Conner: Witch? Healer? Both? Joining this powerful female character and a scooby-like cast including a seer, sexy book boyfriends, devoted best friends, heros, villans and monsters, and magical creatures. Enjoy the first book in this ongoing paranormal and fantasy series overflowing with suspense, steamy and romantic scenes, kick ass action, intrigue, adventure, mind-bending plotlines, and laugh out loud humor. Trust is a coming of age story about a young women who had to figure out her powers all on her own. The new adult tale will get you laughing, crying, while also being a nailbiter as supernatural powers and beings make this a page turner for paranormal, mystery, suspense, and fantasy fans.

Trust is a unique twist on paranormal romance, contemporary & urban fantasy for fans of The Hollows by Kim Harrison's, with the humor, heart, and horror of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the magic of The Weird Girls Series by Cecy Robson, & the science and world building of The King Killer Chronicles.

The Alex Conner Chronicles Reading order: Trust, Truth, Forbidden, & Only with more to come! Contains explicit adult language and scenes.

“The storyline was brilliant." ★★★★★
"I ran the gambit of emotions with this book." ★★★★★
"Original and Captivating." ★★★★★
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I’m just about to hightail it down the side alley to the back door—thinking how nuts I am to be willing to jump out of a cake and hoping like hell that Nic has a good wig for me—when I catch a glimpse of movement over my shoulder. As I spin around, I come face to face with a well-built stranger whom I’ve never seen before. He’s gorgeous, but a sensation crawls over my skin, like a tingle of electricity, both gentle and warning. A sound escapes my lips, not in the least bit smooth, rather more of a squeak. His reply is a bit subtler as the corners of his mouth turn up slightly. Now, I’m not saying I feel scared, for some reason I’m not, even though I damn well should be. Here I standing here in the dark with a man I don’t know who looks like he could punch through a wall without breaking a sweat, but something about him just makes me calm.
“I’m Ryan. I’m leading the security team here tonight. You’re Alex Conner, right?” He gets straight to the point, looking as if this is his usual MO, and all I can do is nod. I think I’ve forgotten how to blink or even breathe. Ryan reaches down and brushes my waist to tap the tiny radio clipped to my slim belt.
“We’re on channel five. Let me know if you need anything.” And then he vanishes, blending his fine body in with the night.
“Shit, shit, shit,” I curse as I barrel into the woman’s bathroom, nearly killing Nic as I haul ass into the back stall. Nic follows me in, looking eager with a wicked smile on his face.
“Now, I hope no one needs this stall cause this may take a while. What are you waiting for, girl? Take your clothes off. Wait a minute. What is that look? Where is he? He must have been fine, because you are glistening.”
He was fine, over six feet of pure muscle, but not overly so. Hard everywhere, and decked out in all black from head to toe. His skin looked like it had been dipped in a mix of cinnamon and mocha, but I couldn’t place his heritage. Latino, or maybe from some remote tropical heaven, or, goddess I don’t care, he was gorgeous and terrifying—don’t forget terrifying. He was like a taciturn, dark-eyed stone God, but the air around him seemed to crackle with a promise of squashing anything or anyone who causes trouble tonight; and those hands and lips.
“Damn it. Why is it so hot in here?” I am pulling my clothes off and putting the barely there clothes on, rambling about dark eyes, skin, and almost peeing myself.

Party time's over; now it's time to kick some ass.

Now that I can no longer deny my heritage as a powerful magic-wielding Earthen Protector and healer, everything comes crashing down around me. My estranged mother has enlisted my help in finding my Healer father; a man who was presumed dead since before I was born.

While I wait and train with Dana, the Mistress of Weaponry and Potions, innocent people, some who I dearly love, face unspeakable horrors. My small, yet powerful, group of companions confront danger head-on while we hunt down those responsible.

Is my father really alive and will the training prove to be enough for me take on new ruthless enemies?

As if the threats in my life weren't enough for me to handle, my feelings for two men have me torn and tempted.

"A suspenseful storyline." ★★★★★
"Original and entertaining fantasy." ★★★★★
"An urban fantasy with a nice punch." ★★★★★
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I dread the question before it escapes my lips. “And the Healer boy? Did he live?” Her face turns to the left and a different low hanging branch becomes her left arm; I follow it to the end of her finger where a body lies in the distance.
“I have stabilized them both; it seems their fates are intertwined for the moment—both must be saved or both shall die.”
I shiver at her matter-of-fact tone. Although I know she cares for Vex, something tells me getting him back to her wasn’t easy. Terra seems slower than I remember, and she hasn’t flitted to any other place along the massive tree that is her body.
Turning back to Vex, I send my power into his furry form, concentrating, and seeking out his injuries, to determine if I need to repair or remove anything. Shallow breathing barely moves his body in any sort of rhythm, and the fox’s heartbeat is faint. His mouth moves slightly and his nose twitches; it is obviously all he can manage right now.
As I continue to seek out the source of his condition, my eyes focus on his fern-like powers trying to rise from his fur, sizzling bright red and burning away before barely reaching the end of a single follicle. Something is burning him from within and the closer I get, the hotter I feel myself become. Darkness combined with fire greets me when I get near his injuries, the ones deep in his mind. The red burn sizzles at his synapses and boils the chemical reactions; he is stuck in a state of lunacy, unable to break out. I pull on the fertile earth beneath me, preparing to use Gaia’s force in its purest form in Terra’s world.
“Now, my dear, we save him together.”
Terra’s wooden fingers entangle in my arms and hair and I am not prepared for the rush that comes through me. Pure, raw, Earthen energy sings through my body, as if rocks, grit, and sand are pummeling me. It is as if I am being blasted away and tortured from the inside. I push the pain away, trying to trick my brain into thinking it doesn’t exist, and concentrate instead on eradicating the flame within Vex’s riddled brain. There is no way he is dying on me. I had somehow deluded myself that he couldn’t ever die. That childish idealism works for me now, as I refuse to let go of the power while it painfully races through me, and redirect it into him, taking out the flames that are attacking the broken fox.
I ease up slightly once I feel we have the upper hand, and pay for my mistake dearly as a searing, red-hot slap courses across my awareness, setting my mind afire for a moment.
“Do not let your guard down again, Eila.” Terra’s wooden fingers yank back on my hair and she whispers viciously into my ear. “The fire will find your weakness and take you next. Then what will you leave me with? A charred feral Chihuahua? Bones and ash of a Healer boy, and what of you? A drooling and worthless heroine, who will never recover from her guilt and failure? Now, concentrate, even if it tears your muscles and breaks your bones. I can always stitch you back up.”

To be honest, my true power lies within my skills as a Seer. Alex says that my vixen skills are just “icing on the cake.”

Sandra is a bombshell. She also happens to be a Seer, and Earthen Protector Alex Conner’s best friend. When Alex goes missing, Sandra seeks help from the one person she is forbidden to contact.

Can Sandra, and those she used to be closest to, finally move past all the fear and mistrust?

Discover Sandra’s dark and hidden past, one that even Alex doesn’t know about, in this intense novella, and get a peek at what is in the cards for their future.

“This story has action, excitement and suspense. It is about forgiveness
and the past colliding with the present.” ~ Amazon Reviewer

The Alex Conner Chronicles reading order: Trust, Truth, Forbidden, & Only. Contains adult language and situations.

Forbidden is a unique twist on new adult paranormal romance and supernatural suspense for fans of The Hollows by Kim Harrison; with the humor, heart, and horror of Buffy the Vampire Slayer; and the magic of The Weird Girls Series by Cecy Robson.

"Full of magic, demons, and mystery." ★★★★★
"This book blends reality and fantasy perfectly." ★★★★★
"Gripping story full of jammed packed action." ★★★★★
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There’s only one option I can think of and it’s one I was forbidden to use. He told me never to contact him, to stay away from him, but how can I? Alex’s life is at stake, so to hell with his rules.

Dana’s pinching grip on my arm breaks me away from my thoughts. She knows my plan, though she still insists on trying things her way again. I swear warm blood is dripping down the length of my arm, and I tense when a drop pulls away to fall upon the cold tile. I couldn’t have some decent clothes, could I? Well, it doesn’t help that she practically grabbed me out of bed and led me back to the guest room where Alex had been staying in my damn pajama shorts and tank.
“Ease up a bit, will ya?” We’ve been trying to take Dana’s Dreamwalk back to when Alex was taken on and off for hours now, yet we still can’t break into the memory, despite exhausting brain squeezing attempt, after attempt. The room, which harbored cool tones and an empty bed flickers to show the scene from hours passed. Alex is sitting up talking to me as I sit next to her on the bed and I brace myself for what happens next. Darkness engulfs the room, along with a trembling roar that seems to rattle the cracks of the tile in its grouted spaces.
“What in the hell is that mojo keeping us out? What did you do blondie?” Her voice whispers into my ear, angry though laced with a rare dose of fear from the Mistress of Potions and Weaponry. “There’s something sick and twisted stuck all over this putrid muck, like a vamp’s mouth sucking on a prostitute’s neck. Some crazy Seer blockage is what this is.” Her grip grows even tighter and I try to pull away.
“Look, Potions Priestess,” I growl. I’ve grown tired of being beaten down each time we trek into the past. “This is not working, and it is not because of me.” I gulp silently hoping this isn’t from me, or from those hidden parts of me that have been cemented over with double walls of brick, mortar, and secrets. Dana releases her fingers from where they’ve burrowed into my skin.
“You asked for it gypsy queen.” At the end of her promise, a fury of feathery smacks and barbed scrapes unleashes, as if I’ve walked through a forest of thorns with a background noise of an unwavering screeching inside my brain. I drop to my knees gasping and rubbing the length of my neck willing it to open so I can breathe. I take in a thankful inhale at a slight reprieve only to choke on feathers lodging themselves in, attempting to force me to swallow them down. I shut my mouth and fold into myself onto the ground, my hands over my head like I’m reenacting a tornado drill from school.
“Fight it, Sandra! You have to tear this thing down. We are in your memory, so you can control it.” What she truly means is that I better get control over it if we’re going to find Alex, but nothing I try works. I am entirely blocked out, and whatever the cause is has some serious badass power backing it up.
“I can’t,” I whimper, doubting she can even hear me over both the raucous and the fact that my lips are pressed against the hard floor. A tugging sensation yanks my mind with a pop, followed by silence and only the fan’s hush of cool air flowing along my skin.
“You can get up now, we’re done. I don’t know what else to do besides back your plan.” I swear she wants to spit on the floor after her sardonic statement. It’s hardly my plan.

Sometimes you just have to keep your mouth shut and play along; the quiet is best for plotting, and I am getting out of here.

"This is a great high fantasy, sexy romantic read." ★★★★★

"Full of adventure, love, betrayal, and magic." ★★★★★

One would think the sassy, sexy hybrid Earthen Protector and Healer Alex Conner deserves some downtime after all she’s been through. But no. Instead, she finds herself trapped by the king of the Fae, and he’s not letting her go until he gets what he wants.

As alternate realities tangle her in confusion and bring her close to forgetting who she is and everyone she loves, will she unwittingly give the king what he craves?

If she does escape, will she ever pick up where she left off with her sexy Adonis Ryan?

And can she control the new power she never knew she could wield—one over life and death itself—or will she be entangled in a realm whose ruler is hell-bent on entrapping her and someone she holds dear, forever?

Only is a unique paranormal/supernatural romance & contemporary fantasy novel for lovers of the metaphysical, romantic fantasy, & elementals with romantic and dark fantasy elements. Only is enjoyed by fans of The King Killer Chronicles, Sunshine, The Hollows, The Weird Girls, and The Shannara Series & Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
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My mind meshing with Verus’s has created a vacuum of reverberating anger, hers and mine both aching to burst out and take the king down. Yet instead, foreign tears fall silently down my face and I glance at the empty seat across from me while Verus’s heart and mind say one name in such a painfully heartbroken voice—Misa.
“I don’t know why you are crying, my dear.” The Fae King’s feigned attempt of not understanding his only daughter’s grief is disgusting to witness. “A man of great wealth and power, someone who will make your family even stronger and kept in the many riches you are accustomed to, will make you his bride. How can that not make you happy? I, for one, know I will be.”
Murmurs of agreement sound around me and I realize for the first time that we are not alone. Others eat along with us. The two men on either side of me make me wary. Is Verus being guarded at dinner, and for whose protection? Looking around, I see the real Verus on a cushioned bench by the fire across the room. Shoulders tense and hands clenched, she sits, watching herself relive this moment.
Lips, mine but not mine, answer him but I don’t raise my head to give him the satisfaction of looking upon my suffering. “But I don’t love him. I love . . .”
With a strike of his fist upon the thick wood table, a blow hard enough to rattle solid metal dishes and vicious enough to bring glasses crashing to the floor, the king keeps his daughter from uttering her final word.
“You love who? That lowly waif of a girl? That pitiful artist with nothing to her name? She doesn’t even have a mother or father. An orphan, living off you, disguised as your friend and you dare tell me she is more than such? You are a disgrace, daughter. She must have put a spell on your poor dulled mind. No daughter of mine will engage in such an insult. A woman and a man alone join together in this world, my world. Do you hear me? How dare you try to bring her to my house, to eat my food under the guise of friendship, and then to try and throw this in my face when I’ve already promised you to Char. You are my child. I am the reason you are in this world, daughter, and I am the only reason you are still a part of it.”
With Verus’s hair creating a veil around my sight, my eyes widen at the mixture of the bright oranges and reds of a sunrise. The vision stirs and fans the surging force that’s been simmering throughout my body along with photograph-like memories of a woman who can only be Verus’s mother. My face lifts. I know this show will reveal her intent on defying her father—but at what cost?
“You cannot tell me who to love, Father. You may have been able to control Lestan with your lies and manipulations, but you cannot control me.” Standing, my hands touch the shoulders of the two men on either side of me. So far they’ve stayed relatively quiet, yet once these borrowed hands touch them, they rise, grabbing their knives from the table. With a flick of their wrists, the knives are thrown at the king, each one burying in the wood of his chair, barely missing his face on either side. Verus has them under her control, and just by simply touching them as she touched me. Why does this girl need me when this is the power she controls?
The answer comes in a resounding yell when the king retrieves the knives from his chair and throws them back, striking their marks with their sharp ends, pinning the two men under Verus’s spell to the table by their hands. Two faces reflect the confusion about what has happened.
“You highness, there’s no way we would have ever, I mean we would never intend to harm you, ever,” they begin to plead, asking for forgiveness.
More words fly around about never defying his wishes, of their families needing them, literally begging the man who rules their world for their lives. Both voices are full of fear, for they must know he cares for no one but himself and his power. Steven was such a man. But look what happened to him. The higher they are, the greater the splat.


Ms. Sinclair is an Amazon best-selling fantasy author with books crossing into YA epic fantasy, NA Urban fantasy, paranormal romance, mystery, suspense, and Sci-fi genres. Visit for FREE books and samples.

Parker gives credit to the development of her imagination and passion for writing to multiple childhood destinations lacking indoor plumbing. She would never trade the childhood her parents gave her, and she thanks them for raising her to have her own thoughts, dreams, and bountiful imagination. Oh and she wishes to thank them for teaching her that one should never leave their jeans on the floor of an everglades campground shower--lest she do the dance of the scorpions in the pants again!


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